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  1. I could have sworn I seen Montrose mentioned somewhere in the draw 😎🦮
  2. HSS

    The Vaccine

    That would be clever, it's not there anymore. They have moved Broxburn?Where is it now?
  3. I see Sam Foley got a 25 min run out yesterday
  4. That would be the perfect draw.......as long as we’re at home 🏆
  5. HSS

    The Vaccine

    and the only place they breed is Broxburn?
  6. No such thing as the old firm mate. As for the clubs who used to make up the OF.......sellic play falkirk at 7:30pm tonight,sevco play tomorrow
  7. Wont play for St Mirren again according to BBC gossip
  8. HSS

    Latest Scores

    He got booked tonight as Sunderland came from behind to beat Oxford 3-1.
  9. HSS

    Latest Scores

    He signed for Sunderland
  10. Obviously not lenient enough.............. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56620526
  11. It’s happening...................🤔
  12. I don’t know either What I do know is not everyone who signs on is a scrounger
  13. Maggie Thatcher is alive and well and living in Arbroath
  14. The Aberdeen players did not breech rules by visiting a bar It was perfectly legal to go to a pub They broke rules by breaking the 2 household rule
  15. I had a similar 14 team accumulator which was beaten by Roda of the Dutch 2nd division.Would have paid 20/1 despite them all being “certainties” 🤷
  16. QP will play this seasons remaining home games at the Falkirk Stadium.If for any reason the FS is unavailable they will play at Ochilview
  17. What’s the best result on Weds then? Denmark win and leave it to Scotland and Austria to fight it out for 2nd?
  18. I’m up for that.........roll on Saturday 🤗
  19. It’s gone the full circle......it’s now strange to see fans in a stadium 🤔
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