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  1. Well done to all. The sort of approach that pays dividends in the long run.
  2. Either way, a job for JR elsewhere. Money talks.
  3. Two bids from one club by all accounts......Hibs.
  4. Twitter reporting two bids from Hibs.
  5. A donation of £1 from every Bud and they'll be home and hosed!
  6. Are we? How much grumbling went on about the colt teams in the diddy cup yet St Mirren fans fell over themselves to get tickets for the final? I refuse to attend game, cup or league, involving colt teams and it will stay that way. Unless fans vote with their feet then crap like this gets railroaded through.
  7. Other party to benefit from sale of Stevie Mallan to Barnsley is old St Mirren board. Fee goes to them as part of sale of club agreement. As per Graeme MacPherson on Twitter.
  8. Last time I was in iPox as well. It was an utterly blatant display of cheating by the officials. Not for the first time either in the 80s. Remember the Hampden fiasco of the goal that never crossed the line? Conveniently at the end wae no fans due to redevelopment work.
  9. The Ardiles story is old hat. Smith indicating that the BoD didn't want to sign foreigners is nonsense. The deal simply never got off the ground because blue crayon boy made it clear that he would turn down every offer until Rangers came calling. Well and truly tapped by Smith.
  10. BBC Sportsound suggesting that the Barnsley bid is as low as 175k. Shocking if true and even more shocking if accepted
  11. Thought I saw a tweet from Sky Sports saying that we'd accepted 300k. Still short of an acceptable valuation but again, depends on the add ons.
  12. Always something that bursts yer bubble when your a Buddie. A quick, clear and accurate statement from the club on the deal, if it is a deal, would be appreciated.
  13. Can't believe how low the up front fee is. Again, we just give away our best players.
  14. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I heard all of this talk at the end of last season. Much will depend on how Effectively JR/JF can rebuild the squad in the close season. A minor miracle if we hold onto Mallan and/or Morgan plus a need to replace so many loanees.
  15. Well, tears have just about dried up now. Like others, a few months back I could never have seen this day. Finish 7th? By Tory logic we're Champions! As much as I liked Jack as a player, I wasn't sold on the managerial appointment and the first 3 or 4 months bore that out. However, what a difference he and JF have made since the transfer window. They had the guts to make radical changes to the playing staff whilst sticking to their plan of how they wanted their side to play. Added to that, they enjoyed a Chairman and Board who were positive in outlook and prepared to back the management team. So, congratulations to all and I'm sorry I doubted you....greetin' again. [emoji24] Oh, one last thought. Congratulations to the fans who have travelled in such numbers over the last few months and with such belief. Every one of you deserves the celebratory Sunburn on Leith that's coming your way! [emoji3][emoji481]🥃