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  1. Only thing that worried me in the interview is that he said he wants to recruit in the final third, attacking players. Imo we need to sort the defence as a priority. Lost 3 goals to Dunfermline... we’ll lose far more than that when we come up against stronger clubs unless we bring in a proper left back. Gary Mac injured again so clearly can’t rely on him being fit all season. 2 of the 4/5 mentioned need to be defenders imo
  2. As a club we always have shite patches of form and good patches of form - hoping this is us getting the bad form out the way prior to the season starting. Players certainly need a kick up the arse. Also need at least 6 players in, the fact we’ve got no wingers, no left back and no back up centre backs is a joke.
  3. We only offered contracts to Djorkaeff and Louis Longridge as far as I’ve heard... couldn’t agree terms with Longridge so I guess the rest have moved on.
  4. Should probably clear up my reasons for posting. There was a post on his Instagram I noticed where someone asked “what’s happening mate, are you still injured?”, Tansey replied “I’m fit mate” Then if you look through his tweet likes and replies, it’s pretty clear that he’s not training with the squad and isn’t entirely happy about it. Speculation yes, but not based on nothing. Would be a shame if he isn’t given a chance, he is a decent player
  5. Yeah my first thoughts when I saw those clips was "fair play, he's putting in extra work to get match fit" Then noticed he had said he was already fit to play, now saying it's not his decision to be training alone. He seems a fairly quiet guy that just gets on with things so can't imagine its a fall out - maybe we just don't fancy him over some of the other centre mids at the club. Bit shite not letting the guy train with the squad though
  6. Wasn't sure where was best to post this, doesn't deserve its own thread but notice Greg Tansey is back from his injury and fit to play - but isn't being allowed to train with the squad at Ralston. Has been training on his own at a local rugby field. Someone asked him what was going on and he just replied "nothing to do with me mate" Bizarre
  7. One of our starting players was at Trnsmt the night before the game, that’s the level of professionalism we’re talking about here Wasn't just one player off the pace yesterday, was almost all of them. Shocking stuff. Big improvement needed
  8. I'd say Mr Scott reminds me more of Trump than Boris when given internet access and a keyboard, needs to learn to stop typing on some occasions. Need to de-bunk your conspiracy theory though.... IL insider is definitely from NI, tweets about their local players all the time and has mostly NI followers. 750+ tweets, around 30-50 are about Kearney/replies from the quick flick through I had
  9. If Gordon has broken a non disclosure agreement, that was very silly. Hope this all ends here, getting embarrassing, for all parties involved.
  10. The vile company he chooses to work for
  11. Why did he choose the S*n to speak to about it? Wish the club would stop talking to journalists who work for that shit rag Bit weird to come out with it just as Goodwin has been "unveiled" Meh We move on
  12. Hladky has made no secret of the fact he wants a move to England. Should be trying to put an extra year or 2 on his contract, increase his wage and make an agreement that if any large English club comes in for him we won't stand in his way
  13. Louis Longridge was in some of the pictures from Spain, think he will get a game as a trialist. Left winger/striker, ex Accies, Dunfermline, Falkirk
  14. Didn't play a single game for a B team last season... 7 games the season before that Doesn't give you much confidence
  15. Great interview, has his head screwed on and speaks well. Fully agree that the support will play a huge part in what we're trying to do - easy to underestimate the importance. We're a far better football team when the fans are playing their part from the stands.
  16. Can't really blame Popescu for wanting to move on, he's given us the chance to sign him - arrived keen to sign but we've not taken him up. Clearly budget must be an issue. Sad to see him go but these things happen.
  17. On Josh Heaton - no question the guy has a strange attitude. I had Cody Cooke in the "not good enough" camp earlier last season, and I'll be honest - the guy has took my opinion and flipped it on its head. I'd now say he's one of the best attacking options we have at the club. Said that to him in the pub and he just said "yeah, I wanted to prove myself here". Top lad with a top attitude. Josh could have applied himself during his loan and came back willing to fight for his place - instead he arrives at training looking like he can't be arsed (STV video) and walks in looking at his feet, then starts making digs at the club on social media.... I'd guess that he hasn't shown enough willingness to force his way into our team, and that's why he isn't going to Spain. Only himself to blame. Nothing in life comes to you if you don't show that you want it.
  18. Not sure if we’ll ever learn the full truth but there is definitely something weird going on behind the scenes... Robert Grieve is always bang on with St Mirren stuff and I’m sure he is in touch with GLS, so it’s a pretty safe bet that his info is close to the truth His tweets; I like Oran Kearney but spare me this notion he’s been hard-done-to by anyone at St Mirren. Gordon Scott, Tony Fitzpatrick and Gus MacPherson have done nothing but back him as manager. then replied to someone; I’m not blaming supporters for anything, Marky. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But as far as I’m concerned the demands asked of OK aren’t unreasonable. and his article; ORAN KEARNEY’S nine-month St Mirren reign is set to end today. SunSport understands lawyers from both sides will meet to thrash out a settlement deal this morning. Reading between the lines - I’d guess that Gordon wanted OK to commit himself to the task at hand. OK obviously not confident in his job security so wants the best of both worlds, with his life back home to fall back on. Not sure who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong, but seems like Kearney is now gone and lawyers are involved to thrash out a settlement - so it will be a case of moving on to our new manager in the coming weeks.
  19. Can’t wait to hear this was all an elaborate wind up, 2 get signings announced at once
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