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  1. My understanding upon signing up was that the club would have limited access to a "pot" of money for interest free loans etc. Don't recall being told I could vote on every issue. Although I do agree that setting conditions on a loan to the club would be beneficial - so that we do know where our money is going. Hope to hear this raised at the meeting.
  2. If that's the case, it's not really SMISA to blame, (they transferred the money over in good faith that it was to be used on fixing the USH) It's then down to whoever controls budgets within the club. If I took out a loan and told the bank it's for a car - but instead decided to spend it on debt consolidation, that's my choice, but still have to pay the money back as promised. (unless the loan agreement stated that the funds must be used for that purpose.) Agree that questions need to be asked of the club, if the USH isn't actually fixed.
  3. Maybe I'm being overly simplistic here, but surely it makes good financial sense for the club to "borrow" money from the SMISA kitty (which is sitting there) - rather than adjust budgets and inherit cashflow/budget problems? (avoiding eating into the wage budget during the season) If I'm reading this correctly - they simply borrowed the cash to fix the USH issue short term - with a promise to put the cash back into the SMISA kitty once money becomes available? I have no problem with this if so
  4. Won't close until the day of the Hibs game! Loads of time for entries
  5. As some of you know, I'm responsible for a Twitter page called @stmirrenactive. Been running a few seasons now, with the overall aim of promoting active, vocal support at games. We're currently running a poll, "St Mirren moment of the season". Can be anything from wheely bins, your favourite performance, a funny moment, or something sentimental. Will be putting every (reasonable) suggestion into a poll. Most popular moment, wins.
  6. Shotz snooker club Chain bar showing big-screen sport, with snooker and pool tables, dartboards and bingo machines. Address: 17 Dundonald St, Dundee DD3 7QA Phone: 01382 453903
  7. The wee snooker club is class. Cheap bevy and friendly
  8. First time I've posted in one of these mad politics threads. Been having a think about this today and its coming down to ticking off who I absolutely won't vote for, then seeing who's left. Tories - will hoover up anyone who is pro-brexit, pro-union and many of those who see Corbyn as a pure joke, really strong position. They're an absolute cancer for the poor, but they don't pretend otherwise so got to give them that. However, what they're doing to disabled people is absolutely unforgiveable. No chance. Labour - don't seem to have an actual stance on anything, they've really messed up in Scotland so can't vote for them either. They abstained from voting against austerity, but still claim to be against it. Corbyn seems awright as a guy, but has no control over his party. Where's Andy Burnham now? Always liked that guy, did some fine work on Hillsborough. Probably wouldn't vote for them as it stands. Lib dems - actually in a decent position to hoover up some English votes, but they broke that pledge on student fees. Canny vote for a party that I don't trust to keep their word. Wish there was a decent liberal option. UKIP - their agenda is now pointless as a concept. Lost some of their main voices. All but finished, would never vote for them anyway, horrible party. SNP - reckon they were quite happy sitting with their huge majority of Scottish MP's, blaming the Tories for everything bad that happens. In reality, are they doing that well with the tools available? Need a wake up call, not untouchable Greens - maybe. Bit of a wasted vote, will vote for them if I can't see any alternative. Sometimes agree with Patrick Harvie, do believe that renewable energy is the way to go. Got all the natural resources in Scotland, need to use them as best we can without f**king up our planet
  9. At least it's skyview rather than skynet
  10. Happy to buy another one if we need to. But this one is our lucky drum! it's see through at each end so the chances of stashing bucky in it are slim to none..
  11. That "challenge" on Stelios would be more at home during Wrestlemania tonight, could dub wresting commentary over it absolute clothesline! You can see McGinn at the end telling him to get up and get on with it as well... Poor Stelios. Tbf the Morgan one was a fair challenge, just unfortunate that he got injured. Hope he makes a fast recovery.
  12. In fairness McGinn gave him a look as if to say "get the f**k up mate" when he stayed down. He wasn't injured, but certainly took a clatter
  13. Nope, we behaved! We were careful to avoid "antagonistic drumming".
  14. 100% home record with the drum in the stadium Good decision by the club to allow it...