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  1. We live in hope that it’s going to get so much better ,if not then SHIT!!
  2. Take it all back , St Mirren are feckin magnificent.
  3. With the exception of Simeon they were all loaners ,never our players but this is total dross .
  4. So far we are utter mince , look totally clueless , that’s 2-0 now ,and we are looking out of this already , Erhohan looks lost.
  5. Paul Weller at Edinburgh Castle was brilliant ,one of the best Weller gigs i’ve been at (except for The Jam) , ended the gig with four Jam songs on the bounce ,really was fantastic .The Stone Foundation were the support ,they were good also ,I found them with a sound similar to The Style Council.It was the only gig i’ve been to where there was no booze on sale and I think it added too the atmosphere.
  6. We wouldn't have been paying the rumoured signing on fee and wages. Edited because just seen Munoz's reply.
  7. Maybe now it will all come out , GLS opened this can of worms.
  8. I haven’t bought any newspapers in a good few years , I would say about 6 anyway , just use the internet now for all that stuff.
  9. If the boy has issues I wish him well but if he was just being a cnut I hope he ends up working somewhere like B&M or Poundland.
  10. On page one of this. Not showing on mine ,Munoz posted the first link to it bud.
  11. You get a decent wad and your allowed to be shit at it , good job if you can get it.
  12. It would be good if Henry had a son about the same age also , could have turned up with Djorkaeff JR.
  13. Be very surprised if we don’t sell if we get a bid of £200,000+ , last year of his contract and free to talk to other clubs next January and a slim chance he would sign an extension.
  14. Don't know about tatty but yeah, the original had a winged collar. Not too keen on that one ,suppose it would look better if it was a real picture.
  15. Don’t like that one bud , it just doesn’t look right without the proper collar and it looks a bit tatty as well.
  16. £37 each including delivery very reasonable .They also have that bib effort for the same price but if you buy both together you get 25% off.
  17. I have a feeling that will be mooted as the original period comes to an end and the club is purchased , although folk will agree to it as is their choice I don’t think it will have anywhere near the current level of subscribers ,still free money is free money.
  18. Good player ,suspect he would be out of our wage bracket.
  19. Andreu becomes Goody’s 1st signing.
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