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  1. He just couldn’t passata the chance to come here and get a winners medal. [emoji52]
  2. Bet he’s on a pretty Penne......I’ll get my coat.....
  3. Good post IOBS , I have kept my feelings mostly to myself but the last 10 games or so barring the odd exception I have felt we were fortunate to win. We are in a good position to win this league, for me if this means being dirty, nasty, and to fight our way there then so be it. The prize is there, let’s make sure we take it first time and avoid at all costs this play off shite (which we know is heavily weighted against championship teams).
  4. Agreed St. Ricky, the drummer & Co are doing a wonderful job, they were outstanding at Dunfermline and they have really improved matters at home!!
  5. Can’t wait for this, me and the daughter heading through, hoping the drummer and singing section are on form, think we’ll have the thick end of 2000 through for this. 4 - 0 Saints. COYS
  6. Great news, now on to Saturday, let’s hope for a positive result!!
  7. Ha ha, I can’t deny I’m bricking myself until we have that title. yesterday’s result helped a bit as it has basically finished Dunfermline, we win on Saturday and we can absolutely forget Livingston, my fear is we get beat Saturday which would give Them a wee bit of hope and then Dundee Utd get their tails up. All if’s and but’s I know, point being if they start putting the boot in on Saturday? We don’t want any key guys injured going into the business end of the season.
  8. Absolutely no issue with your post whatsoever, I’m just getting nervous now with our key games coming up, coupled with reading the report from yesterday’s Livi game that they were throwing their weight about somewhat, just worried that they try and kick us off the park. In fairness though McGinn,Magennis & Eckersley can certainly get stuck in!!
  9. Fair point, we are close now and today’s result helped us a bit, I just think that the Livingston & Utd games could get quite dirty and young Hill may be the boy just to break that up and allow us to do what we do best. However if I’m thinking this I’m sure Jack and James will be too !!
  10. Agreed, just wonder though if this might be the game to through young hill in from the start to combat their hammer throwing tactics??
  11. Taken far too young, thoughts to his family. Rest in peace Liam.
  12. I hope you are right regarding the 24th, would love to win it at home, this got me thinking though, it would be a crying shame if fans were locked out (and I know the stadium has never been full) as a consequence of there being only a couple of hundred or so away fans in that whole away stand. I know it's still early days but I wonder if there's anything the club can do to make sure as many home fans are in as possible in the event of us winning it at home??
  13. Yeah, I agree, we have won most of these games and the points are banked, furthermore FWIW I personally think Dundee Utd will utterly implode and be lucky to make even the play offs. I digress but I think Livingston may be our main threat but the league will be ours!! Lastly, I’m just going to check the odds on both teams to score with a Saints win [emoji6]
  14. Hey FS, I hope you’re right, yes we have been winning games, but many of the last several have been by the odd goal and even last week the last ten minutes or so we were hanging on a wee bit in fairness. We do have a better team and I sincerely hope we come out first half and blow them away, however the cynical part of me wonders if we are due a beating. We should beat them at home and I sincerely hope we do!!
  15. Got to agree with you Doakes, I’m a wee bit jittery regarding this fixture, part of me thinks if we can cut off the supply to Dobbie we will have a chance of a draw. I know I may appear really negative (and I don’t mean to), but despite us being pretty well clear I honestly don’t think we have wiped the floor with a team since the 3 nil at home against Dundee Utd.
  16. That’s the trouble these fitba players are far too young these days. Well you were a joy to sit beside, the atmosphere was immense last night, the stand was rocking and we all played our part. We’re on our way!!
  17. Agreed on Kyle playing central BTW, you could immediately see the difference, I am almost certain I was sitting next to his Uncle last night, he was an absolute cracking character and had me well entertained and had all the troops around us in stitches, never caught his name but well done big man. Lastly special mention to all those young boys with the drum, what a difference they make atmosphere wise. COYS!!
  18. Very disappointing, my 7 year old son has a condition that requires a lot of management and the care he has received up there since diagnosis has been outstanding, as usual it’s all about money, going forward the thought of having to deal with this ‘super hospital’ in Govan petrifies my wife and I.
  19. Good post. For me the league all the way with a good performance tomorrow where we come away with respect and please god no injuries!!
  20. Very true indeed, I’ve worked up there extensively over the last 12 years and they don’t like us very much at all, fortunately I’m back down the road now!!
  21. Can not argue with any of these posts and whilst I’m a great admirer of Cammy Smith our Captain Stephen McGinn is an absolute Titan in the middle of the Park. Put simply, no Stephen McGinn no top of the league!! The work that guy goes through is phenomenal!!
  22. For me either Cammy Smith or Stephen McGinn, but I do agree all the guys have been outstanding and deserve loads of praise, it’s been such a great season so far!!
  23. You have to imagine fitness wise in the latter stages of the game he will dye away??
  24. He may ‘plug’ a hole in their front line, I did hear they were a bit thin up top.......sorry, I’ll get my coat!!
  25. I listened and heard him praising Dobbie highly later in the show........I wonder???
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