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  1. We haven't scored a single goal in Perth in our last 7 visits. Must be a record
  2. Total Soccer with Stewart McBean
  3. I agree totally If we show a bit of tempo and energy we could get something But he will play Main hope it will stick and play into their hands
  4. Only remember it as The Elbow Room. Punchline "It's the way I part my hair"
  5. Hopefully We need points to be safe Top 6 is shite anyway We don't go to the games involving the gruesome twosome so what's the fuss
  6. Talk about fuel prices I see the price of oil has went down by 25% the last 3 weeks but the prices on the forecourt haven't
  7. It probably is but none of that claim went into NHS Just another promise broken
  8. I thought Brexit was going to provide extra money for the NHS
  9. Miller had a job to get rid of our top earners There would be fall outs due to this
  10. Met the man last Friday up at Springburn AstroTurf. Very well spoken and has a real love for dogs. The hardest player I saw at Love Street preferred him in midfield though
  11. Called that right. Fair play to Michael Stewart who broke rank and gave us praise. Ricky Foster no doubt booting his telly as his words came out
  12. Well done to the Buds. Looking forward in seeing our 4 breakaway goals in Sportscene and how lucky we are. All the best to Kelty for the rest of the season
  13. Great result against our bogey team. Well done the Buds
  14. An Erwin who knows he's isn't wanted or rated here and only wasting time until his contact runs out
  15. Well we will see Apparently we are interested in him Desperate times create desperate measures
  16. He wouldn't sign for us anyway I can see him at Livingston
  17. Being awkward as him and Goodie have fell out He won't be doing us any favours
  18. .Has anyone got a backbone in that Tory Party The damage he is doing surely there must be someone to say enough is enough
  19. The JRM comment was a cracker right enough
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