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  1. Brechin will have a game plan to try and sneak a draw or a narrow win. We usually struggle against those kind of teams.... Need to move the ball around quickly and get up to full steam
  2. He's on the wind up, nae issues last time
  3. You can add it to your wallet if it's an apple phone
  4. 1877 Club Supporters Bus

    If the demand is there, we should be running enough buses to cover it. Folk will still get there on public transport, but a bit crap if we can't run enough buses for everyone that would like to travel on one
  5. 1877 Club Supporters Bus

    Great idea Shull, loads of folk looking for seats for Saturday on twitter with nae luck since usual supporters clubs ain't running extras (not blaming them, they want to enjoy their day without all the stress) Perhaps contact the SLO with this idea?
  6. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    Scottish football does need to be looked at. Unsure what guys like Regan and Doncaster are being paid for these days - I think our model proves that fan ownership is the future. A fan owned league structure would be interesting! Anything that gets away from the self serving corruption would be a positive step. Can't see it happening tbf. No need for an anti Rangers witch hunt, the EBT issue has been put to bed already. There's still an argument to be made for an overall review, don't believe 2 governing bodies are needed for the size of our country.
  7. This debate on McGinn really confuses me. With the style of football we play, we're not expecting him to keep possession or control the midfield. We require him to dig in, create chances, take a few risks, and if we lose the ball a couple of times, work with the rest of the team to get it back. He's done that. Our current brand of fast football doesn't exactly suit his preferred style, but he's doing exactly what's being asked of him. What he does bring to the team is leadership. A few times I've seen him eyeball Stelios if he's play acting... which if were all honest, can be required at times Think he also helps to keep the shape of the team, he knows the game and reads it well. We would be a worse team without him.
  8. I think it was a collective effort
  9. Another display planned in W7 for Saturday. Looking forward to this one! As usual, even if you don't like standing, come and sit near us in W6, get the noise going round the ground. Definitely helps the team. COYS
  10. They usually are. If I get permission I'll happily stream it on twitter
  11. st mirren tv com

    They do a brilliant job.
  12. This. Bite your hand off for 4 points