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  1. You could be wee and fat and still be a big man🍔🌭🥧🍕
  2. It’s great , I remember when It came out I played the cd no stop , still have that as well.
  3. Finally bought this on vinyl , my nights sorted.
  4. Supposedly BBC have a 24 hr camera on the vigil , what are they expecting someone to nick the crown?
  5. Why would you need Antrim? And you don’t understand me correctly, many Celtic , Rangers , St Mirren and other teams fans have served in the army , I know a few , my brother served and a few of his mates supported the old firm..
  6. The huge majority of Celtic fans who participate in these actions only due so because they support Celtic and that’s what they do , how many have served in the forces ?, it will be a good few or they will not even be tim’s , same as the other half they only do this British god save the Queen/ king thing because they support that mob some of them are even tim’s.😊
  7. When was it damaged , senseless that it just deprive local folk as well as from surrounding area the use of a good facility.
  8. Still appears that all sizes are available in the away strip I thought there was only going to be a limited run.
  9. Absolutely no issue with postponing the football games over the weekend but why are cricket and rugby still being played?
  10. Got the new away top ordered no bother , went into the St Mirren Direct site at 10 and no problem just don’t know when it will be sent out.
  11. Too right , we are only giving them one stand.
  12. Decent player in his day not sure he will be much cop up here.
  13. Good luck with the surgeries, I’m in the same boat bit I’ve had one done already.
  14. The other guy never stuck to the script.
  15. Big Ross scored both Sunderland’s goals tonight.
  16. Hold that post . 2-1 to much changed Rangers.
  17. Rangers much changed side 1-1 with QOS.
  18. Great seeing the young fans all mixing together in the play zone.
  19. The state of the UTD fan walking down and throwing his scarf on the pitch at 9-0 , then going back to his seat😂
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