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  1. The third goal was quite clearly Kello's fault.
  2. Well Boyd is the best striker in the country, he scored 22 goals for a team that finished below us last season. Every defender in the league had problems with Boyd last year, McAusland included.
  3. Not really following you here. Where did I categorise us as a bottom 6 club? I've already predicted we will finish in the top 6 this season. I remember when Thommo signed for us there were people on here and other sites saying he was over the hill. 3 consecutive 15 goal + seasons and a national title later, I'm still hearing it. Thommo is our captain and if fit I expect he will start every game next season. I believe Goodwin has had 1 red card in his time here, and that was over turned on appeal. Surprised even St Mirren fans are buying into the media witch hunt about his discipline. In the last 2 months of the season he was utterly immense in the middle of the park, fans of other clubs said the same thing too. If McAusland keeps our defence as the 7th best in the country - as it was last year - then I'll be happy enough. McGinn may be gone, or may not be gone. If he is we will be in the money and should be able to find a decent replacement with it. If he's not we will have one of the top young players in the country a year wiser and a year more experienced.
  4. Killie away I assume you mean the 2nd goal in the 2-1 defeat? Harkins gave it away, a long ball is punted up, Killie player misses a header and it bounces off McAusland before being passed through to an offside looking Boyd. Directly his fault? Harsh. Aberdeen away was a mix up between him and Kello. He seems to get a shout from the keeper and leaves it, both to blame there IMO, although he did have a bad game that day. We conceded 9 goals at Tannadice this season, having just watched all 9 I can only see the 2nd in the 3-2 game where he could be directly faulted? He cleared a cross and it went right to Armstrong. What other goal you thinking of?
  5. I'm asking for instances which a mistake by him directly cost us a goal last season. I'm sure the forum have plenty of examples to share so.... ?
  6. How many mistakes did Cheesy make last season that directly resulted in a goal against? And which matches? I'm thinking at least 10 the way he gets vilified on here.
  7. Ah well Ridgers is coming as number 2, he might not play for us next season just like other recent number 2's Adam and Smith never played a competitive game. He has a 2 year deal though and will be looking to prove himself next season in training and if he gets a chance in a game with a view to being number 1 in 15/16.
  8. Jury's still out? He's played over 120 top flight games and in a national final, when does the jury come in? He's improved every season since he came back and last year was his best for the club. He was the leader of a young defence last season, a defence which ended up being the 7th best in the country. What more do you want? Not only is he a proven and experienced top flight level defender, he's a fan and I believe he'a future St Mirren captain. I hope and think that Tommy will build the defence around him next season.
  9. Exactly, what a shambles that was. It's an important area of the team and now we have it sorted and we aren't even half way through June. I'm delighted with Tommy's dealings so far, hope he keeps it up with the out field signings.
  10. I think we have a strong back bone already: Kello Cheesy Goodwin McGinn Thompson How many hundred top flight appearances they have the old yins have between them? Them and meatball make for a back bone that every other bottom 6 team would love to have. Throw in Wylde who's my prediction for a break out big season next term, our young full backs going into their first full season and a few more selected signings and I think we're in for a fantastic season ahead. I don't think I've been as optimistic at this stage of a preseason since 2006, can't wait
  11. Really happy with this signing. He's been capped at u21 level and a lot of Hearts fans were surprised he was let go. Great bit of business by Tommy.
  12. ^^^ We should have a sub forum for everyone over 50.
  13. Agreed, those two stunning and crucial goals from him towards the end of the season have raised my opinion of him. I think he's going to be a big player for us this season.
  14. Ooosh, wee weekend in the North East me thinks, this is 2 days after the Blyth game
  15. Great article, we really are reaping the benefits of our fantastic new facility at Ralston now. 5 of our first choice 11 from last year were graduates, and that's looking like it may increase next term. It has been rated independently as the third best facility in the country, behind only the Old Firm. What a great accolade that is for a club like ours. Congratulations to all involved, Davie Longwell and our BoD in particular.
  16. Right in thinking it's about 20 minutes or so on a bus to Newcastle? That's pre and post match sorted
  17. Can't wait! Think will be a full team, we played a full team against Stockport last year and they are in the 6th tier.
  18. Ask St Johnstone fans about Liam Craig. They all rate him very highly. Who would you like us to sign?
  19. Yeah good luck to him, he's a nice lad and I'd jump at a contract like that if it was me. I suspect McCoist has gave him this contract purely based on his performances in his first season with us, when he had a couple of good games against them and scored at Ibrox IIRC. That and a cursory glance of his wiki to check he's played since. I'd guess that's as far as scouting goes at the New club. I can see no other explanation for them signing him. We can and will do better.
  20. Kello Naismith-Cheesy-Williams-Kelly Goodwin-Hughes Teale-McGinn-Wylde Thompson That's just the players who've got a deal for next season. There's a solid back bone there, our young defenders are one year wiser and I really like the look of Mark Williams. I think he could complete a back 4 solely comprised of products of our own youth system next season. The point is, don't panic. We need signings but there's other teams around us who are in a worse position than us.
  21. Rotherham have confirmed a friendly against Morton at Cappielow on July 12th. A Yorkshire and Paisley mix in the away end?
  22. Was delighted when Cowdenbeath gave them a good hiding in the playoffs a few weeks back. They're a dirty cheating football club and they deserve everything that's happening to them and more.
  23. We'll just be delighted to get him off the wage bill. He's on big money, so him leaving frees up a good wage. Hopefully we will use it on someone who isn't a disinterested waster like Harkins this time.
  24. You really think our wage bill has decreased? I don't, certainly not by much. Last October we had the following senior pros in the squad, all of whom who were given contracts after proving themselves at this level, all of whom would have been on very decent money. Mair Harkins Goodwin Thompson Teale Kello McGowan Grainger In Gus's final season did we have as many proven top flight performers on top flight contracts as that?
  25. Delighted he's went to Dundee, it's great news for us and the other bottom 6 teams. Hartley clearly doesn't know what he's doing and they are destined for another Barry Smith-esque season IMHO.
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