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  1. southside saint

    Music Gigs

    Craig Armstrong tonight at The Fruitmarket. Jerry Burns will be singing on a few tracks which is a very rare treat indeed.
  2. southside saint

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    According to this from Tony back in Feb after the Barnsley saga, there was no new contract at that point? This isn’t the first time a club has come in for the highly-rated Buddies boss. In August Dundee tried to bring in Ross, but they eventually opted for Neil McCann, with the Saints manager and assistant James Fowler both signed contract extensions until June 2020 shortly afterwards. But Fitzpatrick says there’s unlikely to be new deals on the table for them this time round, and revealed if the Buddies were to get promoted, talks would then begin regarding a new contract. He added: “That is in their contracts anyway if we go to the Premiership, some players will get renegotiated as well. “If we were to do that for Jack every time a club came in, it would be a rolling everyday contract. “That’s when we’ll look at it and we’ve got no real plans for that [to look at it any sooner].”
  3. southside saint

    Music Gigs

    Was at Marillion in Reading a fortnight ago, The Alarm at The ABC on Friday. Both gigs were crackers. Heading off to see Hipsway tonight at the town hall.
  4. southside saint

    Sir Alex seriously Ill

  5. southside saint

    Gretna V St Mirren. 9th April 2008

    Tuesday was my birthday too, didn't get the present I wanted but it was still better than the humping from Morton on 10th April 1999.
  6. southside saint

    Music Gigs

    A cracking Pele gig in Dumfries last night, yesterday was a real Carlsberg day and night out.
  7. southside saint

    Music Gigs

    Got Elbow on Friday night as well. Gutted to be missing the game but will be watching on my phone til 9pm.
  8. southside saint

    Whisky Drinkers

    Haig Club is not a blend. It's a single grain. Not a fan of the Haig but not averse to a single grain-picked up a bottle of 20 years old North British last year-very nice. The Whisky Shop are also doing their own single grain just now, it's not great though.
  9. southside saint

    Music Gigs

    Francis Dunnery a week past Saturday in Manchester was excellent, played It Bites "Eat Me in St Louis" in full; James Grant at the ABC on Thursday was a belter. Best of the lot was The 4 Of Us at Oran Mor on Saturday. Last time they played in Glasgow was 26 years ago. Alvarez Kings at King Tuts tonight.
  10. southside saint

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    Got tix for Elbow that night. Fks sake.
  11. southside saint

    Dunfermline v Saints. (Friday 26/01/18)?

    Queue already[emoji849]
  12. southside saint

    Telly Programmes

    Inside No.9. I don't know how I have missed the previous 3 series, especially as it's from the League of Gentlemen team. Brilliant stuff, equal parts funny and uncomfortable, Catching up with them all now, the episode with Sheridan Smith was moving.
  13. southside saint

    Music Gigs

    It was a belting night. Must have seen Pele/Amsterdam/Ian Prowse about 15 times, Saturday night was one of the best. Loved it. They are playing in Dumfries the same day we play at QOS in March, so staying down for the gig
  14. southside saint

    Music Gigs

    James Grant at the Abbey last Saturday was immense. Some great local talent on display as well. The original songs he performed about the Glen Cinema disaster and the "found music notes" were far too good to be performed/heard only once. Hope they appear on a recording. Alvarez Kings were again excellent last week at QMU supporting the disappointingly bland Switchfoot. Finiflex( Finitribe) at Nice and Sleazy on Friday showcased their new album. A storming set, loved it.
  15. southside saint

    Whisky Drinkers

    Tried Haig Club when it first launched, found it to be vile stuff neat, not any better with a drop of water