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  1. Aye he’s not a bad player the lad can see him getting a move away, for me big Robert Thomson was there MOM, a constant threat and won pretty much everything he went up for, I’ve said it for a while should have went for him, Saints daft family too,
  2. At 50 quid a year I would consider joining, but £10 a month on top of the 50 bucks I won’t be bothering, Shame really...
  3. Reading this thread and a few more, I'm sure me and the boy will get a ticket no probs for the final if we do reach it... As a player who never quite made the grade due to one reason or another, I managed to play and win a few Mickey Mouse finals in my time and enjoyed the occasion, I'm sure if we make the final the saints players will enjoy the day out...Mickey Mouse cup or not...
  4. Good win and a confidence booster for everyone, it wasn't pretty at times but the better managed team won on the day, the gaffer had the balls to bring the two kyles into the team and there proving they deserve to be there, both wee decent today, added to that the lads that weren't involved today in Quinn, Webster, Gordon and Hardie. There's a good squad of players there, hopefully start getting points on the board and climbing the table.
  5. So the only chance of silverware in the next few years against the championship favourites isn't a big cup tie?
  6. Paraded tomorrow then heading back to Alloa to take there game on Saturday, meanwhile st mirren play a big cup game against hibs with a caretaker manager, you really have to laugh. Eta I think he's taking over from the caretaker on the 10th
  7. Did Jim not set the striker up for the chance that should have seen Gordon sent off? He should still be at st mirren in one capacity or another, absolute travesty to let him go, sure he might not be the most gifted of players out there but he certainly makes up for it with his work ethic.
  8. Hiddink or Mancini both free agents so no compensation would be paid out.
  9. Seen that wee bellend outside the main stand after the sevco game posing for pictures with the zombies..
  10. No thanks, let's play it as a competitive match and hopefully get a decent result, then say the goodbyes when the games done..
  11. Bang on fella, there was a couple of bigger and better clubs in for him before he signed for the saints, but he made it clear to his agent from the off the club he wanted to go to, the rest is history..
  12. Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but in ain't goin away..
  13. Only the ones that know nowt about football, and should maybe stick to coaching there lads under 11's team... Then again...
  14. Known the big guy for years, and can indeed confirm that he's a St Mirren fan....
  15. Bernard Mathews - turkey drummers..
  16. The chat about mallan on here by some is ridiculous, a return of 12 goals from 54 games with one of those an utter worldy from a lad just turned 20 in the last week is a pretty decent ratio. The lad imo has something special about him, not scared of a tackle, has a decent range of passing with either foot and can take a decent dead ball. I'm still not convinced he's a centre mid, I'd like to see him playing a more advanced roll and being able to have more an effect on games. I've no doubt he will go on to bigger and better things in the future and even a few caps with the seniors.
  17. Football should be played on grass, plastic pitches should not be allowed in the professional football game, end of thread....
  18. A 20s side that would most likely give this current team a drubbing, as said looked decent in games before being cleaned out against Falkirk, got me up off my seat a good few times with his runs and looks like there could be a decent player in there at the right team,
  19. So if I fancy a pint and a packet of scampi fries before the game how much is it gonna cost? Is there a membership to pay etc?
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