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  1. There is plenty who don't see this Scottish fitba just pander to these two Last night racist singing loud and clear which the commenter uttered"The Rangers fans are in good voice" The other lot will no doubt be singing about their murder gangs who went out the game in the late 1990s tonight Feck them always
  2. When has he sent out a weakened team? When he does that complain
  3. Well done the Buds Only downside the amount of bookings It seems a foul=booking
  4. Turning into a Steve Galloway or Chris Weah type of signing
  5. The Burgh game is still on tonight at Renfrew
  6. Ma boy is meant to be training on that tomorrow morning
  7. Nice to see a long time club sponsor photo bomb that one. Photo bomb Depth charge more like
  8. Can't see this being on This isn't the only road flooded surrounding the ground Feck BT the ground will be empty in the home end
  9. Graham that was not Eric Eric Sinclair came as a swap deal for Sexy Lexy Played 2 games and got papped away for Airdrie I don't think Graham ever kicked a ball for us?
  10. Well done Buds Into the next round what it's all about I would imagine a couple of rest days are on the cards now
  11. Why mention the Old Firm it's Livi we are talking about. Remember Livi have beaten Sellic this season Livi get better value for their money that'sfor all to see
  12. Means nothing Livi players play at top of their game most weeks That's the trick
  13. I see they signed a full back outside the window and he's a roaring success
  14. I'm sure this guy is a well known player in the Ayrshire Juniors Well done to him
  15. Very stretched in midfield and defensive options We are a lot weaker than before the window Flynn is a massive loss no ways about it Excellent in every position he has played.
  16. Correct Our midfield didn't work without the ball He was caught out how Hamilton went about it instead of their usual shitfest What about Rice,bumming up Templeton in the media before the game He goes out and puts in a performance for him
  17. Ref lost the place in the last 10 but nothing major that affected the result His challenge was needless and due to his poor control in the first place Just as well the penalty was just as bad
  18. Out of jail tonight We were fecking rotten against the poorest team in the league As usual all focus on the ref to distract how poor we were An quality free kick and that was our lot Hope Flynn is fit as Hoddy gives me the fear. Gave away a needless penalty
  19. I saw one saying he was poached from St Mirren
  20. Rhodes ain't going to Sellic So i think we are done now
  21. He's quite angry about the timing Wednesday night and he done it on his own back Didn't want him to go to a rival but Broadfoot was more or less downing tools unless getting his own way It's done and left us a bit short at the back
  22. Paid his own transfer fee to get away from us
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