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  1. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    Emailed ICT to ask about the drum, they confirmed it's allowed and seemed to have no doubts that the game would go ahead
  2. W7 Fans & Banners

    This has all got rather silly, and there’s no need for some to be rude.. Last post I’ll be making on here until the club respond A- Regarding the rules, which seem to have been plucked from thin air as we had never seen them - the definition of “insulting” needs to be established. Does insulting mean you’re not allowed any parody or “banter” at a derby match anymore? B- As we said when we first put this out, we feel the ban is disproportionate and unfair, and needs to be looked at and addressed C- To the forum users referring to us as “neds” and “silly wee boys”, that’s just rude and uncalled for. All we’ve asked for is to be treated fairly
  3. W7 Fans & Banners

    I know who is required here Any Midori? For the record if you’d ever been in W7, you’d know it’s far from what you’re trying to paint us as. All ages, all genders. You’re getting a wee bit close to the insulting rule now
  4. W7 Fans & Banners

    From reading those rules, the only area it could potentially fall under is insulting, depending on your definition. As we’ve said, it is borderline. We actually went and asked on the Morton fans page on Facebook if anyone was insulted - no one said they were. Think the only ones “insulted” are our a small minority of our own fans. We would know if the SPFL or Morton had complained. If this is the worst you get in 2017, you’re right in your assessment that things have improved. But if you want an environment where even banter becomes unacceptable, the atmosphere in fitba grounds will go rapidly downhill. Have a look at the PL down south. Soulless.
  5. W7 Fans & Banners

    We’re going round in circles. Shall await a response from the club and hopefully someone will see sense
  6. W7 Fans & Banners

    What’s changed between 2011 and now? It’s literally the same teams and the same humour. Are we really at the stage in where you can’t make a joke? Should comedians not be allowed to tell rude jokes on tv in case they offend people? stop the planet, I want off
  7. W7 Fans & Banners

    So how do we get off with posting pictures of a morton mascot being hanged in an official club magazine? I could name various other times we’ve had a joke about our rivals in an “official” capacity The double standards are ridiculous. If we’re gonna adopt a dictators approach to our ground and the rules, even when it comes to a derby, the game really is over
  8. W7 Fans & Banners

    No never given guidelines. We were given pretty extensive rules on the drum, that were posted on the official site. As for flags and banners, we go by stadium rules. (Can’t be above a certain height etc) We try to apply common sense when it comes to content. “This love will last forever” was from a courteeners song. “ “This is our home, this is our fortress” we came up with ourselvess. Same with “The Fight Is On” “The Saints are coming” - Green Day / U2 - + a nod to our promotion bid As for the Morton ones - previously we’ve had “hopeless and soapless” Then of course “Morton scum, trophyless since 1922”, with images of our trophies behind it Personally don’t think we’ve ever been offensive. As a rule of thumb, we wouldn’t swear on a banner, scum seemed like fair game as it’s just dirty stuff floating on liquid - which reminds us of Greenock.... 100% meant as banter. But yeah, not everyone seen it that way
  9. W7 Fans & Banners

    Sorry, what? The issue with the seating was that they had blocked off seats in W6, rather than the agreed seats at the front of W7. The reason that annoys us is that when we first got the section - they closed off a large part of W6, essentially isolating us from the rest of the West Stand. If the stand was sold out (it wasn’t) - we wouldn’t have asked for a place for the banners. Might seem a relatively trivial thing, but from our POV, it makes the atmosphere better when W6 isn’t blocked off , so that we’re not left on our own in the corner. Would rather have no sections of seats blocked off, but when we first got the section they said that from a safety POV, we were to have those seats at the front blocked, to stop people running towards the pitch when we score. At the Morton game, our argument was that if someone did run on the pitch, we could get into trouble for it - stewards in fairness confirmed that they understood our concerns and would take it into consideration
  10. W7 Fans & Banners

    We were going to keep it quiet and accept whatever punishment came our way - but when we were told it was an outright season ban on all flags, not just banners - with no guarantee of an appeal. SLO suggested we wait 2 months and try to get the club to reconsider, but the season will nearly be over by then..... We felt this conclusion was overly harsh, so voted as a group, a majority wanted to put our point of view across. Don’t feel like this was an overreaction on our part. We have tried our best to be rational. Not dragging anyone through the mud - just want to be treated fairly
  11. W7 Fans & Banners

    I mean apart from the banner in question, we’ve never had an issue. We self police our wee section pretty well.. I’ll be first to admit that the banner was probably not our best idea ever, it’s not seen as banter by everyone. We just feel the rest of season flag ban is a bit on the harsh side and would like the club to rethink. If they want to know what our banners say before each game, that’s easy enough to arrange. Can only really speak for myself regarding Facebook, would never speak to a fellow buddie like that. Poor from whoever said it to you
  12. W7 Fans & Banners

    Fair point. We’ve had the same debates within our group. We hope the club realise they’ve overstepped the mark with the ban and we won’t need to do any of that. We’ve had the same debates within our group. Ideally want to keep the section going every game, we know the players love the noise.
  13. W7 Fans & Banners

    Just to reply to some of the above We’ve never been warned since we started the section. In fact all feedback has been positive. Even from JR and the players. We knew the banner was gonna be on the line of what was acceptable - but was only meant as being a bit cheeky - drawing attention to how long it was since they last won a cup! There was no backlash from Morton fans, so can’t imagine they were too offended. In fact had a few of them backing us up on twitter. They had one a few seasons back with Tesselaar’s “shitehole” headline.. We hold our hands up that the banner was a wee bit on the line - and would accept a slap on the wrist or a few games flag ban. But till the end of the season? Don’t think it was that bad.
  14. Project Brave

    How can you not be overly concerned?? In 3 years time our academy could find itself fighting against the "elite" for talent. Talent that will be encouraged to make the step up to the elite levels. Our club is literally dependant on youth development.
  15. Forum Traffic

    Agree with all of that. Twitter is fun though, especially when combined with periscope. The rest I barely use