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  1. Darryl Duffy

    I thought he did fine.......neat, tidy and quite busy. Had one situation where he should have sot instead of squaring it across goal. I would think he will get better and contribute more with game time.
  2. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Got mine this morning too (from the office), I did mention you had also been having an issue re your tickets and they said you had been in and got it sorted
  3. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Me and ours were ordered last week!!
  4. Bute Feast 17Th - 18Th - 19Th July

    Manran are excellent IoBS, I'm not sure who's playing today but tomorrow "Have Mercy Las Vegas" are well worth a watch and a listen. Enjoy the rest of the festival and hope the weather is kind
  5. Bute Feast 17Th - 18Th - 19Th July

    It's a new line up from the one on that video IoBS........the singer in this video, Robert Robertson, has started a new band called "Tide Lines" and left with a couple of the others. The new singer for Skippinish is Norrie McIver previously of Manran. The nett effect is two good bands really.
  6. 1976. .

    I think it was first game after winning promotion, or league champions, and they did a guard of honour for us......I may of course be wrong but that's how I remember it
  7. I'm not really suggesting anything other than it's not the clubs fault that the initial delivery didn't meet demand.....I gave a speculative excuse, with no foundation, on behalf of Joma as nothing other than their possible defence
  8. Andy Ryan

    Are we in for him too??
  9. Again that isn't down to the club though, they can only sell what is delivered. From Joma's side they'd maybe point to a shorter, than normal, lead up due to the timing of the JD decision to go our separate ways and Saints arranging Joma as kit supplier. That is purely speculation on my part to be fair.
  10. It isn't down to what the club ordered though, it's what Joma were able to provide in the first delivery....the club put out a statement earlier in the week saying that the initial stock wouldn't satisfy demand.
  11. Most Goals scored in Top League

    Absolutely but I'd suggest, if you include the nuisance he made of himself at the other two, he was involved in all four. I quite liked him as a player but remembered him as a guy who ran channels and pulled wide but all four of these goals he was pretty central.
  12. Most Goals scored in Top League

    Some may say so and others see it as :- "In association football, an assist is a contribution by a player which helps to score a goal. Statistics for assists made by players may be kept officially by the organisers of a competition, or unofficially by, for example, journalists or organisers of fantasy football competitions." I'm not really for arguing with you but I'd say it's open to interpretation and he certainly "assisted" in the scoring of that goal in my opinion.
  13. Billy Mehmet

    or tedium!!
  14. Most Goals scored in Top League

    His pass allowed Dargo to one-time it to Thomson for his first and it was his "direct" pass for Thomson's second................would be unjust to suggest his part in Thomson's first wasn't "assisting"
  15. Most Goals scored in Top League

    With the discussions going on in other threads it's quite interesting to note Billy Mehmet's two assists and his nuisance value in the other two goals that night.