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  1. I don't think he was having a dig at you IoBS, you mentioned reports of up to 150 lives being lost in a previous post and that was what he was referencing......it is speculation because these reports are, as yet, unconfirmed. e also goes on to say your "speculative" figures will possibly be nearer the correct figure.
  2. He's still here just now IoBS...........I've just seen him in Greenock Tesco wearing his St Mirren shorts (No 17) and hoodie, I kid you not!!
  3. Did the tweet finish "mean sweet f**k all to me".......all good then!!
  4. That's better, hold on to his serve here and it's a huge advantage!!
  5. I would say "unnecessarily losing" governmental control is a lot worse in all honesty. I couldn't give a flying what the SNP do, that's down to them.
  6. The Tories lost a "majority" in the house while trying to increase that majority. SNP took a doing but the biggest doing was for The Tories, imagine going to the electorate and losing a majority when you didn't have to.........utter lunacy
  7. My take on it is that a lot of the vote at the last GE was a protest vote against the "Big Two" and resulted in an SNP landslide, as with all protest votes people will largely re-align themselves with their traditional voting. Theresa May called an Election through ego and arrogance believing that she could get a larger majority than the current one due to having little competition and allowing her to ride roughshod through Brexit and anything else she pleased. She has taken the biggest shoeing possible and cost the Taxpayer millions through an unnecessary Election .............Strong and Stable, my arse!!
  8. You were talking about self-employed people moving to Ltd Companies you doughnut, go and read your own post. Just to help, here's what you posted........ "No it won't. The self employed will simply start using Limited Companies and pay themselves from dividends. When will you guys learn that you will not get anywhere trying to punish the most successful people in our country? I almost feel embarassed for you that you don't have the faintest idea how the real world works."
  9. I'd do a wee bit more Google searching and reading up if you think that is correct, alternatively sign up as a "bank Nurse" and try and get paid through your PSC. Then again have a read of MSC Legislation and work out how to "band" together under one Limited Company Roof and not be deemed to be a Composite Company.
  10. Not if they are doing work "in" or "connected to" public services, council or government works they won't. There is a massive drive within HMRC at the moment to combat "PSC's" or "single person Ltd Companies" who are only using them as vehicles to pay less Tax and/or NI and it will come in to the private sector too.
  11. So you can afford a holiday but you can't afford a towel.........Oaky will soon be along to tell you how your priorities are all wrong!!
  12. Is that what we're calling the new currency??
  13. You're aff yer heid!!
  14. I know a lad who played against Stewart when he was at Kilwinning, says he's really tall but very good touch and technically sound......similar to Peter Crouch was how he described him and wasn't surprised to see him jump to full-time football.
  15. I thought you were going to explain...........silly me!!