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  1. Paisley, Uk City Of Culture 2021?

    A place where nobody wants to get sent to.
  2. Paisley, Uk City Of Culture 2021?

    Would still like to be attending the Paisley 2021 stadium for another few years.
  3. The Presently Very Unfunny As Feck Thread

    What about the dyslexic pimp that bought a warehouse.
  4. This is on the Facebook page https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XOsJg-vxB-o Edited - apologies for duplicate link. Just saw previous post from sm74.
  5. 15 - 0 in a Scottish cup game in 1960
  6. Livingston game

    Gutted. Had pre match hospitality for that game [emoji58]
  7. Ain't That A Shame

    Maybe to be buried on blueberry hill.
  8. Sending St Mirren my medical bill...

    Maybe the Club will give a discount for fans to buy these.? http://www.stmirrendirect.co.uk/products/knitted-emblem-gloves.html
  9. The season starts here! COYS!
  10. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    4 now. Getting an absolute doing.
  11. Paisley Pubs

    I remember that sign. "PCMS for value"
  12. Paisley Pubs

    Was that not the Station Bar at one point?
  13. And they don't have Ryan Stevenson on the bench
  14. I'll be happy with any scoreline that starts Morton nil