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  1. We never gave teale a chance to bring us up why should Ross get a chance. If we do go down Ross should go he has had enough support. Rae managed to get results from Murray's team Ross failed to get results from the squad Rae left he has now built his own squad he has two cup games to play with before the next 13 games to try and over turn 7 points ideally he would be look at overturning 12 points to get us out of the play off
  2. The official story is injured but those that were out on Friday would say he was in a huff.. Although not sure who is in the bigger huff Stevie or his dad
  3. To be honest he never really took his chance but I reckon he was better than langfied. Always though he was going to gift a goal mind you playing behind Webster would be enough to make anyone nervous
  4. Esmael Goncalves is on the Rd back to Scottish football but it's not back to us it's looking likely it will be Hearts
  5. I don't have a query I was just putting my tuppence worth to the discussion about how SMISA are expected to reply to various questions posted on the different media formats.
  6. Lol I had to laugh at Rae it's no my fault I was stuck with the players as well. Lol
  7. Close to agreeing a deal for the strips possible better than the JD deal. We are going to sell our own strips
  8. If we go down GLS says we will come back up the following season
  9. GLS interview is on radio Clyde tonight stating Jack Ross is here for the long haul even if we get relegated.
  10. While I do not agree to the tone the point is valid. The SMISA section is on this forum there is nothing that states there is no connection between the forum and SMISA. The fact the SMISA used this media format to convey information on the buyout I think it is a fair request or assumption that they could provide a response on this forum. Seems to me they are following the St Mirren way of communication as being selective
  11. Now there is optimism 6 wins 7 draws and only 2 losses... This is going to come from a team that's only won 2 league games up to this point Can I have some of what you are on??
  12. Forgot to add. The first £1 is the membership fee which will come off the £2 I pay in July
  13. The £2 a month is the SMISA subscription. It's not a side fund. Read the sign up info you can't be part of buy the buddies without being a member of SMISA. They can do what they (members) want with the subscription fee just like they did when they only had 200 members. It's the £2 month that was gifted to the playing budget and it will be the £2 month pot that will go to what ever option is voted for
  14. You have got to laugh talk about not learning from your mistakes the main complaint about Thompson was that he could not play up front on his own now what do we hear Sutton can not play up front on his own. Either we can not get a lone striker or the various managers can't see what we are seeing
  15. I do not see why people are surprised Webster never wanted to sign for us in the first place he thought he was getting an offer from Dundee or Partick when that did not come he signed for us. He is not interested never has been. Was just as poor last season
  16. The only good thing to come out of today is that we are still only 7 points adrift. Err that's all
  17. Last time we were this dire we had a shuggie Murray to save our skin we do not have. Another shuggie this is looking bleak
  18. You know what a joke we have become as we even had a slot on only an excuse
  19. Yeah everyone apart from Jack Ross saw the goal coming
  20. When they went to ten we had all 11 behind the ball and they had two players in their own half they reverted to. A 3_4_2 and we could not cope. Jack Ross lost us that game
  21. Webster was to blame for the goal he was in the middle and should have been in command but again he was pushed aside the ball goes into the centre and they have a free shot
  22. The trouble is that if we do go down we cut our cloth so we do not have as big an advantage as you may think. In the championship we had the advantage of our support and parachute payments over 7 other teams but various managers have managed to make the advantage fail and we are teetering on the brink
  23. The original post asked the size of the saints support at away games.. You will need to go to the individual teams website to see if they record it. It is usually around 500 apart from the Morton away game 1200 we took
  24. I think it was more than a grope we seemed to bend over and let them bugger us at times
  25. Well i do agree with Stu on his point if St Mirren do die Paisley would not bat an eyelid.
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