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  1. Aye it would be trolling that Stu Dick would be proud of.
  2. You are right that the rule is that the cut off point is a player's 23rd birthday. You are also right in that we don't pay Aberdeen because they didn't offer him a contract.
  3. In saying that I'm about 8 out of 10.
  4. Yeah it's dead easy to get carried away after the end we had to the season but I remember thinking the same his time last year after we finished well and re-signed a lot of the player's that got us out of trouble. I'm not comparing Jack's escape to Rae's escape at all but I always err on the side of caution.
  5. Some Airdrie fans would disagree with you. I play football with one of his next door neighbours. The Dominoes delivery guy seems to be very friendly with Kyle, he might offer an insight into whether he has the discipline and drive to make it in a Jack Ross team.
  6. Smith and Mackenzie then?
  7. I've really not meant to have caused offence or accused anyone of being involved in any alternative project so apologies if that is how my post was read. As you say mountains seem to be getting made out of molehills over what appears to have been a couple of comments that were posted. Bygones.
  8. I thought he was really involved in the fan buy out project.
  9. My worry is that you were involved in buy out and encouraging others to get involved yet you could turn your back on the whole thing over something as silly as you voting differently from other members. All SMiSA members are paying monthly to give our club back to the people of Paisley. We are all doing it in the good faith that our fellow fans will continue supporting the concept of fan ownership through thick and thin. We have signed up off the back of having faith in what people like you have told us we believe we can do this off the great work people like you have done. But now you are suggesting that it's ok just to decide to stop your involvement just because there may be a decision that your fellow members make that you do not like. It makes me wonder why you were so behind fan ownership if you could so flippantly turn your back on it leaving others to see through the project you appeared to be really involved in.
  10. I'm also not sure there will be a clamour for his signature from top league teams. He spent most of his time at United on the bench and they were in the Championship. I think we will stand a chance of getting him and I hope we do.
  11. Yes. We are going round in circles here there is no development fee required.
  12. Aye it's the other cheek that have a discriminatory signing policy.
  13. On one hand it saddens me that we are looking at guys that have been released by a Diddy club like Hamilton but on the other hand that's how we got Sir Jim Goodwin. I also remembered that they get millions and millions for every player that comes through their youth system so he could be worth a few bob in the future.
  14. Thought I'd read every post before asking. Just went back and found a whole load of posts that I'd missed. I blame the app not my lack of concentration [emoji41]