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  1. They are there on the board. They lost a fortune at Ibrox as they were the only ones actually putting money in. They are behind the move to move away from Cappielow to the auld IBM site
  2. No doubt about it, things are very wrong behind the scenes there. Are the Sleazedales still involved?
  3. Must be regretting not taking the Sevco job now
  4. Aye usually wearing fitba colours of the 2 biggest clubs in the country She has pissed off both Myself she has shown weak leadership as she has let mob rule run the show
  5. Well done Sevco Best team in the country and deserved champions
  6. One of my earliest memories is a Christmas party in there, watching a cartoon.on.an old cinefilm, and being allowed to take a whole handful of sweeties from a jar! Probably around 1970. Sorry i was talking about Canal St station But they showed cartoons on the old cinefilm,played games.fed us juice,pieces and sausage rolls Got a present from Santa and then a selection box when leaving Even the year they were on strike they held the party at some hall on George St
  7. Aye All the Christmas parties i went to in the place apart 1 year they were on strike
  8. Still better than Alec Rae, Kris Boyd and Andy Walker Why our pundits got to be Sellic and Rangurs men who offer no impartiality
  9. Anyone breaking the law resorts to whataboutery
  10. As if It was the orcs reaction We arra the peepul and we do as we fecking please Social standing feck all to do with it
  11. Watched this game at a canavan park at Gatehouse of Fleet Mixed support in their made up picture hoose But the Scots were a lot rowdy than the English fans Cairry oots the lot Just felt at the time we were the greatest team in the world Well apart from Brasil
  12. Sorry Jim They were at it Easy to be if you allow them to play Very poor from us especially when we had the ball It's the same anytime we go there We haven't kicked a ball there for years
  13. The Police let them do as they please Been always the case as we have seen inside and outside our ground for years The law doesn't apply to them as mob rule
  14. Played a low press with an attacking midfield No wonder it went badly wrong Our tempo at training must be poor Nowhere near them and can't keep the ball for any length of time Yet another nil against our name They have 2 weeks to get the basics right We have performed poorly for weeks and it was put down to tireness No excuses on that front
  15. The wee hooligan won his appeal so he will play tomorrow Bad news as he always scores against us O i wish we had cunning devious players to wind up the bad tempered cheat Would make no difference i suppose
  16. A goal at Ibrox is rarer than Hen's teeth I can't remember the last league goal we have scored against this lot The cup game we played well but we were helped by their arrogance They will be all steam ahead and their arrogant manager has already dismissed us In the words of the flare wearing bad perms medallion wearing I would luv it
  17. Looks like Bobby Holmes Who was a fine player in his day
  18. Brilliant i was right on line where he shot from The camera didn't do it justice Big Baldy didn't have an earthy
  19. He scored a peach with his right peg at Clydebank
  20. The Fakes make good signings as they have a poor youth policy Were it's players or managers they get it right more than often Down to good scouting
  21. For the last time Snake Mountain Mordor is better though
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