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  1. Reading a couple of English fans website comments, 'Arry and Gareth seem to be copping most of the flak. Bellingham and Foden to a lesser extent. No doubt the best team won the competition, with just about the most difficult draw to get there. The did beat Italy, Germany, France and England. (As well as Croatia, Georgia and Albania).
  2. Shull, do you actually watch all the way through these ridiculous videos before you post them? I doubt if anyone else does.......
  3. They only changed after NL scored and ignored him.
  4. Looks like Gareth has explained at half time the way he wants them to play.
  5. Penalty for me. Push in the back and a kick in the calf. Why no VAR at least? 'Arry got fouls for a lot less.
  6. I generally agree, but where are the alternatives?
  7. It's a goal scoring machine we need, never mind the music.
  8. The season we were struggling to avoid relegation to tier 3 , if I remember correctly, he scored a cracker against that Welsh mob in the diddy cup which was the turning point of the Great Escape season.
  9. Respect to the veterans , this was a war that had to be fought, unlike so many others. This chap must have been very brave - look at all the medals he has.
  10. Good summary.... So many of this seasons Champion's League games they have looked second best until it gets tense towards the end and then they find a way.
  11. I had to go into Paisley for something this morning and decided to renew at the Ticket Office. I mentioned the problem with Concessions renewing to the helpful young woman there, She told me they are fixing it some time today.
  12. Maybe it's because I am an elderly gentleman (who is clearly not to be trusted) looking to renew a concession.
  13. I tried this afternoon, but a photo of my driving licence was not accepted. I emailed the ticket office to clarify what it is looking for. When I get a reply I will put an update here.
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