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  1. Lennon quoted in paper today saying he would like to break the 70 point mark but will resting players and giving others a chance so there will be rotation. But he will be doing this in all 3 matches.
  2. I'll be marching from the Court bar to the ground at some point between 2.40pm and 3. [emoji41]
  3. Does anyone know of any spare seats on supporters buses? Tried, bankhouse, court and the tile all sold out.
  4. Great quote either way, he (the sheriff) is clearly a buddy.
  5. Do'h the draw gags been done apologies.
  6. OK seeing as you drew a nice pink strip what do you want us to draw?
  7. Still a lot of important minutes of football to be played so the "moment" may still be to come. However so far the biggest moment of the season was John Sutton outpacing the Ayr defence and coolly slotting his goal down at Somerset park to send the away fans into a frenzy.
  8. A prize for shagging a frozen sheep, maybe some frost bite.
  9. So is Wales and they enjoy a good mutton molesting down there too. [emoji6]
  10. Just need to clap louder!!!!
  11. Think it's just interim boss.
  12. You are both right. I had my tongue firmly in my cheek when posting.