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  1. When we rattled the ball in the play ground Lorimer was the shout RIP
  2. There's no doubt that the Slavia player made a racial comment at Kamara The player should be punished no qualms But the hypocrisy from the Sevco support is staggering
  3. He hasn't scored in a while A couple of goals today would be a changer
  4. As i said Right wing Turkeys don't vote for Christmas
  5. If the BBC and right wing media were more even handed regarding Johnston,Patel and Hancock i wouldn't regard it as shite Got to laugh none of this would have came about if Salmon kept his hands to himself but Sturgeon is to take the Derry for it
  6. How can you blame the ref? The only one who heard it was Kamara How can he act on he said she said We all know fitba players are fine,honest and upstanding people Gerard has more faces than the toon hall clock His stance over the Eva incident spring to mind
  7. These 2 games on the now featuring the 2 North Landan Clubs is woeful
  8. Won't happen though Confidence sky high and they just don't look like losing as they don't concede One of those seasons
  9. He is good onthe counter as the goal showed But they worked ball well out wide but don't put the cross in despite players in the box Annoys the feck out of me Modern fitba
  10. One way traffic Chelsea overcooking it
  11. Aye My auld faither who was joiner/fireman said they houses were excellent built Really well built of a high standard
  12. Gotta to disagree here The many thousands fans of the Champions stuck to the rules Unlike the ones who went to George Sq They weren't interested in celebrating but displaying a GIFRUY and we will do as we please I don't believe passing the blame to Sevco as it wouldn't have mattered what they had put out Still a police problem who won't act against fans of the 2 clubs who are still treated differently from the rest
  13. A double hard b*stard A real fighter in an era of great fighters
  14. Weren't a bogey team they just had a guy who always seem to score against us Ken Eadie a Shortroods boy said in the press he was a Saints fan The bogey team as pointed out is the Fakes
  15. Semi final at Parkhead 82 A poor crowd i remember
  16. They are there on the board. They lost a fortune at Ibrox as they were the only ones actually putting money in. They are behind the move to move away from Cappielow to the auld IBM site
  17. No doubt about it, things are very wrong behind the scenes there. Are the Sleazedales still involved?
  18. Must be regretting not taking the Sevco job now
  19. Aye usually wearing fitba colours of the 2 biggest clubs in the country She has pissed off both Myself she has shown weak leadership as she has let mob rule run the show
  20. Well done Sevco Best team in the country and deserved champions
  21. One of my earliest memories is a Christmas party in there, watching a cartoon.on.an old cinefilm, and being allowed to take a whole handful of sweeties from a jar! Probably around 1970. Sorry i was talking about Canal St station But they showed cartoons on the old cinefilm,played games.fed us juice,pieces and sausage rolls Got a present from Santa and then a selection box when leaving Even the year they were on strike they held the party at some hall on George St
  22. Aye All the Christmas parties i went to in the place apart 1 year they were on strike
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