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  1. We've not even seen Kellermann play yet - would be (pleasantly) surprised if he was good enough to accommodate any departure in our first choice midfield.
  2. I think JR will have no problems trying to take Magennis. He rates him even higher than Morgan & is easily ready to slot in at League One level in England. Gordon Scott will stand firm and any fee will easily break our transfer record. From what I understand, Magennis is in absolutely no rush to leave either.
  3. Adams wouldn't have been realistic anyway. He's impressing in England and is likely to challenge JR for the title next season.
  4. Have a feeling it may be John Kennedy (Celtic first team coach). JR has apparently been asked for advice on his own successor and given his friendship with both Kennedy and Brendan Rodgers, I believe this one may have legs. Also seen his odds shorten drastically over the past 24 hours..
  5. These signings could've been done months ago by the means of pre contract agreements.
  6. No chance. I think Lambert will do English jobs to death before he comes back up here. Goodwin would give up a Championship gig to become an assistant, either.
  7. Nice positivity. its either McAllister or Paul paton.
  8. Jim McAllister looking like the signing..
  9. Well, he isn't a 'free agent' yet, until his contract officially expires. He might have signed for us on a pre contract already but don't think we'd like to make it public until such times as he's a 'free agent'. There's lots of loopholes in these 'pre contracts' that can be exploited - see the Richard Brittain St Johnstone/Ross County scenario.
  10. What chance does he have when you’re comparing him with a left back and his goal scoring record as a defender? I like Paul as a player and think he’d be a worthwhile signing.
  11. Reilly had been carrying a knock for the last two months and that’s why his playing time has been limited.
  12. I actually thought that Hill was one of our better players tonight; not that that would be very difficult
  13. Donati starting tonight. Also looks as if Mark Hill will be involved. Scott Glover and Ethan Erhahon also in the squad.
  14. Would like to see Sutton get a start for this one; would love to see a final (?) goal from the big man! Donati & Baird at CB to give Davis a rest ahead of M*rton and the bank a chance to recover from his hangover. Other than that, full strength, please. Some say Gary Mac is still out there.. topless, singing OWTS clutching a pint of Stella. Hero.
  15. Didn't get much of a look in due to McGinn's form - he's now at Alloa with Goody.
  16. Morton being allocated 1,000 tickets. Any chance of segregation and us allocating more home tickets into the away stand?!
  17. In the St Mirren end today...
  18. Don't buy into the "we're due a blip and it will come tomorrow" patter. I think we're due to dish out a pumping and it will be tomorrow. 4-1 Saints. Reilly x2, McGinn & Morgan. Dobbie for Queens.
  19. Can see us sneaking this one 1-2 McShane & Reilly
  20. Seen this on YouTube by a Saints fan
  21. Whisper going around that Kyle Magennis might be back on the bench today
  22. Great support of a 20 year old boy settling into first team football for the first time in his career I actually think the big man has been quite useful so far. Very raw, granted, but I think he'll become a good player for us.
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