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  1. Gary McKenzie

    OK rewatched the highlights and I was wrong. Buchie definitely could have done better at 1st and 2nd.
  2. Gary McKenzie

    Where is McCart is he injured? I'd assumed he was not being picked. I don't remember either of them being bad against Raith. 2 of their goals were long range pings and the 3rd Eckersley gave them the ball.
  3. John Sutton

    Steak tartar?
  4. Gary McKenzie

    People can be very dismissive on here. I'd like to see him back as well but Baird and Buckie are doing really well. Jack Ross talks about trust and how important it is that he trusts his players but also they trust him. My bet is that his trust for Baird and Buckie is growing week by week. I believe he reverted to 4 at the back at the weekend making me think he believes he can play them in his preferred formation.
  5. Gary McKenzie

    We'll see.
  6. Gary McKenzie

    Jack Ross mentioned in a recent interview that Kyle was training with him.
  7. Gary McKenzie

    I doubt we'll see him back at all. Baird and or Bucho are both reliable partners for Davis when he comes back. Going by our league position they are both reliable without either.
  8. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    /\/\/\ They are behind you. They are a massive gap behind you. Tell them to mind it.
  9. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Is this a trailer for trainspotting 3? Weird seeing Spud with hair.
  10. Yeah it's a push by, my gripe is that the nation is being force-fed the English national team matches but struggling or paying extra to see out own nation.
  11. Lewis Morgan

    No Morgy can take a corner...........
  12. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    I'm not sure but would guess so. But you'd also think st mirren would sell tickets today so you should double check on their website.
  13. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Sit in Dumb end.
  14. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Is the the ticket office not open tomorrow?