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  1. Tickets on sale now, ticket office open until 20:00 tonight. The tickets show game is 16/10/2021 at 19:45 🤔
  2. Nope, the committee would have to decide on whether or not to put any such proposal out to members and I don’t see that happening.
  3. They won’t ever publish minutes publicly, I’ve been on that committee.
  4. 7-1 now for Scotland, Emslie scores with an excellent free kick.
  5. I remembered it because me and Neil went to a game against them a good few year’s ago and in the pub before the game a local pulled a ferret out of his pocket, sat it on the bar and fed it crisps.
  6. I have been witness to fans being treated badly in the past because they did not have an email address, but this situation is worse because unlike previous seasons there is no facility to buy away game tickets online and have them posted out even though you may have the means to go online. So this affects quite a lot of fans.
  7. You may not be bothered if some people who rely on tickets being posted out for away games cannot get to those games, but they are. All because our new more professional regime cannot work out how to answer the phone or read emails and then put a ticket in an envelope and post it out. This has never been a problem before, I have often had my tickets posted out when I was in work. Not a problem going to pick up tickets now I’m retired but I feel for those unable to go to our stadium for tickets during the current opening hours. You apparently don’t give a damn.
  8. No ticket availability online meant people who would normally be able to get a ticket in the post because of inability to travel to St Mirren Park had been denied the chance of attending. The people at the top in our club are dependant on inexperienced staff in the ticket office and elsewhere. For whatever reason some experienced staff left the club it now leaves inexperienced directors in charge of inexperienced staff. Surely someone should have realised that new staff need proper training for the job.
  9. I had phoned the ticket office before my first post, just had a call back and all is. Sorted 😁
  10. I have received a second email telling me that my entry time is 18:15 the first one said 18:45 ?
  11. Me too, except it’s £6 they want from me 😁
  12. June Stevenson, Billy.
  13. Could not agree more, I avoid the place if I can.
  14. “We need lightning to clear the air” no we don’t.
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