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  1. WeeBud

    New Manager Latest Odds

    He really isn’t, he’s a deluded has-been that never was..........find one person, other than Tommy Sheridan or Craig Brown, that’s got a truly good word to say about him!!
  2. WeeBud

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Don't forget....."all we are saying, is shoot Maggie Faulds"!!
  3. WeeBud

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I wasn’t justifying it Renfrew, I was only pointing out to the previous poster that things like this have always gone on
  4. WeeBud

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I don't think it has changed that much....it's pretty common knowledge that Fergie was talking to Aberdeen while still employed by St Mirren and without permission (I'm not saying that is what JR has done). The biggest difference now I think is that information and news is more readily available and spreads more quickly because of the internet and social media.
  5. WeeBud

    4G Plastic For Livie

    Hybrid pitches are on average 4% synthetic and I think there are plenty of pitches in the EPL that are Hybrid, they play just the same as all grass pitches.
  6. WeeBud

    Stay well clear

    Div, as you seem to be well versed in such things......would you know anyone that would or could replace the screen of a SurfacePro??
  7. Interesting stuff Kemp.......I started following St Mirren on a regular basis around 1975 and witnessed the birth and growth of Fergie's Furies, it was brilliant stuff both on and off the field. There was a real bond between The Manager, The Team, The Supporters and The Town. I was a youngster then and the whole dynamic surrounding St Mirren fitted perfectly. I loved 99-2000 but I have to say that this year has been as close as it has ever felt to that time. It may well be because, at 14, my youngest is experiencing almost all I have described above but I would say that this season wins it for me especially with the symmetry of handing out a doing to the Dundee United (one of my favourite ever games) along the way.
  8. WeeBud

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    It's not, and never has been, the £2.00 fund that has ever bothered me....it's the fact that without prior consultation re "proposed changes to the constitution" with the membership they have had a vote on borrowing "ring-fenced" money against future quarterly spending proposals. I allowed my heart to over-rule my head.......with my heart I voted for the proposal but with my head I know that it was "poor governance" for it to happen the way it did. In hindsight and on reflection I allowed the emotional attachment override my true feelings on the matter
  9. I believe that to be the case BoK, Davis would have been guaranteed an extra season had he played a certain number of games as it would have automatically triggered his extension. As he didn't the club now have the choice on whether to keep him or not. That's how it was explained to me anyway and I think Davis said something similar on "Buddievision" and also that he hoped it would happen as his family are happy here (that was certainly my daughters take on the interview). Maybe the club are using his second season as a bargaining chip and re-negotiating to get him to effectively have a third season here ie a two year deal from now.
  10. WeeBud

    My of god Div we’ve been hacked

    The closest I can think of is Dumbarton but its got the black and gold hoop in the middle
  11. WeeBud

    Bute Feast 2018

    That's good news Ian, I've just run it past the good lady and she thinks popping over for the festival is a great idea. I love the Bistro and the food is very good....the hotel is our hostelry of choice most Friday evenings and occasional other days, the food in there is excellent too and the dining room (usually open on Friday and Saturday evenings) is a great environment for a meal out. Pop into the Station Bar every now and again as my pal lives across the road from there but never had a blether about the football with the owner, I will next time though. I'll also pop in and say hi the next time I'm across in Rothesay, Ally
  12. WeeBud

    Bute Feast 2018

    As it isn't running the same weekend as "TMF" this year I may well pop over IoBS. I've seen Skipinnish, Roddy Woomble, The Hoosiers and Dougie MacLean at festivals in the last year and all were excellent. I'll probably wait to see who a few more of the acts are before making a final decision..........does it usually sell out or are there tickets usually available at the time of the festival? I live in Inverkip so it's just a walk to the ferry terminal and onto the ferry for me so I'd definitely head over if the weather is decent....maybe see you there!!
  13. Can you remember how that worked out EAB??
  14. possibly more accurate now!!
  15. WeeBud

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    I know it's not quite the same but I've been thinking quite a lot about this and also how a similar kind of situation at my Golf Club would be dealt with. The main difference is obviously that we pay "subs" to be a member and use the facilities of the club. However, those that can afford, can choose to put extra cash into various funds ie tree fund, continuous course development fund, clubhouse development fund and a couple of others. All of these funds have the monies ring-fenced and, as per the club constitution, cannot be dipped into or loaned from to cover any other costs within the club. There would have to be a vote to change the constitution first and if passed then new rules would have to be drafted and passed before any potential proposals for loans, gifts or any other disbursement of funds were even considered from "each" fund. All this is for very good reason, to make sure that a) it's not a simple decision to take and gives everyone a voice at each stage of the process to either agree or disagree with each aspect in turn. What I find staggering if I follow the process above is that we have to go through all of that to deal with the "discretionary" funds rather than the main funds of the club and yet in our current situation it is the main funds that we are changing the process for with an apparent disregard for good governance and due process. As I said earlier, despite my misgivings I voted yes but my real concerns now are what this disregard for due process and good governance could lead to in the future!!