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  1. QoS Game

    Honestly, I felt both sides were scrappy, messy and very wasteful with the ball. This kind of match will get the game stopped. The talent on display was very welcome, but it is no compliment to call one team better than the other or one player as being better than the rest. I'm happy we won, but this league is brutal
  2. QoS Game

    Yes, one third of games we are losing goals in the first third. add to that, the near misses that we have survived, there is no doubt, we take a long time to settle defensively and if our goal threat is nullified then we are very vulnerable-as evidence in 2 crucial games so far. there are hopeful signs as well as serious alarm bells
  3. saints fans survey 2017

    You really added to the debate there This is not about you
  4. saints fans survey 2017

    believe that and you'll believe anything, this is all for the comittee, not the club, not the fans
  5. Disgrace

    I thought, "jeez us, is this thread still running?" and then saw the usual cast of nutters had waded in.
  6. The Unique Original Thread

    Which red button?
  7. Hugh Scott

    Think of an anagram for "Boho"
  8. I think alarm bells have sounded about the defence for a few weeks now. The combination of these unsolved problems and a Dunfermline side who were in on us at every opportunity was a massive wake up call to the team-we can't rely on the "score more than you" philosophy. The evidence of Saturday is, to paraphrase a certain Cpl Jones, our players don't like it up 'em. It will be great to see Davis back, when he is ready, but this situation casts further doubt on the wisdom of signing an injured player. Had we been unlucky with a few chances against Livi and/or ICT we would be at the other end of the table thinking about another season of strife. Let's hope the management team take this on board and sort out some of the problems and attitudes that are seeing our defence split like a dry log as a matter of urgency. A clean sheet on each of the next 2 weekends please!
  9. Hugh Scott

    don't knowhim
  10. The Great Politics Thread

    You are still upset about something, I can tell. Spit it out big guy-what is on your mind?
  11. The Great Politics Thread

    I suppose, using bellside's logic, the rise in the use of ambulances after their introduction was more about availabilty than it was about illness and injury. we'd all be a lot healthier if there were no ambulances because there was no ambulance use before their introduction
  12. The Great Politics Thread

    He knows he is not being abused , Iain. the same goes for the other one.
  13. Michael O' Neill Arrested For Drunk Driving

    I don't see any separation, you want to drink? Fine. Just dont drive until you are sober There are no grey areas or so called technical points
  14. Lewis Morgan

    the question is, why can't we provide that kind of development and physical preparation in Scotland? Does it cost a lot of money that we just don't have or is it just that the clubs and managers don't think it necessary?
  15. The Great Politics Thread

    the problem is, as i suspect you well know but just like an argument, that many of us have either been in this situation or know someone in the same boat. We don't consider statistics, only the evidence of our eyes and ears which is difficult to quantify in the argument you have tried to forge. The real question is, is it right that working families have to subsist on this level pretty much forever? I have several work colleagues and other people close to me who have what are considered good jobs, but because of the difficulty of getting started on a mortgage are fuly extended on that front. in previous decades, you could do that, reasonably safe in the knowledge that the mortgage would become a shrinking proportion of your outgoings and that the cycles of inflation, interest rates, fuel and energy prices, etc would be the swings and roundabouts of many preceding years. That just doesnt happen any more. For those starting out, you have a an existence rather than a life to lead. And for a large number, it just doesn't get any better, unless some spectacular life event occurs that raises you up. People have been brought up to believe that if you work hard, behave well and don't give in then it all gets better. the proportion of the population that can enjoy that is diminishing. The cream is all being hoovered up and Thatcher's (and others) desired underclass-those who exist only to consume and survive in order to benefit the more privileged- is coming to fruition. You can budget your way along, but life becomes a grind. Some respite is needed. If you work, then you deserve the odd spoonful of cream but the sharp elbowed middle and upper classes are having none of that. Every advantage in life seems to be sliding inexorably toward their demographic. To narrowly focus solely on the cost of food in the context of food bank use is just an argumentative trick that, frankly, shows you and bellside up for what you are, attention seekers who feel smug when they push other peoples buttons and who trot out information that suits their agenda, even though they know that it paints only a part of the picture. There now, you have been indulged. Respond if you want, I won't be reading anymore argumentative pish from either of you.