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  1. I think that was only while restrictions were around and they ran it until the end of this season , could be wrong but I’m sure I heard/ read that that was the case.
  2. Agree with this , we recently tried Whispers Chinese takeaway in Houston , portions weren’t the biggest but the food was excellent.
  3. IMO he hasn't done anything anytime he was selected and I'm quite surprised with this transfer speculation , if the offer comes in punt him .
  4. Got to say Main was putting himself about well , him and Grieve done well in hellish conditions.
  5. Even though we have been gash , the fermers are no better than us.
  6. Europe would be better for his development , we have no chance of the loan being extended .
  7. Brothy injured again , Grieve coming on.
  8. W7 guys very quiet today , maybe gone to the funfair at Tesco Linwood instead of the game🤔
  9. Get him to feck , get him on to the Kibble staff and see how they like it.
  10. Absolutely no chance that the decent loan players will be back , what little chance we had getting them back is away like our top 6 aspirations. .
  11. Between him being clueless and telling players that their contracts are not being renewed or withdrawing , what a f*ck up.
  12. ID channel , the crime on it is less stressful.
  13. Someone should have told Frasier that you take knee before kick off.
  14. I would have been happy for Jamie , Andy and Alan running things until the end of the season , we would have finished top 4 IMO.
  15. We won’t be top 6 that ship has sailed , I just hope we don’t end up in the playoffs.
  16. Dempster or Burrows would be good choices with Motherwell connection, not so confident Lasley could do a decent job.
  17. Where’s Danny Mullen off to , have heard he knocked back a new contract at Dens?
  18. Hedge your bets , clever man , do you mean a draw or a hiding?
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