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  1. He said so in the 1877 supporters club after one of the games a couple of years ago when Alan Wardrop said to him about coming from Celtic family he said he was a Celtic supporter
  2. For me, this year is all about gaining stability within the squad, management and avoiding the relegation playoffs. For me that would be good enough progress in our first full season with our manager. Anything above that is an added bonus.
  3. It almost worked last night, but we never quite seen it through. The goal we lost was one of those ones, ricochet of the ball and in the back of the net. I agree with how we set up was the right approach, though the only criticism if any i will give, is that we left it too late in the game to make the changes to put more forward thinking players on the park. Rangers were expected on their first home game back from winter break to be on a high, though we frustrated them. We move on and look forward to a more positive tactical approach in our next game as Goody made us aware of.
  4. Should be a decent game. Aberdeen off the back of a defeat and now 4 behind Motherwell. The buddies off the back of a midweek defeat, though hoping to continue good home form. 2-1 saints
  5. Oli Shaw is half decent, though I think he would be too high a risk of a signing to part with 6 figures. In total he has only had around a season and a halves worth of first team football at Hibs and that includes championship level. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a player come in from overseas, with our scouting range we have in place now.
  6. Yeah, we won't see anymore teams come to Paisley with 9 men in and around the box at every saints attack. I'm confident however that the news boys will be ready and what better way to start with your league debut against one of the tougher opponents away from home.
  7. He was magnificent out wide vs Killie. With space to run, instead of holding the ball up to beat the last man, is where he seems more effective.
  8. Seems like we have our eye on a couple of other players going by his interview. He said we are in no major panic to bring anyone else in though the one or two we are looking at would add quality to the squad and may be too good to pass up. Something along those lines.
  9. I don't think he ever fitted Hibs' system and seemed to have players in front of him in the pecking. They seemed very overloaded in midfield. Much easier to cut a loan short than try and offload a contracted player.
  10. I seen it reported somewhere that the fee Celtic received was around £450k. I find that hard to believe, if they have made a 'considerable profit' as mentioned from Parkhead. Maybe thats an upfront with add-ons, or then again it may be pish reporting?
  11. If he does well enough over there, which I believe he will (I watch the MLS regularly), he may get a bigger move in the future. Still young at 23. Great move for him to show what he can do, with a tremendous lifestyle to add to it. All eyes will be on Beckhams team come the new season.
  12. £100 a game is not a lot to be honest for the club to pay out themselves.
  13. I don't think there will be many to be honest, as I think he was one of the better signings. Im sure most would agree on that. I think Coulson fell victim to Stubbs not actually having a proper formation in place he could work to his preferred tole. If anything he probably weakened Coulsons ability at the time with his positioning. Saying that, I watched Coulson playing for Cambridge last Feb/March at Carlisle and he wasn't very good, but he seemed to be playing a free role along the back and in midfield. Seems to be getting his game now. I'd imagine he is playing his preferred role as he has had decent game time.
  14. Delighted with this news. I always knew we intended bringing in another centre half after McCarthy. We definitely seem more prepared at the back with Broadfoot in mind, coming back from injury too. Seems to be highly thought of and was the u23 captain at Norwich. Been on the bench a couple of times this season so manager obviously rates him. We didn't do too badly with Alfie Jones last season who had a similar background with Southampton.
  15. I think Jack himself feels he should be an established first pick by now at his age and game time since his debut. I like him, though in order for him to get first team football every week, it is probably best for his career for a move.
  16. I think there is a sentimental value to the West Stand. It has become the home of many fans who sat in the Northbank at Love Street and to many giving up a seat that you purchased during the move from the old ground means a lot. The Northbank boys in W7 have also worked hard to generate an atmosphere in that corner.
  17. I've not looked through all of the pages on this topic, so apologies if I have missed anything. At the Killie game, the guy in front of me said that there was only around a 400 attendance difference between the Killie game and the Celtic game. Are we charging OF fans more per head, than we would be housing our own fans in the family stand? I just wanted to check the weigh up in difference of income. I think if the club starts to move in the right direction, which I believe it is gradually starting to, putting more points on the board and climbing the table, we can increase our home gates.
  18. His brother plays at Dumbarton. Last I'd heard Jai was playing out in the Iranian league round about same time Anthony Stokes was out there.
  19. Cork City defender Conor McCarthy is being linked with a move to the SPL, with St. Mirren his likely destination. Source: Cork City FC News via Twitter
  20. In fairness Tony Fitz mentioned 5 positions we are looking to aff. I think one of the centre half positions is possibly with view of McLoughlin moving on as there was never any guarantee Hull would allow us to extend his stay. Whether the other centre half position is to replace Baird or to add to our options I have no idea, though with GMack being forever injury prone, this is most likely going to be his last season and a long term replacement with similar attributes will be the target of being sourced I'd think.
  21. Spot on with the 'ins' from what Tony Fitz described pre-match yesterday, Would not be surprised if adding to the outs, a couple go out on loan. Goody has said that he would prefer Erhahon to be developed in his natural position (defensive midfield), though as it stands, imo he is not going to force his way into the starting lineup, especially with MacPherson now staking a place. Development could be better served on loan elsewhere. May also send out a couple of other young fringe players to give them experience to push closer to the first team next season. Djorkaeff is getting no game time in the first team and seems surplus to requirements imo. Mullen? - If its true we are looking to recruit another striker, that would give us 5/6 first team options upfront (Mullen, Obika, Cooke, Morias + possibly Andreu). Mullen has fallen behind the mentioned. I'm a big fan of Dannys though he seems to be down the pecking order.
  22. I'd say hands down that of players still here from last season, he has been the most consistent top performer in last 12 months. Fantastic player with bags of energy and determination.
  23. Tony said in the club yesterday what positions we need and the number rounded off to 5 players in, not including a goalie which makes me think the club will resist any offers for Hladky. The most obvious positions of the 5 are two centre halfs and a left back. We have been threadbare incentral defence and there are no guarantees that McLoughlins deal will be granted an extension by Hull
  24. Let's not forget, before the club was taken over, there were occasions when the old board members had to top-up club funds from their own pockets (soft-loans)? This is something that has not been required under the new board.
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