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  1. anyone from Norwich should be a decent quality. We thought that about Man city and ex Derby players in recent years. Nuffsed.
  2. If it doesn't there will definitely be some air-rage.
  3. I'd agree. I like to try curries where ever I go and there aren't many (if any) as good as a Glasgow curry, in my opinion. Other than Charcoals that i mentioned above the Village (Kinning park) and the Anarkali (victoria road) are my other favourites in Glasgow. Other notable mentions go to Indian Gallery, The Shish Mahal, and Ahkbars. I'm getting hungry with all this chaat.
  4. That's how I remember it.
  5. Charcoals on renfield street is the best by miles. Just saying.
  6. Does anyone know if the u20's can be watched on anything this afternoon? Good luck Kyle!! Sent from my SM-A300FU using Black & White Army mobile app
  7. I'd agree, definitely potential anyway. Sent from my SM-A300FU using Black & White Army mobile app
  8. Distraught.
  9. I agree on the first appearance it doesn't seem to work but after about 30 seconds of trying you can find the route in. I don't think still having st mirren.net online is helping right enough.
  10. Either Ross County are paying too much or pedro is a tight c**t if they are sharing holiday destinations that closely.
  11. I paid a tenner more last season than I did for this season coming.
  12. Dundee are obviously splashing the cash.....admin 3.0 coming up.
  13. OK so they aren't a complete basket case after all.....aye right.
  14. Oofty that would be magic. I did wonder what Jack had up his sleeve to keep us all interested over the summer after his flurry of transfer activity. People keep mentioning Jack with Fergie however if this panto is orchestrated by JR to put Dundee Uniteds mind at ease (over us being shite again) then Sir Alex of Govan would be giving the mind games here a standing ovation...... Yup I've lost it. Signing off as I can't handle this. OK I'll be back on at lunch time for the latest twist.
  15. Good you are regularly wrong.[emoji6] Hope you are this time.