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  1. Wake up call

    the wake up call is more in context with our (expected) promotion to the Premiership. Play like that every week next season and it is a short and sorrowful stint in the top league Our two worst displays this season have been in the face of a strong physical challenge, we need to accept that. There are players already on the books who are capable of dealing with that, but they need to step up more if the opposition up the ante in the physical side of the game. You should never really be outmuscled by another team in the same league when you are in the lead position. That defeat was as much down to attitude as it was about tactics and selection (which were both wrong) If the lessons are learned then we move on. If not, then every team in the league now has the blueprint on how to put us off
  2. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Not surprising, physical presence is an area that we have been somewhat deficient in all season
  3. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    I have a very strong sense that the wheels are about to come off our league-winning buggy. 2nd half will be damage limitation and a cue for some wound-licking, but Livi will be flying after this
  4. Inexperience shown by all involved here. Unless it was. Mandated in the contract, Barnsley should have been given short shrift with their approach
  5. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Difficult to know what is happening without being there, but it looks like a chaotic affaor
  6. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    I expect a win, but that the game itself will be a shoddy affair Main concern is that the ref has to get a grip on the Livi knuckle draggers and that we avoid any significant injury.
  7. Paisley Police Station taped off with a Cop on Guard

    from Trimble to Tremble at the thought
  8. Paisley Police Station taped off with a Cop on Guard

    bizzy lizzies I think, it's a scouse term.
  9. Paisley Police Station taped off with a Cop on Guard

    A big pile of asbestos from the void spaces should do the trick
  10. I'm prety much resigned to the situation now, to be honest i can't see any other outcome. I reserve the right to decide at a later date as to which situation and which outcome i refer.
  11. I think it is obvious that every saints fan is pained to think that we can't keep a good manager. As for Celtic, i said sights no lower-that is not even specific
  12. though it pains me to say, his sights should be no lower than replacing Brendan Rodgers in a year or two
  13. The Katie Hopkins Thread

    Yeah, googled it after I posted. Silly bitch. The most shocking thing in the story was that she is only 42. I thought she looked at least 10 years older. In bitch years, that makes her 294 in human years. You'd think she'd know better by that age
  14. Vote Lewis Morgan

    I think it's funny
  15. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Don't get the train, both stations are well out of town. Get the bus to almondvale centre, drinks in the big wetherspoons and a taxi to the ground-there is also a big world-buffet type eaterie in the centre. There is a Edinburgh-glasgow bus that stops in Livi, only 25 or so minutes