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  1. W7 Fans & Banners

    You're assuming thst those charged with running the club have the extra time to devote to resolving the issue. The club probably don't view this as a punishment, more as the removal of a problem. I would ask the question, did the banner crew offer or were they asked for an undertaking not to offend when they got their area allocated?
  2. W7 Fans & Banners

    So you were willing to accept punishment in advance? But only the kind of punishment that YOU think is fair? According to another poster, a few individuals chose to exclude the usual contributors. Perhaps those involved could offer their names to the club and accept a stadium ban or exclusion from the singing section to allow the others to enjoy their hobby. The club has a duty to ensure that the atmosphere inside the ground is healthy as defined in modern attitudes. Calling people scum using a facility granted by the club was indeed pushing it. It might be tame by the standards of days gone by, but is outwith current acceptable limits. Did you think about displaying such a banner at Cappielow? Given an inch and you took a mile,
  3. The 2017/18 Champions League & Europa League Thread

    has Rodgers explained that it is all the fault of the other clubs in Scotland yet?
  4. One Likely Lad down......................

    Well if she had an affair on the radio then everyone would have known, unless it was on radio Clyde.
  5. One Likely Lad down......................

    I recall a newspaper report that at a civic reception in newcastle to mark the filming of the Likely Lads movie, Bolam told the attendees that he hated the town, that he arrived on the last possible train in and would take great pleasure in taking the first available train out. Seems RB was better off without. Bewes always seemed likeable and genuine, sad to see him gone but he didn't look well for a long while
  6. how can they risk Davis on a pitch that might have a bump or two on it?
  7. Harry Davis

    He must be made of glass if a bumpy pitch is liable to undo 6. Months of rehab.
  8. Daniel Lennon - St Mirren Legend

    Everything tonight was just wonderful, wonderful, wonderful
  9. Daniel Lennon - St Mirren Legend

    Great news for DL. I hope the cards fall for him, if he can improve Clyde's standing then there will be other opportunities
  10. Project Brave

    Serco always had a route back in and countless mugs ready to wedge them in. Hamilton? not so much A lot can and will change before this all changes over. However it will be a shitfest anyway
  11. Project Brave

    whatwil hppen to Hamilton's elite place when they go bust?
  12. Kevin O'Hara Falkirk - 8 match ban

    I't certainly held me back in life, can I get payments from the government for it? As Jack Dee said, "at least I have a name for it now"
  13. Town Crazies

    on every trip he met his ice-cream maker
  14. Adam Sandler for Paisley

    The train station should be renamed Happy Gilmore St
  15. Livingston game

    They are all wearing jackets