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  1. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    We play some nice football ( at times ) Thought we have looked average in a lot of games second half of last season we played better. It's not the end of the world no way we will throw this away. My Livie match preview I wrote this was a much improved side who dismantled Falkirk and now St Mirren with ease Livie have come good at the right time. Have wrote like a few others we lack a big f**k off a bulldog In midfield. Still confident we will win the league. Finally keep reading 4 - 1 was a bad day at the office. Come on guys we did not get beat we were well and truly humped BIG time. Emotional turmoil from mid week with all speculation? Could be but not good enough 4-1 dress it up all you want bottom line is very , very poor.
  2. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Painful result to look at so glad I did not make it. Dust ourselves down move on. What's this Elvis has been writing regarding Dundee United being two points behind us when did that happen.
  3. It's been a worrying few days given our position at this time the final run down. Another time another club on that I'm sure Mr Scott will have a list drawn up ready in a space of a year we have had Burton , Dundee , Barnsley all wanting Jack. Jack knows we don't have the type of budget to be truly competitive in the top league in my opinion for his ambitions.
  4. You can understand why though ? Jack must be weighing up his options given there is no conformation that means it's 50% ether way. We all want Jack to stay but there is a real reality he will go.
  5. Jack has a lot to think about and will need to go over everything with his family. Very bad timing just hope the players are focused as it's obvious the players love him also.
  6. Cup finals are amazing but I get the point.
  7. This is murder keep refreshing and going to google news hoping for breaking news.
  8. Jack will take the job would be NUTS not too , love the guy he is the special one.
  9. Better his family no question there anyone who has one understands that . Gutted deeply gutted but you understand why . They are getting a special one .c
  10. New ( BILLIONAIRE ) owners wonder what transfer kitty is being offered for the summer.
  11. Just read the Barnsley FC forum of all names mentioned most want Jack Ross. There fans sound quite cool.
  12. Sounds a bit like us when we appointed Jack Ross if you remember. Anyway Barnsley were knocked back yesterday.
  13. Hear that should have read silly me
  14. Don't know about that but he did travel down there last night.
  15. When news breaks. No way we will here anything tonight with Jack traveling up from Burnley he will want to talk with Gordon first face to face which is right. With talks taking place most of today ending after 7pm that is a lot of hours given that I would say Jack is off hope I'm wrong.
  16. Music Gigs

    Seen Elbow loads of times even as a support act in their early days. No fancy lights , no fancy dancing what you get is awesome music played by top musicians great live band enjoy . Let us know how it went.
  17. Correct type in Jack Ross into Google then click news. The Sun started it then every Scottish news paper fell into line with the same story.
  18. When the time comes to become your own man at a club on the up along with a wage rise that can be a big sway. Sometimes in life you take a step back to move forward especially if you have ambition. Or in your world James is happy to play second fiddle for a pot of silver ? Don't think so.
  19. Did you listen to the James interview on Buddie Vision regarding his own ambitions for sure he would like to be his own man one day. Club New stadium/ club no debt/ training ground / knows the club and players inside out / club being promoted. I think he would take the job.
  20. (IF) Jack was to go I would like to see James offered the job and I'm sure he would take it if given the chance.
  21. Terry Butcher knocked back them to stay with ICT so would not be surprised if Jack did the same.
  22. If true Jack will be off the English championship is better than our top league its also a step closer to the land of gold the premiership.
  23. Director Election Candidacy - Kenny Morrison

    Thanks for that.
  24. Director Election Candidacy - Kenny Morrison

    Kenny what happens if you are a member through the whole period of the takeover and you die does a family member take over.