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  1. Have watched ip to episode 7 of Bosch - Legacy really enjoying it thus far, Lincoln Lawyer next in line, actually reading the newest Connelly Mickey Haller book at the moment and that's really hood too.
  2. Lots of reasons identified for why home fans don't go to home matches against Celtic and The Rangers and I agree with a lot of them personally haven't been to one since I started taking my boy to matches around 25 years ago but it is clear from comments that the toxic atmosphere when they are in town is still a thing, so from that point of view restrict to one stand for the general populace of fans and look at the experiment of integrating young families of both clubs in the family stand, lots of issues with the logistics of this I know but the column inches explaining why we are doing so to create a better experience for younger fans may well buy us some plaudits. Maybe even attract a sponsor for the pre match events for kids which I understand we don't do currently at these matches?
  3. Sorry, don't the club employ people to come up with these solutions, it is meant to be a business not golf/bowling/social club. All I'm saying is maybe they should do their chores before asking for their pocket money. 🤔
  4. I've comp!eted the survey as a SMiSA member and have asked what the club are investigating as to non matchday revenue to allow the restriction of the Glasgow clubs to the away stand rather than supporters making up the difference after all the onus is on the club to generate revenue to accede to the wishes of its major shareholder.
  5. Without getting in to an involved debate on this there were a couple of things that I needed to clarify, firstly I was giving an example of a situation not a solution and secondly I did refer to match day (ie the only time I would be in town) and the captive footfall but who's to say if it existed on match days that enquiries wouldn't arise relating to the rest of the week?
  6. Baz, I don't think it unreasonable to defend the club to a certain extent and by no means am I a business expert but it is clear that there has been little evidence of additional revenue streams being explored, even on match days. I'll use my experience as an example, I travel up for games and meet my son who comes down from Inverness (and before that Aberdeen), we meet around 12-12:30, and I would love to get a bite to eat or a coffee in or around the stadium that benefitted the club but instead we have the 1877 that isn't open to all and as a result we head in to town. Now I'm not saying that this is the answer to our prayers but I'm a sitting duck customer ready to spend but no service exists. Until we as a club explore the alternative sources of expanding revenue we're never going to be able to regularly challenge for top 6 and europe that might bring us the success on the pitch that can be built upon year on year. Just one small example but there will be others with similar experiences and that's just matchday when we know footfall will be available.
  7. One of these days it will just click.
  8. At least it will give her something to build on 😉
  9. I would hope that the appointment of the new COO would have included a target to increase the non match day revenue to at least cover the cost of his salary, that would make business sense.
  10. Haven't watched it yet but if they do what they did with Bosch it should be really good, Connelly writes brilliant stories around really interesting characters.
  11. There is indeed, due this summer and a 4th whivh will be the final one as well.
  12. 2-2 final score, according to beeb fakes 24 shots 7 on target, sneckies score with both of theirs, monday should be fun
  13. C'mon, still the chance of Lampard getting relegated!
  14. Won't be watching it, firstly because the sewing bee is on and secondly because it isn't funny
  15. Good business, get a valuable experienced figure around thd club as he works on his coaching badges, would hope that the respect he clearly has helps bring on our youngsters.
  16. As I've said before the term 'troubles' is disrespectful to all those affected by the limited civil war, but that sound serious so not liked by the fun loving lads in green!
  17. Indeed, but I'd love to see Lampard relegated, unfortunately that means taking Everton with him, hey ho!
  18. Yes, some decent stuff in the middle of the field but despite the superstars on show no one able to finish one of the many chances. Alexander-Arnold is vastly overrated in my opinion.
  19. Yes, those of us who went to the pre-season match at the arena years ago will have experienced the conspicuous consumption involved in the Reynolds Arena. He was on the news at the time showing the reporter around the toilets with gold taps (not the genersl use toilets I hasten to add). The man was a deluded fool who, as per the saying was soon parted from his cash. Think he bankrupted himself in the end and the arena played a big part in that and ending the club's existence too.
  20. Once the season got underway it was fairly clear that we would struggle to get top 6 but with a bit of luck it could still have happened. However, the aim every year should be to retain our top league status firstly and then see how far ahead of that we can finish, so minimum requirement met and 8th still a real possibility.
  21. Agree, but no excuse for keeping the prices the same for a lesser amount.
  22. I would hope so I'm sure it was either on here or the official site I read it 😕
  23. I think Kieran recently signed an extension.
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