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  1. I don’t have access to saints tv but may watch on Alba later. If I could go to the game I would . I do plan to go back, not likely to Chuck it after decades.
  2. I will never give up supporting my team. I do, however, retain the right to criticise them when they are rubbish. Please desist from picking holes in my comments, they are of little consequence.
  3. I bow to your impressive knowledge of English lower league football and your comforting thought that we are only the second worst team. Perhaps if we had signed players with a more impressive English goals tally in the past, say, Jimmy Greaves or Bobby Charlton, who are both long retired but have scored as many goals for Saints as the duds we have signed, then I could just about agree with you. 😬
  4. I said “goalscorers”. We haven’t signed any and don’t possess one . Anyway without fans the games are boring. I’m not being unduly negative, we are the worst team in the league so far.
  5. The failure to sign a goal scorer will see us lose yet another match. So long since we last played, will it be 7 or8 straight league defeats ?
  6. Seems like ages since we last played, and no game again this weekend. When is our next game ? I’ve lost touch, and interest unfortunately.
  7. I take it you have been betting on these matches .? Lol.
  8. Both games cancelled should be considered as defeats, as they likely would be anyway. If you don’t turn up for a game it’s the only sporting thing to do.
  9. Tremendous result for Saints. Six goals in two games. Marvellous !
  10. Thought it was a joke when I heard McGinn called into Scotland squad but on reflection it just about sums things up. Admittedly there are no fans presently , but pro footballers are there to entertain fans who have to pay for the privilege. This lot don't bother with that part, as they are not up to it. I just heard a sycophantic interview with Clarke where the interviewer danced around trying not to get the manager to admit the display was woeful. It was pathetic and Clarke got off the hook easily. Reminded me of bbc interviewing a government minister .
  11. At least no fans were fleeced to watch that rubbish. Israel was by far the better team, although no great shakes. Most of the Scotland players are vastly overrated and are found out when playing against international teams. Club form means nothing in that sphere. The manager, however, will no doubt feel encouraged enough to pick the same players (who couldn’t even manage one shot in a crucial game, remember) for the next games including against Serbia. It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince someone they have been fooled.
  12. So we have signed two reserve players, neither of whom is likely to either play regularly or score a goal. My decision not to renew my season book seems more judicious by the day. Sorry to say this but cannot see the manager being in place for too much longer, and then we will be back to square one. Possibly in a lower league as well.
  13. So far, four “strikers” have been signed, not one of whom can do what it says on the tin. Thank goodness we are not paying to watch this drivel. Perhaps cheaper next season in the championship.
  14. Ok it’s six defeats now. Point taken. Great goal but very little else to enthuse. Confirms , however , that our forwards are very poor. I’ve been saying since more or less the minute I set eyes on them that Messrs Obika and Morais are woefully out their depth and not even nuisance value. Must get shot of the pair of them immediately and replace with footballers. If ant money was received from the sale of Magennis, it has to be used to recruit a goalscorer. Very sad at how things have turned out.
  15. Although in the past when saints looked absolutely certain to have lost a game, then miraculously confound logic, I’m afraid this time I cannot see it. Having now completed my course in simple arithmetic, I unfortunately predict a sixth defeat on the bounce.
  16. After what is generally considered two of the worst performances in recent times, the Scotland manager has picked the same players, more or less, thereby confirming that he was quite happy with the standard of incompetence. Bet he is glad he has moved to England again and therefore out of the firing line.
  17. My sincere apologies to Sir Isaac Newton above. Does the esteemed mathematician , who no doubt can use his fingers, countenance anything other than a defeat on Friday?
  18. Seven defeats on the bounce might be approaching a record .? Worst forward line in my lifetime.
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