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  1. Campbell dealt with my season ticket issues at the start of the season along with a good few other fans , I find him very pleasant and good at what he does IMO.
  2. He leaves with a heavy heart and 8 million smackaroonies after his contract was paid in full.
  3. The Smyths at the Garage in December , great tribute band seen them a couple of times.
  4. That was a straight red he had both feet off the deck , lucky man to only get a yellow.
  5. Our defence are forgetting how to defend here.
  6. We had bought tickets for The Smyths which would have been during lockdown and was obviously cancelled, contacted them and they said contact agency or could have tickets for any show once everything was back to normal ,that was a good while ago so don’t hold much hope.
  7. A decent ground with good banters from the Hibees boy.
  8. Only Fools is up there with the best comedy series ever, even the Green , Green Grass was decent.
  9. He a good player and if we are going to lose Jamie anyway I would be more than happy with Allen and if they want Porteus ,I like the way he’s in players faces seems to wind them up.
  10. We are having a go , can’t knock the effort.
  11. They had no toilet paper that was how he found the sanitary towels🤔
  12. Very poor game by two poor sides , suppose a points a point.
  13. These Dundee Utd commentators are a pair of fuds , laughing at McCarthy getting hurt.
  14. Got our tickets today , unopened and everything,our postman is a good yin👊🏻
  15. There’s been times when Saints have been so bad I’ve said that when asked if I was going to the next game.
  16. I think my season card must still be waiting , either that or they never put a 1st class stamp on my envelope, it’s probably a drawing of one.
  17. It was a good block by Gordon and booted clear by one of the McGinns (not sure what one it was).
  18. We had a few decent chances but poor finishing from us ,3 great point and we were decent in spells .Wee Gilmour had a great game ,very compost for a young player.
  19. Jamie starts for Ireland v Serbia.
  20. Nobody knows , he’s like a noisy ninja.
  21. Who gives a feck , do you read the shite you type?
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