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  1. I am obviously a Philistine as it was greatly praised at the time and I think it won best film Oscar, but I thought it was one of the most boring films I have ever seen. A couple of hours where nothing much happened. Oh well, I am glad you enjoyed it. Each to his own.......
  2. Would never have been a penalty at the Copeland Rd end with Beaton in charge ( unless it was for Rangers of course.....)
  3. She pissed off a lot of Scots yesterday and today it was working folk in the North of England by saying they should get paid less than folk in the South East. Still, it is mainly old comfortably off people in the south that get to vote, so that's OK then.
  4. My wife likes to do the crosswords and puzzles. I do the number puzzles (keeps a pensioner's brain in trim, I hope) and skim the rest of the newspaper. Print newspapers are definitely not value for money any more if you have a decent internet connection.
  5. They have dropped the 'Glasgow' from their name and purport to be a Scottish national newspaper, albeit with a west central bias.
  6. Herald Sport - you can usually skip the first five pages and often the last page, unless you are interested in THEM. Mind you it does keep a lot of ex-Rangers and Celtic players in pin money.
  7. It was also a secondary school so I think I got her dates wrong. I was thinking she was Dux of the primary school, but it was the secondary school so it would be a few years later.
  8. The current building was opened in 1938. I will look to see if I can find if there was an earlier one. Too late to ask my mother......
  9. My mother was also Dux, must have been late 1930s.
  10. I know that is correct because my mother went there too.
  11. Orchard Street maybe for the other British Restaurant?
  12. just read that her lectern collapsed.
  13. Her school in Leeds could not have been that bad as it got her into Oxford. Or could that have been something to do with her father being a Professor of Mathematics. What a deprived background she came from........
  14. It really annoys when when she says that during her school years in Paisley and Leeds kids were being badly let down. She seems to conveniently forget that all through these years it was a Conservative government running the country. And how did Sunak's parents running a local Pharmacy manage to afford to send their kid to Winchester School? Current fees £46k per annum. I think playing up their 'hard working families' backgrounds is pushing it a bit.
  15. The original email had a QRcode and /or a barcode in the attachment. I used that to get into the Northampton friendly as my season ticket. I am sure that will work. Has your plastic one not arrived in the post yet? Mine came over a week ago.
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