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  1. Being slightly cyclical, a few Championship Chairmen may want to have think about cash flow next season if we go down, given the size of the away support. Just saying.....and clutching at straws.
  2. That mediocre journeyman came back from a six month injury to score the goal that kept us up.
  3. 1. I hope Jack makes sure that the Celtic Manager's comments are firmly placed in context. Nice as they were, he was hardly comparing us to Barcelona and his team had just gubbed us 4-1. A bit of a back-handed compliment to his own side? Don't need egos becoming inflated before Wednesday night. 2. I wonder if the comments made were actually an attempt to wind up the tribute act that will be playing Celtic next week?
  4. Injury update?
  5. God, the league that TNS must be entertaining stuff....
  6. TBH, there was a ridiculous amount of false optimism kicking about this week based on the number of players on the move. Bulk signing of players disnae mean we've got a better team on the park. Down to earth with a bump.
  7. Dumbarton equaliser....
  8. A fine result. Not often a team with that many debutants gels so quickly. Jack Ross deserves a pat on the back. However, it'll count for nought if we can't turn the league form around. Let's hope it kick starts something.... Lastly, pleased for those fans that travel away all season without a hope. Really hope they enjoy their night!
  9. Christ, it's the hope that gets you....
  10. Nae clue.
  11. Soapies a goal up. Shankland involved.....albeit by missing his header and distracting the Raith keeper in such a way that the ball went straight in from the cross. [emoji1]
  12. Crucial to setting Scotland on the path independence. RIP.
  13. What's the point of that? There is a manager in the game that could shape team out of this squad of individuals. There just seems to be willingness to ignore the fact that something is rotten at the core of our football club and it has been that way since at least the move to GHR.....the arrival of GLS and fan ownership won't change a damn thing.
  14. Rather than being disrespectful of clubs like County and ICT, we should be looking at how they have managed their respective rise up through Scottish football to determine what they are doing right and why we seem to get it so badly wrong.
  15. So, he's wanted by a top flight side, which will almost certainly remain so (Chairman's cash will buy survival) and he'll be on better money? What the hell is he waiting for? The Board should be negotiating the best deal we can get financially and let him move on. Get the deal done early in the transfer window to allow JR a chance to use the money wisely.