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    Speculation Thread

    Have to agree. It's unfair that some are already writing off Heaton and Cooke with us, despite only seeing a short run out of them. Players have to adapt to a different level and some react quicker than others. Heaton has been injured and from what i believe not up to speed in terms of fitness prior to this. Cooke has also been injured and possibly finding it a little difficult to get up to speed. We are so short in numbers due to injuries now. No disrespect to Kirkpatrick, though off the back of last season, I didn't think he would be anywhere near the team this season. Is that possibly down to hard work or us being down to short numbers in midfield now?
  2. kevo_smfc

    Well Said Tony

    Great post sir
  3. kevo_smfc

    Anton Ferdinand

    The lad only a couple of years ago went for a fee of £500k to Barnsley. He has been brought up at a decent level and hasn't played any lower than League 1 in England. I have seen parts of his game which is fairly good, then other parts that he either needs improvement on, or he has just been affected by the last management team in place. The other lads who have had little game time need a clean slate also, even the non league players who were classed as not good enough by a minority because of the level they were playing at. I am excited about what OK can bring to this team and breathe the positive effect back in, that was left behind by JR and Fow.
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    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Reach for the stars. I wouldn't expect anything less from our manager regardless of it being realistic or not. Your drum that winning mentality into your daily routine you can achieve to the best of your abilities.
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    Stubbs' Signings

    Abusing any of our own players is a disgrace. They have been caught in the mix of unfortunate events and when morale is low it's hard to pick yourself up as a team. Hopefully with a morale booster from better man management under OK, these players will thrive and play to the best of their ability and get our season on track, as I feel the players signed by Stubbs are not bad players, he's just didn't know how to deploy them as a unit.
  6. kevo_smfc

    Stubbs Sacked

    There is every chance this scout guy was hired prior to Stubbs coming in. He seems like he's based on a different country and scouts in other countries. It's possible Stubbs and co were not interested in using an overseas coach and used their own knowledge of down south and their own contacts. Jackson used to be a scout for Blackburn afterall, prior to coming to us .
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    Stubbs can go now

    I hope they are selling popcorn at the next home game
  8. kevo_smfc

    Stubbs can go now

    One thing I never actually considered till now was that the compensation received for Jack and Fow from Sunderland may already have covered at least half of the 3 year deals for the trio.
  9. kevo_smfc

    Stubbs can go now

    I think if it wasn't for the 3 year contract there would be less hesitation here on the managers position. You could also say on the flip side on the basis of only 4 league games it would be unfair to call for his head. It took JR 3-4 months into his season to get results and a formula working, difference being he inherited all of his squad and had time to change in his first transfer window. Would the same length of time be fair to give Stubbs with the recent performances? I am unsure how long is enough time, as he has not only dismantled a winning squad(some departures plausible), though made some poor decisions on replacements, bar a few and not even looked close to being a team to compete for 90mins. We have paid compensation for one of his coaching staff, appointed an assistant, spent significant money on a player who was not seen as ready standard to compete for a starting place and left some of the players from last season feeling they don't have a place in the team, when it's evident to see that they way be every bit worthy of a chance to play Infront of his signings. The failure to bring in early targets, whether they were solid or not seems to have cost him in his plans of building a formula in time for the season to start. Its a costly decision to make. 3 coaching staff on long-term deals plus the fact we paid compensation for one(no idea what that cost was). Would a new manager be able to come in and assemble the same squad and make us more capable of competing? How long will the next guy get? As much as I hate to say it, we will be waiting a very long time to see anything again like we did under JR and Fow.
  10. kevo_smfc

    Speculation Thread

    Accies paid a fee for Keating's. The lad has barely kicked a ball and has some personal issues that have been documented online. I really don't think we have missed out here to be honest, plus he's unproven at this level.
  11. kevo_smfc

    Ryan Edwards

    I don't have an issue with signing a central midfielder, as when you take the inexperienced MacPherson and Erhahon, as well as the sparingly used Mcashane into the equation, who looked surplus to requirements, we maybe did need another central player who will push others for competition. My main concern is the failure to find another striker. We are so light in numbers up front. Did we replace Ross Stewart with Brock and not fill Reilly's void? Maybe Cammy will convert to a forward as part of a front two, though this is the biggest disappointment for me. We could improve on our defensive duties as the season goes on, though if you don't have the fire power up top you are not going to win points.
  12. kevo_smfc

    Ryan Edwards

    From what i believe Edwards is versatile too in terms of sitting in a defensive and attacking role from midfield. I really hope we push the boat out for a striker now. Please!
  13. kevo_smfc

    Ryan Edwards

    I've got a feeling McShane may possibly be on that list. Not sure if hes injured or not, though not featured much under Stubbs. Cammy MacPherson or Erhahon also may find themselves loaned out. We are in an unfortunate position that probably 3 of our injured players would most likely have moved on if they were fit during this window, so that is 3 places filled.
  14. kevo_smfc


    Yeah, i think sometimes its about how you set yourself up against the bigger teams and hit them on the counter or at a set-piece. We have competed okay in some of these games in the past, though its mostly how you take your small amount of opportunities and set yourself up hard to beat. The 4-0 8 years ago we won v Celtic was a one-off, or certainly one we won't see for some time.
  15. kevo_smfc


    I would say if we are left so open to a tanking, like the Aberdeen game, even against the next two teams, it's still fair to judge a teams performance. With all respect to Hamilton, they lost 1-0 to Celtic the other week. Celtic in many people's eyes should have strolled the game.
  16. kevo_smfc


    Just as well your not in charge of finances. Agree a small small part of it should be used though I'd rather work with cash that's available and use any further funds in January.
  17. kevo_smfc

    Stubbs can go now

    I don't doubt the players Stubbs signed are good players, I have the impression though that there may have been several players he banked on that he could sign have not materialised and his system was possibly built around them. I know a new manager when he comes in, wants to stamp his own authority and brand of football, though surely for a team that won the league last season, you need to look back and see your best players strengths under Jack Ross' team and how they contributed to such a successful campaign. I think we still have to take into consideration we are only 3 league games and one of those was against a team you most likely don'tbfully expect 3 points from. This week will be interesting if there is any budget left to bring in others. I don't think it does anymore any good speculating that the dressing room has been lost. When Jack came in it looked like a lost cause and the players weren't winning.
  18. kevo_smfc

    Gus come back.

    Wish he had started from the back and knew how to defend in the league cup final back in 2010
  19. kevo_smfc

    Stubbs can go now

    From our opening fixtures i predicted around 4 points from the first 3 games. We are only three games into the league season, we have to remind ourselves that. I will however find it hard to watch if we put in another performance like today. There was absolute no positives from today bar a couple of players who ran all day and tried to make things happen. It was not a team, it was individuals with no game plan. I hope Stubbs has signings up his sleeve prior to the window closing. Also have to agree though about comparison with JR. Jack Ross was given plenty of time to turn things around. Yes, he inherited a squad and made changes. Stubbs needs time to do the same to get a winning formula together.
  20. kevo_smfc

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    I'm glad their injuries have finally been confirmed to all the doubters. As much as both are fans favourites including mines, their current fitness status justifies the decision pre-season to move them both on. Reilly's contract withdrawal for me was also a correct decision. The contract was either good enough or he was holding out for another move. I know his Mrs was expecting their first child around the time, though the length of time the offer was on the table was more than enough to come to a decision, even through his agent. Alfie Jones and Lee Hodson have been evident of how difficult it is to seal a deal for a player in this window of the required ability. Hodsons name was linked away back at teh start of July and Alfie has already confirmed his deal had been in the works for weeks before signing. Players change their minds, clubs change their minds and sometimes cost outweighs both. The window closes next week and we still have time to get another couple in. Deadline day always throws a few surprises. John Sutton and Charlie Adam 2005 anyone?
  21. kevo_smfc

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    This. I get that feeling too, that because he wasn't most folks preferred choice, taking every opportunity to shoot him down. You can see that some deals are taking longer to materialise. The Hodson and Jones deals seemed to be in the works for some time. I expect the next week or so to be a busy time for us in the remainder of the window.
  22. kevo_smfc

    Speculation Thread

    They will struggle to appoint someone outwith who is willing to not being able to appoint his own coaching staff. Was very surprised Miller took the job without at least one backroom member of staff, someone he trusts in the game, like a former team mate. I see Yogi has came out and had a go at Livy for the way they have went about things.
  23. kevo_smfc

    Kenny Miller Free Agent

    No-one knows the full ins and outs of why he has left Livingston. He left Rangers on bad terms so it doesn't do his reputation any favours. I'd rather not take the risk. No thanks.
  24. kevo_smfc

    Ethan Erhahon

    Mods please delete or merge my created thread, we have a duplication of topic.
  25. kevo_smfc

    Jai Quitongo

    Been training with Livingston for a few weeks apparently. I'd imagine they would have offered a contract by now if he was fit enough and of premier league standard. Still. looks like they don't have to fend off any competition at the moment.