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  1. Jeezo - this thread went downhill faster than Franz Klammer
  2. Right enough, looks like they've found the new Michael Parkinson there
  3. Born and raised on the Moray Firth coast. Friends of the family took me to Pittodrie to watch Aberdeen v Saints (Mcavennie et al) in an effort to indoctrinate me into the way of the sheep. I came away liking Saints. Just sort of went on from there. Moved to Yorkshire in 96 so have seen more away games than home since then. You'd think absence would lessen the agony of a 3-0 home pumping off QOS wouldn't you? [emoji22]
  4. Aye, that Paulo Maldini fella was pure pish [emoji6]
  5. Och, a lot of nonsense. The likes of Ayr, Dumbarton and Dunfermline are just as pish as we are - just need a couple of wins, which by the law of averages we are due, and we're back in the mix. Then all we have to do is be fractionally less pish than one other side, scrape through the playoffs and start afresh next season. Couple of canny signings in January alongside some judicious GTFs and Ross can manage this. In the meantime, lets have a Challenge cup final day out and then start another decade long winning run against the great unwashed. Chin up.
  6. Absolutely right - the makings of a right player in Jack Baird. I'd hoped Webster would bring him on but Webster's been such a bombscare himself he's been little help to Baird. Still reckon Mackenzie could be the man for the job if we can keep him fit for more than five minutes. Our only win in recent times against Hibs - centre back partnership of Baird and Mackenzie.
  7. Agree with most of your post but since when was Shankland a dud? He's only 21 and got into double figures last season.
  8. Don't want St Mirren to become one of those clubs that sack their manager as soon as they go through a bad patch. Fair enough a very poor start to the season but to be fair, I struggle to remember the last time we made a good start to a season and at least it's coming off a decent end to the 2015/16 season for which Rae was largely responsible. I was reasonably pleased with the signings during the summer (maybe too many centre forwards but at least that's an attacking move) and surprised to see how badly they're faring. 'Sack The Manager' just adds another distraction and I'd prefer everyone's attention to be on backing the team. Rae to stay.
  9. That the same lad that got a Scotland call-up a few years back?
  10. Bit off-topic but whatever became of McGinn's legal action against the club in relation to Thommo's Zulu re-enactment? Assume it just went away as soon as he left for Hibs?
  11. Anybody else see that coming a mile off? Soul destroying.
  12. A very fair point but the OP asked about reasons for our poor starts and it's deffo a big factor. Look at our forward line for example. Delighted that Shankland has signed but at the end of the season that'll be him and young Gallagher away and we'll be starting from scratch again with an untried attack.
  13. Last few years we've cobbled together sides made up of one year contracts and loan signings. Consequence is that at the end of each season whoever the manager is has to start pretty much from scratch in building a team which takes time hence inept start to each season from unfamiliar lineup. Would sooner we invested some faith in long-term youngsters than short-term loanees.
  14. I've lost track of how long it's been that anyone with a passing interest in Saints has realised that the team needs an experienced centre back. If Webster doesn't sign then I'd guess we'll be going with the current crop at least until January.
  15. **** look like strolling this league so best we can hope for is a playoff place. Still plenty of games left to manage that. New team full of young lads and an inexperienced manager. Got to give them a wee bit of time folks. I still predict a playoff place, albeit not confidently.