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  1. We could use a genuine right winger to allow Morgan to play on the left imo
  2. Meant to say left, he's ok on the right! Fixed now
  3. Having grudgingly watched the game back on BT, (skipped some parts) We were VERY poor at the back. Changing the keeper and centre half from last week seemed to have a confusing impact on the defence, they didn't know how to work together. Baird was caught out of position a lot, attempting to cover for full backs who had drifted or ball watched. As mentioned, Whyte looked very weak, Gary Irvine cannot play left** back, really evident that it's not his natural side. Gary Mac held his position better than Baird, but still guilty of a few errors. In fairness, Partick's attacking movement was good. As for the midfield... where to start? McGinn pick of the bunch, but don't see McShane as the right guy to play with him, they're too similar. Really missing Magennis. I've never seen Morgan have a good game on the right wing, much better on the left. Cammy didn't do a lot today. Reilly seems to be content with chasing lost causes. When he's in a good position, he seems to want to cut back a lot. Perhaps needs someone to link up with? Ross Stewart (striker) isn't good enough for our level. Fitzpatrick also looks out of his depth. As someone else said, we had an unbalanced team under Rae. We fixed the balance in January - now unbalanced again. Haven't replaced Mallan - we need a good centre mid pronto. Could really use a genuine right winger, and I would be starting Sutton instead of Reilly. To be brutally honest, I don't think Reilly could lace Rory Loy's boots.
  4. Wouldn't say we were pish. Livi scored early and defended stubbornly... didn't really let us get back into the game. Can't fault the effort of our players. Final ball just wasn't there
  5. Anything for a bit of drama on the forum. Love Island has nothing on this place. If it was that bad, the police would've been called and arrests made. No such thing happened. Draw your own conclusions.
  6. Sorry man. It's shocking. The Daily Record should be right on this ANGER as St Mirren fans go on drink and drug fuelled rampage through the streets of Stranraer, led by a drunken bam on horseback
  7. Surely down to the individual what they put into their body. They might have an addiction. All sorts of reasons why they might be doing it. To pin that as a reflection on our club is a bit of a stretch ? This is a literal storm in a tea cup. Nothing bad even happened. Some people were drunk and someone took (presumably) cocaine in a toilet, not exactly unusual in the west of Scotland, if we're honest... Can we get back to talking about football?
  8. Woah. A few folk jumping to conclusions here a ) there was no bankhouse bus - never been a problem on them and it's a really well run bus - unfair to point fingers b ) why bring the singing section into it? we self policed our section, there was no issues at the game. drums and flags made it a good occasion c) if someone does drugs in a toilet, that's their individual choice/risk - no reflection on the club or its supporters d ) as I mentioned before , I never witnessed any problems and had a great day out. Going by usernames, some people making claims weren't even there - so to start flinging mud at groups and buses is bang out of order, especially based on second hand information
  9. Not entirely sure what you mean by that, perhaps this was on the other carriage from where I was. Personally didn't see anything worse than I've seen before... Folk were steamin, but can't say I witnessed anyone getting abuse. Was all pretty lighthearted. The game was a bit of a perfect storm for bevy - early train, pub crawl to the ground possible from the station... Was never going to end any other way. Anyway, onwards to the next game!
  10. Would like to highlight a few positives from the trip. At Ayr station we helped a wee old lady over the bridge with her bag, she said she was enjoying the singing and banter, thanked us for being gentlemen. On the train we had a laugh with the Scotrail conductor, Irene. She asked us to turn off our music until Girvin once normal passengers got off, which was fair. In Stranraer fitba bar, a Stranraer committee guy told me he was amazed we had brought so many people down. Must have spent a small fortune in the pub. Bar owner was delighted. At the game we created a decent atmosphere. Everyone behaved pretty well considering we had been on a train for more than 2 hours drinking.... The train home was a wee bit hairy, but there was zero bother and everyone was in good spirits. No worse than any tartan army trip I've been on. First game of the season and a full day out. It was never going to be alcohol free. Not sure what all the fuss is about.
  11. Love Street North Bank Cairters Corner Caledonia Street Greenhill Road Buddies Saint Mirin Paisley Panda Renfrewshire Cup The Saint
  12. They could give you it for free and you'd still complain about the price of a pie £12 and £6 is fine , I'm happy to pay that
  13. Very reasonable