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  1. I was not planning on going tonight don't like Friday football but am thinking about it now problem is don't have time to go to the ground and buy one can I buy a ticket tonight before the game?
  2. I hate playing with one striker! I think Shankland and Thompson upfront is worth a try! I really don't get why we go with one upfront and thought we would change when Rae came in hopefully we sign another striker who can play a bit deeper. I don't get playing one upfront when Scott Agnew does nothing surely better having two strikers on than a passenger midfeilder who is finds it impossible to find a Striker as he can't pass a ball forward! Wee need another striker and we need rid of Gow and McGrath! Being honest the best fit would be Billy Mehmet a striker that plays deeper and has experience BUT only if affordable!
  3. Is this a football forum or an addition for Jeremy Kyle show! Alex Rae has done better than Murray fact! Alex Rae got the man he wanted as assistant manager fact!
  4. Not a great game today YES but at least I came out from watching St.Mirren with victory to celebrate! Thought Carswell was man of the match for me Howison also played well! I'm not the biggest fan of Shankland but he put in a shift today and deserved his Goal. Agnew was a Car crash doesn't he know how to pass a ball forward? He's too lightweight as is Mcmullan both ran the ball out far to much and for all Mcmullan's skill his final ball is terrible! Webster was ok today but that's least I expect from him... Langfeild was good bad and ugly all in one game! GOOD few good saves that got us the win and good in the second half.. BAD his kickouts were bad... Ugly the chance he gifted them having said all that did well to save his mistake! But we got the win Morton have still not beat us in a competitive game this millennium and 3 points! So tonight no matter how bad the game I am enjoying my beer instead of crying into it! Well done St.Mirren well done Alex Rae equalled Murrays 6 month record of 2 win in 3 games!
  5. All week I have said I'm not going now I find myself bored the kids are too hyper and I need out the house! Do I take the kids to the Football giving the wife the day off and her Xmas money to spend? Problem is don't have tickets but have read you can pay at the gate! The other problem is do I want to pay a fortune to stand on a hill for 90 minutes and if I'm honest do I want to witness us possibly getting beat! I loved these derby matches was looking forward to them at the start of the season now I dread them.... The atmosphere has never been as good as when the shed was shared and the atmosphere at GHR/Paisley 2021 stadium has always been crap! Tomorrow I'm not going near a Shop done enough of that seen the new Star Wars played enough computer with the kids! If I take them I might get cheeky wee pint at the Craig Dhu and cheeky wee take away and a promise off the wife for my services to Babbysitting! OR IS IT JUST CHILD ABUSE TAKING MY KIDS TO STAND ON A HILL IN THE RAIN IN A SMACK INFESTED WAR ZONE FILLED WITH THE CAST FROM THE LIVING DEAD IN THE HOME END? I think I will take them though... All Christmas I have said think how lucky you are think of all the kids that got nothing at Christmas the kids that got no Dinner no presents not even the Darth Vader bubble bath Granny got you because there alergic to soap! That's these wee boys over there Boys there called Morton fans!
  6. Not impressed if this was to be true Academy player's from premiership clubs haven't proved fruitful in last 3 seasons... CORNELL Swansea. CRAP DRURY Man city Crap Plumer Man city crap Caprice Blackpool crap Can't remeber his name boy Craig brought in from Spurs? Again crap! Even Conlan and Howieson former Academy player's neither look much good! We as a club have been blinded by the success of Newton and Dummet... Hope im wrong and if he was to sign he would have the impact of the 2 mentioned above! I think the best Loan signings were Concalves Newton and Dummet since then are there any that's been worth it??
  7. Three season tickets a year 3 St.Mirren tops 2 tickets to the anual dinner. Then add away games pies and drinks for 3! That's how much I put in every year add to that the size able contribution in the envelope at the end of season dinner... Would I then put in £10 a month to pay for player's wages! Probably yes... But I would not give a penny to the Board AGAIN and ultimately they control wage budget! And would the BOARD use this as a tool to invest less? The Board are going to have to cut there loses and except that because of there poor decisions the club is worth less!
  8. Sorry but St.Mirren are second bottom of the league failing to score goals! Our strikers look poor poor No one in the team is playing with any heart... So unless Alex Rae has a quality forward who is prepared to come to a squad that sits second from bottom who is prepared to play for a small wage then fair enough! I think Billy Mehmet is better than any Forwards at the club just now! I can see an argument for player's not returning... But Carswell,Agnew, are new player's what impact have they had? If Billy Memhmet can be got at a decent wage I say yes! He's scored goals all over the globe his goals to games ratio is good. And he scores important goals. One thing you could never fault Billy for is trying his best for Saints! Name a player of better calibre who plays upfront who will come to St.Mirren for poor wages! Would rather have Billy than Allan Gow thats for sure!
  9. I don't know if there is any substance to the Billy Memhet rumours but would have him back in a heart beat if possible and affordable! We don't know if Watson,Reid and Shankland are staying! I think we need 3-4 player's at least 2 defenders a midfielder and a Striker! We have player's we need rid of Gow and Conlan in particular. McMullans a strange one he has pace and looked threatening at the start of the season! When running he causes problems draws fouls. Was it Clueless Murray unable to get a performace out McMullan or is he just pace and nothing else? Gow should never have got a contract even last season total wage theif! If Alex Rae doesn't like the look of McMullan or Conlan then it's easy to end there agreements and send them back to there parent club's.. I think you would have very few takers for Gow! And don't see him leaving by Mutual consent! I hope Thommo has a good last 6 months with us before retiring! But if Rae thinks otherwise and can move him on and free up a decent wage fair enough!
  10. I know Billy said he wants to come back and the twitter mesaage saying A wee trip back to Scotland to my second home along with a picture of a plane ticket! But is there any merit or substance behind this rumour? As for Sutton if we could get him on loan then great! Only concern would be his wage! Would The Fakes pay some of it? Why would they not just wait till January and punt him? If there's a chance I would take both back but would not break the bank for either!
  11. It was only Alloa but had Ian Murray been our manager do you think we would have won? Well done Alex surpassed Ian Murray in less than 24 hours two upfront who scored! A clean sheet! But best result today was the fact that I came away today looking forward to the Livi game as opposed to scared of it.
  12. Alex Rae says he will be in the Dugout on Saturday for the Alloa game that he only signed 20 mins ago but after the interview he's going to Ralston to help plan for Alloa that he's hands on with the player's! he also mentions that he's been to a few games and has done his research. He also says he has no January signing targets and he might have to move players on! He would not be my choice as St.Mirren manager but I didn't like the thought of Gus or Danny as manager's and both brought sucess to St.Mirren! Came across well better than Murray and Craig ever did. I for one am going to forget the fact he supports or has played with Rangers. As far as im concerned he's manager of St.Mirren now and as manager of St.Mirren he has my support! Welcome to St.Mirren Alex...
  13. Calderwood was at a wedding a few years ago I was at. while standing at the bar waiting we got talking... I asked him if he was interested when the job came up after Lennon left said he was and he made that clear to the club! Came across as allright but was glad he never got the job! Are we that bad now that Calderwood would be a good choice? Personally I wish we would get Danny back but that would mean the board admitting there wrong so never going to happen! If it's Barry Ferguson or Alex Rae I will not be back for a bit!
  14. Yes I once remember you were 15 points ahead going for promotion what happened there??? (They went away to Airdrie) New manager new start for us and Morton for how well your doing grabbed a last minute draw in Paisley and were sh-te! It's not over till the fat slags sing!
  15. As a kid in the old day's I met my mates down the front of the North Bank and my Dad and Grampa stood further up... After the match Cosmos a coke and a bag of Crisps at the station Bar awhile my Dad and Grampa had a pint! As for the swearing no better and no worse! As a kid adults sent you down the front or next to the stairs for a better view and probably a bit of peace! I don't think the response Murray got was unexpected and if I was there I think I too would have shouted you don't know what your doing and Murray get to f**k!
  16. I did not go yesterday for the first time in years. I just couldn't bear watching the football we have played all season and thought we would lose. So I went to the Craig Dhu with the wife and enjoyed a liquid lunch while there Dumbarton goal came through on Sky sports an older man shook his head! I asked him are you a St.Mirren fan? Yes all my life every week but just can't watch Murrays teams... if I was at the match yesterday I think I would have chanted the same get to F-ck! I thought Murray was the right choice or at least a good choice but having watched his Football his lack of passion and his arrogance in the press towards the fans it was always going to happen! To clap the player's not a hope I would have told evryone of them to f-ck off as well! The only thing I can say Ian Murray did for St.Mirren that made them better was Quiting!
  17. The part that made me mad was it would be better if we had bet Morton and lost to Raith???? Wtf How about you get your tactics right in both games and we win both! The team is sharper by that I hope he means fitter! What the article should say is St.Mirren are in this position because of my crap team selections crap tactics my crap substitutions. At half time I tell my player's to play 10 yards further back for 20 mins and then move them back another 5 yards after that... We are starting to show signs! Sorry I go every week home and away and see the team getting worse! Granted he knows better than me! And even if there is improvement why has it taken so long? And yes Ian we are in for a tough game against Dumbarton a PART TIME team? Ian the best option you can take to get St.Mirren into top table Playoff contention is by quiting!
  18. I think at the end of Danny's time at St.Mirren he did not know if he had a job what his budget might be if he kept his job and had very little support from the Board! That is why his last season was a bit of disappointing! I think with the budget he had he signed player's on faith that never worked out Harkins and Grainger in particular yes that was a concern for a Danny Lennon fan like me! But again he kept us up and the football was a million miles better than the crap we have had to endure of the 3 managers that we have tried since Danny's departure! Also Craig,Teale and Murray have made equally bad singings... Craig and Teale got us relegated! Murray had a good budget for the league he was in yet we find our self fighting newly promoted or Part time teams to stay in the league below where Danny managed us! New direction Butcher or Stuart McCall! well how can a first division club that has had to payoff it's last 3 managers afford to appoint Butcher and more worryingly if he did not work out like he did in Newport and Hibs how could we afford to pay him off? MCcall said he could not mange us before. has recently said he wants to go back to England and work so unless we offer McCall stupid money that we don't have there is zero chance of McCall so why waste our time? No St.Mirren's next list of possible manager's are either senior pros at the club or Alex Miller or Managers who have No jobs just now McCoist,McDowal even Calderwood type manager's! Danny will not be back at St.Mirren that would be the board admitting they were wrong! But out of the possibilities above I would take Danny over all of them!
  19. I can see an argument for not bringing Danny back been there done it argument! I remember Partick Thistle throwing money at managers joint managers nothing worked brought back John Lambie and there fortunes changed! If or when Murray is bagged St.Mirren need a cheap manager who we don't need to pay Compesation for who has a track record of keeping teams up when in trouble who is good with the young squad player's develops them into first team player's and has silver wear to his name. The kind of man who sends out teams that are fit and compete. the kind of man that talks up the club and fans rather than the manager we have just now who thinks the fans no nothing! I would agree his signings in his last season was poor but we finished in the league! People saying but he never got us in the top six! Well with the board cutting his budget every year if he had it would have been a miracle! Craig and Teale got us relegated Murray looks to be going the same way the BOARD is the same BOARD that appointed Lennon after the cup he lost the support of the board yet still kept us up and won us a cup! I also like the fact Danny resigned from Alloa because it means he will walk away rather than hold out for a payoff! I don't think Danny will be back but in the situation we find our self in I honestly can't think of a better option!
  20. I would not trust Murray with money in January. Murray has good players at the club but has failed to get performances out them... Webster is not a bad player Watson is not a bad player yet Murray can't seem to get them playing! His signings have been shocking Agnew scores goals occasionally but can't tackle can't pass and can't run. Conlan can't seem to do anything that relates to football. Howieson is getting worse as is McMullan in fact the more the season goes on the worse the team gets! And why resign Allan Gow? He's done nothing to help the player's from the U20s! So give Murray money and I think it will just cost us more to get possibly relegated! The squad is never going to get promoted but should not be anywhere near relegation zone! I think it's more of a gamble to give a New manager money than it is to give Murray more money!
  21. Derek Mcinnes was in the petrol station at Glasgow Airport today! The guy serving him obviously new him because they were quite Friendly and chatty with him... Also Derek asked if he still watched St.Mirren! He said every week unfortunately! The boy serving asked how Kenny McClean was settling in and told McKinnes he couldn't believe he got him that cheap... Derek replied he couldn't believe it either but it's been a great signing they said goodbye and left! I would have asked him... A/ if Shankland is anygood? And B if he's taking him back in January? As for Mallan if the bids right then he will be off! If not he will remain at St.Mirren till his contract nears an end or is finished and leaves for very little or nothing!
  22. Sorry but Davie Longwell has done ok at best in his position over the years! Yes he's had part to play in McClean and McGinns development! But how many other player's have we missed out on? I would not like to see him as Miller's assistant tried it before and like the rest of the coaches was crap! So why would we gamble on him Again? Kelly had a good season and has been inconsistent ever since! Jason Naismith looks to be his best player in the current squad! Also Gus was ready to get rid of McClean if my memory serves me right I believe it was Danny Lennon who wanted him? I would like to see a complete change in the club that includes Longwell!
  23. Queens are not the team they were last season so YES a win against them might keep the wolfs from Murray's door for a weak possibly 2 but he's made far to many mistakes his football is crap his tactics are shit! After this long watching his managerial performance I want Saints to beat Queens but I don't want Ian Murray as manager regardless of the result against a low par QOS!!
  24. Danny was wrongly dismissed because his contract was up and Tommy Craig was cheaper!
  25. I don't think Thommo is finished I think he can still score goals in the first division! I think like the fans he's pretty frustrated... He's in a team who has just been relegated and he's played upfront on his own Goody aside no one to help him from midfield! Murrays tactics and squad selections are why we are not getting the most out of our striker's. We are a team who should be playing 2 up front and attacking teams week in week out yet we end up sitting back against part time teams and shit teams! Whats more Murrays team selections get more bizarre the more the season goes on as do his tactics! Andy Webster is better than he is showing at St.Mirren as is Thommo and many other senior pros at the club! No blame Murray for these player's short comings his inability to get the best out of senior or youth player's his inability to Field an attacking team with 2 upfront in a league he claims he can get to playoffs in! The team don't look hungry or motivated they don't look like they enjoy playing for Ian Murray they don't even look fit! Webster,Watson,Thommo, Shankland, McMullan, and Gallagher are better than what they are showing! I thought the Board had made a good appointment in Ian Murray the fans have gave him time.. The Board have gave him support. Yet instead of getting better we are getting worse! Take Ibrox today for example 1-0 down at half time and he puts Gallagher outwide and brings on Morgan? Given the fact Agnew did nothing today a part from give away goals and passes why not take him off and play either Thommo or Shankland upfront along with Gallagher? Why Morgan no disrespect intended! Time to get rid off Murray first before I right off Thommo or any other player at the club!
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