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  1. Goodness me, what a state you've got yourself into I've been accused of a lot of things on this forum, but not having anything controversial to say is certainly a new one. If you want to be controversial you'll need to do better than saying stuff like 'relegation is looming', that isn't controversial, that's just patent nonsense. The fact is we finished 8th last year despite being hopeless for large parts of the season, we underachieved and still finished safely in 8th. We then expected to lose at least 2 of Kello and McLean, we've kept both of them, there's 2 huge signings. I think have a better starting 11 than every team that finished in the bottom 6 last year at the moment, and squad wise I'd say we are roughly on a par with ICT and St Johnstone from the top 6. We need a couple more players, but so does every single team in the league, infact a good few of them need a lot more than a couple. There's a great feeling around the club at the minute, that's why Kenny and Marian stayed. If you are a Saints fan I suggest you get a sense of perspective and relax, if you aren't (which I suspect strongly) then improve your trolling material.
  2. Tomorrow at Trent Bridge in Nottingham Shull. The first of a five match test series, should be epic and Cook will have to go if he doesn't win.
  3. We play in a league with these clubs. Our season will be defined in comparison to our competitors.
  4. That's a nice crystal ball you have there.
  5. If any team in the league outside Celtic and maybe Aberdeen at a push gets 3 or 4 first team injuries at the same time they will be in trouble. Unlike many others though, we have some fantastic young players coming through our acclaimed academy.
  6. I think they'll be fine too, I also think they'll finish below us.
  7. Not signing anyone before their first competitive game is strange though. You'd think they'd want to get their business done early as their season starts early. He wanted to offer Goodwillie a contract but he 'wasn't in a position to'.
  8. Bizarre set of circumstances there. They win the cup, get to a semi and their gates are up. They lose 3 of their top earners and have signed nobody, now their manager says it's likely no one will come in. Makes our transfer activity seem seismic. I think we will finish above St Johnstone this season.
  9. Didn't we put a request in for an away game first aswell?
  10. It's the only 5 star facility in Scotland, as rated independently by football academy Scotland or similar - could source later.The Old Firm have 6 stars, every other club in the country has 4 stars or less. A magnificent achievement for a club like ours.
  11. There is absolutely no way that the Scottish Parliament will have it's powers reduced, that's shameless scaremongering with no basis in fact whatsoever. UKIP will be lucky to win one seat at the next general election. Why do you pick Denmark and Sweden? Why not Ireland? Thats a far more recent and more relevant example of a country going it alone, a country which has got itself in a right state. No one is saying we couldn't do it alone, of course we could. Why should we though? Why not stay in the union?
  12. Are you arguing that if a private company does sub contract work for a public body then the public body isn't fit for purpose?
  13. You played the debate with a straight bat? You just used child molestation to try score political points. Have a word with yourself.
  14. What a bizarre exchange this has become. You said you thought the Renfrewshire Cup was a joke. I'll ask again, do you think all friendlies are a joke or just this one? If just this one, which I'm assuming you mean, why? This is actually one of the best friendlies for the club. There's always a relatively big crowd, so we get a decent pay day every other year, and it's competitive compared to our other friendlies so the players get a good work out. Would you rather we played nothing games against Dumbarton and Cowdenbeath? Or would you rather we played no friendlies at all?
  15. What a poor, desperate rant What will you do when we vote no?
  16. Questioning people's opinion is what a forum is all about So is your problem with friendlies or with this particular friendly?
  17. We always play the u20's in the semi... The final is a first team pre season friendly. Not really understanding why it's a joke? Are all friendlies a joke or just this one?
  18. Do you know the difference between a weighted poll and a non weighted one? About 90% of the people I know are voting no, but I don't for a second believe that will be the actual result. You've said in this thread before you think yes is going to lose, have you changed your mind? As for getting a slaughtering on PNB, have a look at the thread you just started there. Even yes voters are laughing at you, even yes voters!
  19. He's also on trial with us, has been told by Hibs he can find a new club.
  20. Think that's a decent enough squad, certainly stronger than many of our rivals. We've got an experienced spine with Kello, McAusland, Goodwin, McLean and Thompson, and we've got some exciting youngsters too.Certainly need to add a couple more, but I'm relatively happy with where the squad is at the moment. It's certainly in a far better state now than it was this time last year.
  21. I'm a Morton fan because I'm not getting myself into a state because of a football strip...? St Mirren play in black and white, that's all I'm concerned about. If I like the strip, I'll buy it, if I don't I won't. Using this logic I've bought one replica strip new in the last ten years, that was the 12/13 strip in which we won the cup. If you don't like the strip, don't buy it. I'm more concerned about what we do on the park rather than what we wear. If we finish top six this year I doubt there will be much moaning about the strip we wore whilst doing it.
  22. Was more likely Jon Scullion. He's about 5'3 with blonde hair. I believe he was released last month.
  23. Defender recently at Livingston. Had played for Maribor in Champions League Qualifiers previously.
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