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  1. John Sutton

    A better comparison would be Sutton’s first couple of seasons and at a similar age.......not too dis-similar and he turned into a not bad player!!
  2. McGills Buses Win It For Today

    I live and work down this end IoBS and it certainly isn't nonsense......horrible bastards.
  3. QoS Game

    Really not too sure with the suggestion that we are carrying luck on our side. I didn't think we were great either yesterday or the ICT game but thought on both occasions we did more than enough to win, Falkirk and Dundee Utd we were far better than. Away from home we have had four sendings, been convincingly beaten twice and saw out a good win at Livi. Add in the suspensions and injuries and there is an argument to say that whatever luck we have had has been bad luck and with players coming back we can be very pleased with our first quarter so far.
  4. Lewis Morgan

    She followed me round Tesco's in Greenock the other day.........I think we're being watched!!
  5. Maybe in your mind and your opinion, for me it's the same tedious shite over and over and all of the participants are equally responsible for it.........
  6. It's Bigger Than Yours

    It's not where I would normally cross The Forth on my way to East End Park but I will this time just to see the bridge open and in all it's glory.
  7. One for all the golfers in forumland...

    Cawder is a smashing track and generally in great condition and Haggs is more than decent too.......I play out of Pollok and happy to play most of my golf there but those are two courses well worth playing.
  8. Darryl Duffy

    I thought he did fine.......neat, tidy and quite busy. Had one situation where he should have sot instead of squaring it across goal. I would think he will get better and contribute more with game time.
  9. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Got mine this morning too (from the office), I did mention you had also been having an issue re your tickets and they said you had been in and got it sorted
  10. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Me and ours were ordered last week!!
  11. Bute Feast 17Th - 18Th - 19Th July

    Manran are excellent IoBS, I'm not sure who's playing today but tomorrow "Have Mercy Las Vegas" are well worth a watch and a listen. Enjoy the rest of the festival and hope the weather is kind
  12. Bute Feast 17Th - 18Th - 19Th July

    It's a new line up from the one on that video IoBS........the singer in this video, Robert Robertson, has started a new band called "Tide Lines" and left with a couple of the others. The new singer for Skippinish is Norrie McIver previously of Manran. The nett effect is two good bands really.
  13. 1976. .

    I think it was first game after winning promotion, or league champions, and they did a guard of honour for us......I may of course be wrong but that's how I remember it
  14. I'm not really suggesting anything other than it's not the clubs fault that the initial delivery didn't meet demand.....I gave a speculative excuse, with no foundation, on behalf of Joma as nothing other than their possible defence
  15. Andy Ryan

    Are we in for him too??