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  1. Apparently Che Adams will be fine to play
  2. Surely best to invest in a good quality outdoor facility rather than needing a roof on it. First strong winds and a shelter like that is gone
  3. I'm happy with the way the club is being run. We're in tough economic times (everyone is), so I'd expect the accounts to reflect those conditions. But as long as we break somewhere close to even and play well on the park, it's all good, from my POV Stadium is certainly looking better as a result of the work from different fan groups and volunteers We're doing well on the park and have a strong looking squad Keith Lasley has been a brilliant addition to the staff, imo The club are starting to "get it"
  4. I'd be confident if we could loan Maryan Shved from Shakhtar for the game. Currently tearing them a new arsehole
  5. Not ready to post here yet but a few more good performances and I might.
  6. A lot of the pre-conditions necessary for a genocide are in place. It's very worrying
  7. Most encouraging thing is that the players were making themselves available and finding space. Felt like a few of them were going through the motions a bit after Goodwin left, encouraging to see the new gaffer putting his own stamp on our style of play. Should be fairly obvious to SR where we need to improve
  8. Really enjoyable game last night, big range of emotions in the stands Pre match buzz was brilliant, popped into the Grosvenor party, bar was ridiculously busy so went to the Haymarket Bar instead. Fans mixed well, was all pretty friendly. The march to the ground was brilliant, police did a good job, think they were surprised by the numbers! First 20-25 minutes it seemed like the players couldn't get to grips with the Tynecastle pitch (which was in great condition tbf) At 2-0 down it looked bleak but to come back the way that we did was impressive. I enjoyed the style of play, passing on the deck and was great to see players keen to get on the ball - movement was good. The 2 goals were magnificent. Technique by Brophy to flick the ball into the net was only surpassed by Ronan's thunderbolt Biggest concern for me was how easily Hearts were able to cut through our defence and get to the by-line. Some basis errors made that could have been avoided. Won't single out individuals but we really need to improve in the full back areas and be more switched on. No complaints about the result, Hearts deserved their win.
  9. That would have been for 3 years. Aye must be over the term of the contract, so figures quoted sound about right
  10. Believe Goodwin was on 300k so sounds about right
  11. Pleasantly surprised by this. Fairly sure that Robinson was always the number 1 target - I believe the club have leaked 2 names to the media (Brown and Naismith), as the journalists reporting the stories are never far off - and kept the third secret in order to get their man. Media always jump on any story involving ex OF players so a solid tactic! Situation has been managed extremely well by the club and credit got to be given where it's due. Catching the attention of Fabrizio Romano was a bit surreal. The usual suspects screaming Kibble conspiracies as soon as Naismith was linked was predictable but expected. Club are in a great position right now so I think the Kibble witch hunters need to chill out a bit...
  12. Believe Hearts sold tickets for £15 in previous rounds, hopefully similar to get a big crowd in
  13. Rory Loy's great escape goal is definitely my answer here. Ended up about 4 rows from where I was originally standing Cup final against Hearts I was in the posh seats standing next to someone that the SFA were hosting from Malawi (??) who was wearing a very colourful suit, ended up giving him a massive bearhug and picking him off his feet. He seemed ok with it luckily! I think his wife helped present the trophy He was with the lady in green - someone might know who she was
  14. Pathetic thread Can take his son to the football if he wants, watching our next opponents is pretty standard
  15. Never going to happen, it's a sure way to lose the next GE. Hope you are right but not so sure... Seems to be a movement towards blaming "the unvaccinated" for everything. Although the definition of unvaccinated doesn't always indicate a lack of immunity, either through previous infection (which has now been removed from England's pass), or having previous jabs without appetite for the latest booster. Think a lot of Tory voters would quietly support that policy at first
  16. Watching the patterns - If I was a betting man, - knowing the Tories - I'd wager that we'll soon see "free" NHS healthcare removed from anyone classed as unvaccinated. Especially after Rishi Sunak's recent trip to the USA Chancellor Rishi Sunak to return from US trip early over Covid concerns - BBC News It will no doubt be a popular idea at first, anyone who's had the jab has the psychological urge for that to mean that they get preferential treatment over someone who hasn't had the jab... they've took a risk and someone else hasn't - why shouldn't that mean I get something they don't? But - I'll predict that as time goes on, and the appetite for constant boosters drops off, it might become more of an issue. Especially the choice is to either get the booster to continue to receive NHS treatment, or pay an exorbitant price for your health care plan.
  17. Feeling a lot of doom and gloom around with the latest news but here's some positive news From COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report (Week 50) - page 4 COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report - week 50 (publishing.service.gov.uk) "Based on antibody testing of blood donors, 98.4% of the adult population now have antibodies to COVID-19 from either infection or vaccination compared to 22.7% that have antibodies from infection alone" That's a very strong number and suggests that the vast vast majority of people/friends/family have protection against serious infection Great bit of work on Brownstone's website: 140 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted ⋆ Brownstone Institute A lot of good news in these studies, natural immunity holding up extremely well against the virus. Going by the surveillance report that means a fair amount of natural immunity already exists, even without vaccination. If the NHS is under threat - with 98.4% the population having antibodies... you've got to wonder what the government have done wrong with the emergency funding. It needs to make sense.
  18. Any theory could be correct or incorrect The fact that many scientists and doctors disagree about our current direction and is a good thing, imo. That's one of the great things about democracy. I'd be more worried if there were not conspiracy theories. If an "official narritive" cannot be questioned it's entering into a weird territory
  19. Yes that's the one! My (vague) understanding of it is that if you create a vaccine, after inoculation your body develops the antibodies. But after a period of time, the antibodies decrease (hence the need for boosters). If you then encounter a wild coronavirus, instead of being protected you can actually develop a more serious infection. I'm sure there are people far more qualified to explain why this is unlikely to happen, but there are several peer reviewed studies to suggest that it's a risk to rely purely on vaccination for a coronavirus based on animal trials.
  20. The vaccines certainly work to an extent, but because they don't stop transmission of the virus, it's always going to be a tough sell to convince people that taking several more boosters to be classed as fully vaccinated is the right way to go. An Israeli health minister recently stated that it's going to take 7 boosters, possibly more, for Israeli's to be considered fully vaccinated. As I said earlier in the thread - MRNA vaccine technology is designed to allow boosters for the latest variant, but there is a counter theory that it could also encourage ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) Are people willing to commit to a booster once every 6 months (possibly even less) to maintain their fully vaccinated status? Is it a matter of time before you have a bad reaction to one of them? Will we ever be considered fully vaccinated? These are the important questions
  21. Where do you propose the folk that we don't vaccinate and catch this virus, then subsequently require hospital care get accommodated? There are very few people in the UK with zero protection at this point. Most have either had the virus, or been vaccinated. Death rate is extremely low, especially for the new variant. Do we just continue like this forever? Why is it ok to allow people to die of cancer because they are still waiting for treatment, but not of a virus? More about control than it is about a virus
  22. Ignoring the fact that the leaky vaccines still allow transmission, Britain is now a heavily vaccinated country with a low death rate - by prioritising boosters for healthy people with well functioning immune systems over assisting developing nations with large numbers of unvaccinated people seems an odd way of going about things If it was all about saving lives, they would be prioritising getting the NHS back to full capacity - waiting lists for cancer treatment, operations etc. are absolutely massive and need to be addressed as a matter of priority Moving on to boosters 4, 5, 6, 7 at such a frantic rate is unnecessary and not what the public signed up for. What happened to getting back to normal once most of the population was vaccinated?
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