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  1. Yeah it's that one, I browse the forum by clicking read only. Sin bin threads really shouldn't appear there. Perhaps it's just my OCD kicking in
  2. Why are there 2 threads for every game at the moment? Making reading the forum very frustrating
  3. He was on the sportsound podcast yesterday, worth a listen. Could be another few weeks or even a month till he is back in action. Also confirmed that Dallas asked Defoe "did you dive?" , to which Defoe replied "no", before giving Rangers one of their four penalties Doubt he would've asked Duckens Nazon the same question....
  4. Doakes

    Smisa buyout

    I'll admit I'm not too clued up on these things but could we run a share issue to bring it closer to 51-49 and raise money for the club in the process? Or would that dilute the share value too much? 82% seems far too substantial
  5. Doakes

    Smisa buyout

    Is it confirmed that we'll be adopting the 50+1 ownership model? https://www.bundesliga.com/en/news/Bundesliga/german-soccer-rules-50-1-fifty-plus-one-explained-466583.jsp good article about how it works on the bundesliga website.
  6. Most other countries had voted to join the EU project already though. In the UK we never did which was a stumbling block...
  7. You don't think the overall aim of the EU is to create a superstate? If a majority voted remain, that was the mandate to form it
  8. Is there not the risk that we leave and end up in an even worse situation by forming closer ties with the US? I don't know what the answer is, but the pattern I keep seeing is that if you reject one form of globalism, those in power move towards it in another form EU superstate, US deal with questionable food standards... hmm
  9. Love the bull. Great selection of beers
  10. As long as none of them are wearing tracksuits.
  11. In all honesty I posted that just after I'd left the ground, without seeing the highlights back. After watching the highlights you are spot on with that
  12. If Killie hadn't scored when they did we would've been talking about a strong performance and a well earned point in horrible conditions. Next few games are huge, Dundee playing Celtic, then us. Their fans are looking at that nervously. Hamilton will smell an opportunity against Hearts then Killie though
  13. Yep, if we take more than 5 points from the next 4 games I don't think we'll be far away from the pack come the split. We really need to average a win every few games to give ourselves a chance Last 4 games St Mirren W1, D2, L1 (5pts) Dundee W1, D0, L3 (3pts) Hamilton W1, D0, L3 (3pts)
  14. As much as I dislike the formation, it's made us much harder to break down and in our last 4 games - we've stayed in the game on each occasion, and given ourselves chances to win each game. From that POV, it's been a huge success. With a bit more luck, we could easily have taken more than our 5 points from the 12 available
  15. Just put gstretch on ignore, already feel much better
  16. I thought we played well given the conditions. Paul McGinn and Baird guilty of switching off at their goal. Apart from that we were solid enough. Hladky had another good game. Thought Lyons and Flynn were great first half, second half Lyons faded. Apparently half of the team have a sickness bug at the moment, probably didn’t help much towards the end. Killie stronger team second half with the wind behind them. Gutted not to get at least a point. Need to go to Perth and force the 3 points off them
  17. Last game against Killie we played 3 across the back and they ripped us apart down each wing. We would be better with a flat back 4 tonight imo
  18. For me, there's a lack of education on what the potential risks are. Both to yourself and to your club. Maybe printing it clearly on your ticket and on the gates as you go in that if you enter the field of play you will be arrested and the club will press charges against you? Replicate that across every club. Something visual as people enter the stadium might be the best idea.
  19. Not sure I agree, I think a 4-2-3-1 works best where we can work the ball into wide areas and let Duck cause havoc up front. Put 2 up top later in the game if required. Must play 4 at the back tonight, none of this 3-5-2 pish, that didn't work whatsoever
  20. I don't think making grassing more "socially acceptable" is a viable plan of action in Scotland tbh. It won't happen. Especially when it comes to the likes of Rangers, Celtic, Hearts & Hibs. Go to Ibrox for example, bigotry, intolerance & hatred is celebrated as part of their clubs "culture". Take the bottle throwing incident at Ibrox where a young St Mirren fan got hit - a few St Mirren fans posted saying they seen happen it on twitter. Every Rangers reply was "didn't happen" etc. Better training for stewards might help. Always hear the excuse "they only get paid minimum wage", but that isn't an excuse for not doing the job they are paid to do by their employer. Regular fans ain't getting paid anything, you know yourself, it's sometimes better not to get involved rather than getting sucked into conflict and risk getting into a fight, having to give statements, get dragged into court etc.
  21. A tracksuit with open toed sandals?
  22. If the legal action was towards the individual, maybe. These types don't really like or enjoy football though, they don't care about a clubs reputation, all they care about is trying to "out-scum" each other. All strict liability does is gives the government a hammer to crack a nut, won't stop it. It could even open the door to opposing groups infiltrating each others stadiums to get the other club a fine, knowing full well the worst they'll get as an individual is a night in the cells or a banning order. (which they can get around by using a fake name and wearing a scarf and hoody)
  23. The point we should be very clear on as supporters is that a football club should never be treated as a group identity. That's opening the door to all kinds of political nonsense and massive fines that Scottish football could do without. Treat individuals as the idiots they are and throw the book at them, but strict liability would be a disaster waiting to happen. Government would 100% use it as a way to make money.
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