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  1. A few of the big facebook/twitter pages picked up on it. "Scottish football away days" etc. Also one guys tweet about it went fairly viral Hopefully start a trend and get other clubs fans into it. Early days, but it's caught some eyes online
  2. Might have got them some overtime
  3. What was everyone's thoughts on the visual protest on Saturday? Got a largely positive reaction on social media platforms, but interested to get thoughts / feedback
  4. I read somewhere that because it's a "act of union agreement", it's written into some ancient law or other, that we could in theory declare independence, if we wanted to Might end up a bit like Catalonia, but I'm confident we could take them in a square go
  5. Wonder if any of his pals can play at left back!
  6. So any player who's got big club experience is shite because Alan Gow and Kpekawa weren't up to scratch? On that basis we shouldn't sign anyone - just in case they don't pan out If Goodwin has brought him in, he obviously thinks he could improve the squad. Not sure why you've got such an aversion to Ross Wallace. Always seemed a decent player, has played at a good level, and from what I know of him - is a bit of a character in a dressing room
  7. There's a way to go about things. And the SNP generally make themselves out to be victims and blame the Tories for everything that is bad Meanwhile coming up with some batshit mental policies and centralising everything that they can get their hands on - yet claim to promote some form of socialism / "social democracy" Strathclyde Police - gone, centralised Police counters in Erskine, Ferguslie Park, Gourock, Linwood and Port Glasgow - gone, centralised Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, and East Renfrewshire Councils - stripped of financial responsibility, centralised Renfrewshire Enterprise - gone, centralised Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Service - gone, centralised I generally support independence, but their record in government? Questionable, at best
  8. How does Ross Wallace compare to Kpekawa? I don't get your angle here. Kpekawa was only 22
  9. I'd have most respect for the SNP if they were honest. They were never going to be invited and they knew it, far too much BS
  10. A few players like that can be the difference between staying up and going down. I'd say Anton played his part towards the end of last season, also had a positive influence in the dressing room
  11. Anton Ferdinand wasn't fully fit, didn't he play his part?
  12. Personally think the format of debate is all wrong in general, they've invited the 3 parties that they want to do well - to maintain the status quo and attempt to protect the union. We need more long form, podcast style discussions with leaders to really unpack what they plan to bring to the table, and most importantly, find out what their values are as a person. A recent example - I listened to Bernie Sanders on Joe Rogan's podcast, and the guy actually spoke a lot of sense. Their media would have you believe he's some kind of communist monster. In a standard 3 or 4 party "debate" format, there's no way you're going to unpack the level of detail that's required to base your decision. I'd have more respect for the SNP if their response was something like - "doesn't matter, we'll still win, we weren't expecting to be invited anyway" rather than turning it into yet another victim story. They might be the biggest victim party in UK politics. And that's coming from someone who'll most likely vote for them.
  13. Why are you so against him? He's got experience in the EPL, should be more than good enough for us if he is fit. If not, can play a part where required and adds some experience to the dressing room
  14. SNP need to stop playing the victim at every opportunity , most Scots ain't daft, can see right through them Should concentrate on their performance in government rather than greeting about not being invited to a debate that they knew they wouldn't be invited to
  15. Adam Hammill has only played 9 full games since he left us, and prior to joining us was struggling to get into the team at Barnsley, had been left out of the squad for 6 games in a row
  16. Adam Hammill came from a similar situation!
  17. I think you've spent too much time in this bin talking to all your other accounts
  18. £9 wouldn't even cover matchday costs to put the game on in the first place, never mind being able to maintain a stadium or sign new players Living in cloud cuckoo land Shull Twenty would be fine
  19. It's almost like people enjoy going to watch their team and will pay to do so That doesn't mean we can't still complain about the pricing structure and campaign for change Sorry if that doesn't meet your protesting expectations
  20. Same regurgitated rubbish on every forum isn’t it? People posting content hoovered up from twitter or facebook pages
  21. Short term, possibly. But if the SPFL did what their job is meant to be as a governing body - put a cap on pricing - they could manage the shortfall by altering prize money or funding. Perhaps even find a sponsor for the campaign who would get their name in lights. Seems like the sort of thing Paddy Power like to get involved in, for example...
  22. I go every week. Except Darkhead. It's time for the SPFL To step in and sort this out. I'm not one for boycotting but its the next logical step to boycott places like Darkhead and Tynecastle. Only reason I dislike a boycott is that the team suffers from not having our vocal support behind them. TBH I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction online to the banner at Parkhead - noticed fans of Rangers, Celtic, County, Hamilton, Motherwell, Killie and St Johnstone comment that it was good to see some resistance to the over-pricing, especially when Celtic fans had similar banners in their own end of the stadium. They might be our rivals, but one thing we can all agree on as supporters is that unfair pricing and greed is killing the game.
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