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  1. What a shame all this argument is taking place under the name of such a great player. It’s unworthy.
  2. RBS have a thing where you pay £2 per month and then get money back on your bills paid from the account- I get £10 a month back. Not much but they let you use the money to buy Cineworld tickets for £5 each. So my £2 turns into two tickets. This way you can go to cinema and the match. Have your cake and eat it!
  3. I guess 3 v 1 is not something we’ve practiced for a while.
  4. So does this make us the only club in Scotland with World Cup winning genes?
  5. I’m turning into a parasite from today. Just using the site now for news. Thanks for that. Some of you guys are great, but there’s also too many arseholes that I can’t be arsed arsing around with.
  6. Thank you for your concern in the quality of my learning. Bye.
  7. Nah. It’s a forum where we communicate. You should try it if you have knowledge to share.
  8. I did not bring up the comparison with previous managers- that was your contribution. So I’m asking you what your point was?
  9. Yes Ricky- about the same maybe. Although many of us, including me, were still hopeful that Stubbs was going to be a good appointment. I expect us to start the season in better shape than we did last year- for my reasons to be cheerful above; and that Goodwin’s recruitment can only be better.
  10. I think the jury is very much out on our prospects: Reasons to be cheerful: We have manager who has strong affinity with the club, some proven management ability and deep knowledge of Scottish football. Our squad should have a bit of a feel good factor having survived and done well in the last 10 games or so of the season. Some players look like they have stepped up to Premiership level. Mullen, Cooke, Flynn come to mind. And Magennis should be back to full effectiveness. Mackenzie too, if he can stay fit. BUT. our manager is unproven at this level and there is a heck of a lot of work to be done to supplement the squad before season starts. We have thrown the dice in all of the last three transfer windows. It worked for Jack. It failed for Stubbs (admittedly his judgement was poor). It worked for Oran, just. It feels like we are about to throw the dice again to recruit another 6 or 7 players to make up the squad-perhaps with another throw in January. All in all, I am not optimistic for the coming season. I think we have one dice throw left to secure a chance at stability in this league. 50/50 I’d say of surviving/getting relegated.
  11. If I were Gordon Scott, I would not be getting into a bust up situation unless I had a credible plan B- especially at this critical time where the team needs rebuilding for the new season.
  12. Update St Mirren were not relegated. Hope, combined with intelligence and determination, flourished and St Mirren’s flame burns anew.
  13. Non story. He said he’d be here next season when he signed his 3 year contract.
  14. Brilliant post. Replying so as reproduced in full.
  15. https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/hamilton-boss-brian-rice-says-16214968 how about we all sing bus related songs: we’re all going on a summer holiday? the wheels on the bus go round and round?
  16. Yep. Dundee must get a bit of luck sometime. The dressing room might be depressed but I’d expect them to be mean-spirited tomorrow!
  17. I think it will be hard for Hamilton- it’s last chance saloon for Dundee tomorrow. And maybe the Dee are due a result? Bookies fancy Hamilton a bit more though: 2/1 v 3/1 for St Mirren, but not much in it. I can see us going into the Hamilton match still 2 points behind.
  18. We’ve got a goal a game striker all of sudden. Hear us roar!
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