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  1. Aye we should have brought him on to dive aboot.
  2. Training or trying to is one thing playing is something totally different. Positive spin and all that but hope. I may be wrong though.
  3. Their team today will have few of those who played against Ayr.
  4. Is this post not a little contradictory?
  5. I fear we may not see Kyle for a while.
  6. Time for some youth and energy in the midfield.
  7. In reply to the first sentence, after last night fwiw he should go for it now. Second sentence, not very well.
  8. Said it since the day he signed, he's always done it. Not good enough to wear our strip.
  9. I'd expect Anton and Jack to look after Main it's our problem of not tracking midfield runners that bothers me.
  10. Based on what happened at the weekend we need to shackle Hastie.
  11. Like your optimism. Would also add we should be looking for three points in every game.
  12. It will be busy around the drawing board and then on the training pitch today, at least it should be!
  13. How the hell are we gonna make song for some of these signings?!!! Welcome aboard all and buckle up.
  14. He's in the press saying, "Hibs only need to phone if they want him back"!!!! Oh please.
  15. If he does will he take some of our players..............here's hoping?
  16. The point being we had a squad better than we have now but one way or another we broke it up.
  17. I'd say if we still had last season's squad playing for us now we'd have more points and be better off than we are now.
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