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  1. Their first choice keeper must be quality.
  2. Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    Liam was one of the few players to get pass marks tonight.
  3. Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    Wasted maybe fair but I'd disagree with the other part, again just my opinion.
  4. Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    But welcome to Saints Liam.
  5. Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    While he didn't have the same impact from left mid it was still his trickery that day that freed up Cammy Smith (I think) who in turn played in McGennis to score our goal. At the time I didn't think him being hooked was fair and I don't think honking is a fair description of how he played either imo.
  6. Football Fans and Behaviour

    It really doesn't help due to the quote function over riding the ignore function.
  7. 1877 Club

    You pay that in Hamishes Hoose for a Peronni [emoji16]
  8. Darryl Duffy

    My thoughts exactly. Defenders no where near him and when they are they make no attempt to tackle him.
  9. Rory Loy

    Ah, I left that many moons ago.
  10. Rory Loy

  11. Super Stelios

    Totally different player too but if he wins a league and cup double this year then I'm happy.
  12. What the f**k is the point in joining a forum that you need to skim 85% of just to stay sane?
  13. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

    Was there today. Great day out. Food was alright, good bevy and the food kept me going. Love the saints. Xx
  14. Jack Ross Must Go.

    OK so shull is you at Home games but you are him at away games. It's a bit like Clark Kent being superman when he takes his glasses off.
  15. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Your right....you never see them together.