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  1. With the exemption of Kpekawa and King whos agents are trying to find both clubs, this has been a very successful window already imo with it only being 4th January. We needed to cut down the squad, and give OK the chance to bring in a few. The departed players are with all due respect were surplus to requirements and i wish them well, though its all about bringing in quality replacements, which i trust Gus and the board have been working on. I expect the club will be announcing one or two new signings early next week in time to prepare for our return from the break.
  2. I thought Kidderminster were in the National league, though they are actually one division lower. I actually thought the same about Darlington when we signed him. Hopefully game time will get him in shape for pre-season to see if he has was it takes.
  3. Nicky :Low moved to Dundee from Aberdeen couple of seasons ago. Couldnt imagine they have signed him back?
  4. My thoughts are that MacKenzie is February till he is back, though he hasn't had a pre-season. Is he doing his training just now or is he still in recovery mode, i am unsure. A loanee to fill for an injured position is probably the best solution. I think insurance for players covers at least part of their wage. With regards to Anton, I would like to think he would stay for the remainder of the season if he is not homesick. Seems to be a very likeable guy and has bags of experience to pass on to our younger players which is a key asset in such a predicament we find ourselves in.
  5. Both treated disgracefully by Stubbs. I think Ecks chances have gone considering we are playing a 17 old centre mid at left back. Was a great player for us last season. GMack also a great player, though his chances will be very limited once returning from injury due to the rotation we have between Ferdinand, Jones and Baird.
  6. We have actually been really productive too. To move 4 players (Willock back to man utd, Kirkpatrick, Mcshane and Hammill) and find suiters for them is actually good going as it frees up space for incoming players. Obviously Hammill was one who we would have preferred to stay, though he could easily free up space for one or two quality replacements. For all we know, deals have already been agreed for players coming in and due to the winter break we are delaying in announcing. It has been done so in the past pre-season. Anyone know official size of squad now with Heaton king and Kpekawa still included?
  7. We can't hold on to someone who doesn't want to be here. I think all along Hammill was playing with us short term for a move elsewhere. He's now closer to home and has security of an 18 month deal.
  8. I think with Kirkpatrick and McShane confirmed departures now, then i would expect to see some incoming movement by the end of this week. Could delay an announcement till 7th when the press team are back.
  9. Or/and who are within a more commutable area to his family.
  10. Aiden Nesbitt just released by MK Dons. Wide player, though no experience at our level. Looked decent on loan at Morton couple of seasons ago from Celtic
  11. Can't believe I missed out Sammy. With regards to the others you mentioned, not getting much game time at the moment, so would make sense and more realistic of being players moving on.
  12. Agree in terms of most likely not replacing with same numbers departing. Oran did say he would prefer to work with a squad of 21/22 including youngsters coming through.
  13. I think the ten leaving probably includes the loanees that have been sent back since OK took charge. If that's the case, 3 loanees have departed, Kirkpatricks gone and King, Kpekawa and Heaton told they can leave. I know the latter 3 are still to leave, though that would make 7 with some other fairly obvious ones not announced, still to go, whether that is on loan or permanently.
  14. His contract expires in the summer. Effectively he can sign pre-contract with some other club soon. Do we let him go this month and find a replacement? OK has had 3 months almost to use him and he has only done so sparingly.
  15. OK has coincidentally struggled to fit Smith into our starting 11 post Stubbs era, so there must be more to what he is showing this season in training etc. Arguably our best player last season, though maybe Cammy himself wants a fresh challenge and maybe it's what will help him find some that form again that we know he is capable of. I wouldn't be quick to offload him to a league rival however.
  16. Here's a thought, could the board negotiate with any of Heatons suiters that we get a sell on fee as part of any future sale, just incase he does live up to the price and hope we paid for him?
  17. Not sure how hes getting on at Fylde though you would have to imagine if he isn't a standout in that league then he will most likely be added to the list of departures. I feel for him, as he was one of very few who were genuinely never given an opportunity. Ironically a player from non-league English football and Stubbs snubs him. Maybe something to do with Jack Ross signing him?
  18. I'm just speculating, though I'd imagine from the players who were sent to train separately from the first team, a few haven't reacted well to it as you can imagine. As you say, Jones and Cooke and at the latter stages, Willock worked their way back through hard work and the right attitude to Knuckle down. Stubbs' poor management of recruiting so many players left us in a difficult position to have a manageable amount of first teamers to coach possibly leaving a split in the camp. Heaton is possibly a player who hasn't reacted well/had the right attitude to deal with working his way back. His transfer fee maybe gave him hope as much as we had that he would be in the first team without question. Worrying that Stubbs decided early on he wasn't ready.
  19. I would be disappointed if Heaton was not considered to go out on loan as an option rather than only told he is free to leave, purely down to what we have invested in him on a 3 year contract. His attitude either stinks or he is just not up to this level. I'd have thought a loan deal till end of season with a championship club to get him up to speed, though hes clearly lost any faith from our management. With regards to Kpekawa, he had a similar situation when Barnsley signed him for 500k a couple of years ago. Handful of games then contract terminated.
  20. I can possibly see this happening, as long as they ARE NOT currently playing in either the Irish republic or Northern Irish Leagues. OK clearly stated at his Q&A, that it would be unfair and possibly a risk to sign a player from a part-time league to full-time set-up during such a crucial time in the season.
  21. There are two food vans across the road from main stand pre-match if that helps cut cost to your match day expenditure? Agree pricing may seem steep at stadium, though sub-contractors after fees a staff pay for a fast paced environment need to make profit.
  22. A tad unfair to judge the manager by his background. A background that includes a successful time with his previous employers including a national trophy. Gus came from playing football to managing his first club in such a short space of time and achieved promotion followed by survival in the premiership. JR achieved promotion in his first full season as a manager. Danny Lennon not only achieved survival in the premier League, he gave us our highest finished and a national cup. This from a manager who only managed previously in a lower league. KTF
  23. Our January window last year is evident that a clear out done the right way can be a successful one. I believe with our new recruitment policy in place since Gus' appointment, we should be in a better position to bring players in than we were last January. It's the moving players on that may prove difficult.
  24. One of the greatest signings in the last 15-20 years in my opinion.
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