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  1. As far as I'm led to believe Stevie Mallan was ready to go at Xmas. St Mirren pleaded with him to stay and try to keep us in the championship. Then in the Summer we would let him go. Arguably he has been the major force in keeping us up so he's saved us a fortune in being relegated so 200/300k whilst not ideal, is better than what we could have got at Xmas.
  2. Swansea are interested Ian. I was speaking to their Full Time Scottish scout the other day.
  3. Yep. Agree. I voted for an SNP candidate in Grangemouth as she said she wanted to make the bin collections every 14 days instead of every 28 days. I wouldn't vote SNP in any other election.
  4. Oh dear. Make sure you get on the flight mate.
  5. 1 1/2 sleeps. Friday nights haven't been great for sleeping for months now !!!!!'
  6. I voted SNP for the first time in my life as the local Grangemouth candidate is a member of my church and also helps at the Breakfast club my kids attend.
  7. Some fud stood on my specs as we tumbled onto the park.
  8. El Gingero

    Save Smisa

    If what you say is true, and I'm not for one minute suggesting otherwise, then it's a joke. It looks like we are all paying to keep the Chairman & Smisa committee in a wee club of their own. To suggest they don't need to consult me as what they do with my money is a joke. If I don't get a copy of the minutes emailed to me or posted then they can kiss my 25 quid a month good bye.
  9. Kevin Cancy is the ref. Always been fair & decent?
  10. 45. First game v Dundee Utd Scottish Cup Jan 1977 - we won 4-1.
  11. El Gingero

    Save Smisa

    It looks to me like a few SMISA committee members are taking the complete piss out of the majority of the membership here or are just plainly incompetent.
  12. When JR shook the referees hand at full time he said something along the lines of "You guys will be ok, you're a good team".
  13. We should sell plenty. It's either going to be a nerve wracking 90 minutes where we need points or it's going to be a party in Rose St after the match.
  14. Independence is inevitable because for a lot of Independence supporters they couldn't care less the state of the country is in, as long as Scotland is independent. The only way to get rid of the under performing joke of an SNP government in Scotland might be to be independent and get shot of them that way.
  15. My dad has came to watch most of the last 12 or so games this season after not going for years. In fact the only 2 he's missed are Raith (A) and Dumbarton (H) so he's been a lucky omen. He says that young Kyle has the poise and ability to keep the ball under pressure like a young Souness. My dad and I honestly rate Kyle that highly. And with a family like yours Ian his feet will firmly be on the ground. I'm so excited watching him play.
  16. I was at the Falkirk shop yesterday (I stay in Grangemouth) to see about letting the drum in and the guy says that St Mirren told them to expect about 1,000 to travel through.
  17. What time does it leave mate? Does it bring you back after the match too?
  18. I like the way the players do their final wee sprints in front of the bulk of the support at each away match then McGinn gets all the players to clap the fans before they run off. Gets the crowd going and is just another small aspect of the fans/players being closer than for a long time.
  19. Just been told there is a bus from BTW and also the Graeme Hotel.
  20. Not sure if this is still the case with the bus. Sportsters round the corner allow kids in if they have some food off the kids menu. There's about 75 screens in there and a couple of pool tables. That's where I tend to go to watch Scotland matches and before our games. A home game for me this weekend.
  21. Get a grip. The guy is a passionate young man with obvious challenges in life. He's supporting his team and showing an interest in something positive. It's comments like yours that make people hide and not want to try and contribute to society. Poor show.
  22. I don't hate Morton. They are our closest rivals and I love it when we beat them. I despise the bigot brothers for all they have done to make Central Scotland like Belfast on Old Firm Days.
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