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  1. I'm Listening To....

  2. Ondrej Mihalik

    Flareybob is about as entertaining as a boot in the baws only 61 posts in 13 year , wano the self apointed moderators will be onto you fur that yin
  3. New Contracts for Davis & Baird... Now!

    plenty of that going in , funny as f**k
  4. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    id be amazed if there ur any dry knickers. .
  5. From an aeroplane windae'...

    am no outa shot ya hornet. .
  6. Being A Christian

    thought it was obvious whit Attila wus .it wus written own the tin
  7. Second Hand Music Shops

    anether guid threed ruint by miscreeants
  8. Personal Abuse Ruining Threads

    another guid thread ruint
  9. ar you saying I'm a f**ken knikerweter
  10. The Referendum Thread

    hiya dicko aye
  11. The Referendum Thread

    aye it fcuken does you probably wish u hud never started this thread
  12. The Referendum Thread

    how many pols do we need we can still vote on the original wan cos some guys huv yased up aw their aliases? who cares numer# vote next month
  13. Diesel Car

    Calm down - it's just an internet forum!
  14. Diesel Car

    why does every one ignore this atention seeking f**kin troll