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  1. I think we'll win too but in McManus, Hardie, Barr and Johnston Raith can break at pace (see first game of season at Starks Park and last years defeat there too for reference). Attack for certain but needs discipline or we'll leave ourselves very open at the back
  2. We're scoring plenty, just keep the back door locked
  3. I agree with Morgan being half fit on Saturday although should be a week fitter this week. We've scored two goals in each of our last two games and managed one draw.........I think to concentrate a wee bit on our defensive side would be prudent.
  4. I wouldn't play him at full back...........I love his directness and his desire to drive the game forward but he worries me defensively. If he plays left-back he has Morgan ahead of him, a direct and forward thinking player and I think that would leave us exposed.
  5. Even more-so when you consider that both posters, I believe, are members of the same committee.
  6. The other view may be that others are "profiting" from the terrorist threat, the previous "drop-off" was created after the attack on Glasgow Airport as part of the "security" measures.
  7. I'd agree that it's healthy and correct for the club to propose ideas and for the SMiSA committee to listen to and discuss the ideas, it is then for the committee to decide whether these ideas should go in front of "their" membership. If the committee are doing nothing other than "taking instruction" from the club then they are not operating in an "independent" manner and that is something that would need fixing. If, however, ideas are put in front of the committee and the committee, further to debate and discussion, decide in a democratic manner to put them to "their" membership then that is right and proper. Only those that are on the committee will truly know if this is the case. If it is the case I would find it pretty unpalatable that "committee members" were then washing their dirty laundry in public because they weren't getting their own way.....time will tell I suppose.
  8. And as if by magic............................
  9. And the OP quite directly mentions and references the "SMiSA" membership in his opening post. Until I hear something substantial that would give me due concern I would suggest "General Nonsense", "Rumour-Mill" or "Speculation" but heigh-ho I don't mind too much as i'll read it whichever section it is in.
  10. Whether they would react the same way or not is irrelevant Kendo, it is in contravention of the rules and it is what provoked the chaos. McGregor will also be done as what he did was also against the rules, whether he makes contact is again irrelevant, he lead with his head. I agree we need to stamp out simulation but again it has no relevance to the rights and wrongs of this situation in light of current rules. The Morton thug will rightly be banned and with any luck will get extra games for his simulation (don't hold your breath though!!)
  11. I think it's a bit 50/50, Lennon had no right being on the pitch, and he was, after the Morton player went down. It wasn't a proper head-butt but McGregor will get done as he did lead with his head. Lennon then goes to have a right go at the Morton player and Duffy charges in. Had Lennon managed to let the ref do his job neither management team would have got involved, Duffy then didn't cover himself in glory although I did like his last comment re "what happens next" when he says "I don't know as I've never been in this situation before, maybe you should ask Lenny"
  12. Came back against Ayr United and TNS from a goal behind winning both.
  13. Sooper-Dooper Human Rankpuller!!
  14. I agree but that thought might be for a different day as contracts generally have a "term" length.
  15. Is it possible that the club are in a commercial contract with the company that runs the shop and therefore only they can make use of the opportunity?