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  1. Hmm, a flat earth would only have one rotation point.., A spinning globe would have two rotation points? I think this is the best evidence that we do indeed live on a globe
  2. I do find this interesting to think about Long exposure photography at the equator How would that look if the earth was flat?
  3. Waiting on the ref to turn up (presumably still trying to make his way through the floods)
  4. Proving difficult to clear the goalmouths
  5. I'm confused... does this mean the boycott for unrealistic pricing for a live free to view game on a Saturday night is on, or off? Normal service resumes, W7 will be rocking for this one
  6. It's better than £25+ as we've seen in the past for games with Aberdeen!
  7. Important bit. Ticket Prices Adult – £20 Over 65/Disabled/Student – £15 Under 18 – £10 Under 12 – £5 Not brilliant, but not too bad
  8. William Hill Scottish Cup Quarter Final St Mirren v Aberdeen Saturday 29th February, 7.20pm KO Simple Digital Arena, Paisley With the agreement of both clubs, ticket prices have now been set ahead of our William Hill Scottish Cup Quarter Final tie with St Mirren. Phase 1 – 300+ Priority Points Monday 24th February – 8am Online, 9:30am – Phone & Counter Phase 2 – 250+ Priority Points Monday 24th February – 1pm Online, Phone & Counter Phase 3 – 200+ Priority Points Tuesday 25th February – 8am Online, 9:30am – Phone & Counter Phase 4 – 150+ Priority Points Tuesday 25th February – 1pm Online, Phone & Counter Get your ticket online 24 via afc.co.uk/eTickets, from the Pittodrie Ticket Office or by calling 01224 63 1903 between 9.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am-1.30pm on Saturday. Ticket Prices Adult – £20 Over 65/Disabled/Student – £15 Under 18 – £10 Under 12 – £5 Please note that all tickets have to be assigned to a unique DonsID that hasn’t already got a seat assigned to it. Each account must also qualify for the current points threshold. Priority Points 4 Priority Points per account will be allocated for this match. AFC Supporters Bus Why not travel to the game on our official supporter’s bus? The bus departs from Pittodrie at 2:45pm. Please check-in at 2.30pm. Please note we operate a strict no alcohol policy on our bus. Any fan found with alcohol will be refused travel. Prices 2019/20 season ticket holder – £16 Non-season ticket holder – £18 https://www.afc.co.uk/2020/02/20/scottish-cup-quarter-final-st-mirren-v-aberdeen/
  9. Don’t even care that we were shite second half. That game was f**king magic! Who needs the champions league?
  10. Alan Burrow's (Motherwell CEO) update from a few hours ago sounded positive
  11. National drink wine day? There's an idea
  12. Yeah I thought so too. Read it on the daily mail () site earlier, weird one
  13. Goodwin was quoted earlier saying we are preparing for the game being on until told otherwise. If those shitebags don't want to play in a bit of mud, they should concede the tie
  14. There's a few parts to this that are shite Firstly it's shite that she battered her ex-partner with a lamp when he was sleeping, no getting away from that Secondly, this "outrage culture" that only seems to apply to the general public. There has been very little "outrage" in the traditional media about the way this lady was hounded - by the media. The Daily Mail were posting pictures earlier of her ex-partner sitting on his own, crying. How shite is that? If I started following around someone with a camera - whose ex partner had just died, I'd rightly be called a dick - why do the paps get off with it? It also seems a bit shite that the CPS chose not to press charges, the ex-partner chose not to press charges - yet "senior police" insisted that the CPS press charges because of her profile. Court of public opinion seems to be leaking into actual law, which is pretty shite for everyone involved
  15. I think you're reading into this too much. Anyone that wants to go will go Probs take about 800-1000
  16. As has been detailed on other threads, the Northbank will be considering various types of protest, and encouraging fans of all clubs to get involved Where have they self-elected themselves as spokespersons for St Mirren? The statement was specific to the views of the group, and it's been posted on to St Mirren fan pages & forums where fans can openly express their views on the topic? The cost of living is far higher now than in 1970, an inconvenient fact if you're as skint as I am currently due to saving for a mortgage! (which I imagine also costs a hell of a lot more than it did in 1970)
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