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  1. Perhaps this rumoured English bid has forced smisa's hand a bit?
  2. One of these days I'm going to click on a thread and I swear the whole page will just be the repeated message: This post is hidden because you have chosen to ignore posts by <USER>. View it anyway?
  3. Think you may be right. I would've expected Farrell to have been by Rae's side at the press conference, but going by his tweets he's waiting to see if it can be worked out. The board give the manager his budget, they should therefore let him get on with it and bring in who he wants.
  4. Gun put to my nuts and told to choose between Rae and Calderwood I'd choose Rae. But surely to goodness there are better candidates?
  5. Chick Young was hinting that Stuart McCall would not be interested. I don't think Ian would leave Ayr for us. They've been good for him and he might wish to show some loyalty to them.
  6. Brought a wee tear to the eye. Brilliant news.
  7. They are commentating from the BBC studios
  8. Well now I don't need to worry about answering that age old question of "Aye, but who do you really support....?" Fkn cheers for that. As has been said previously: I have zero problems taking cash off the brothers or with them playing at the ground. I do however have a big problem with their club crest hanging proudly just yards from a wall where the club has those "Bricks"... many with the names of supporters no longer with us. It shows a big lack of respect to fans.
  9. Was it a "gentleman's agreement" or was it cause we're up the financial creek....?
  10. For starters Sevco could never afford the development fee. I'd expect the SFA to decide on something like £250,000. And i have no doubts in my mind that if Kenny went to Sevco he would very quickly become the boo boy of choice. Just need to look at Adams or Broadfoot to see the Neanderthals very quickly pick on Scottish boys, especially if they come from "diddy clubs". Kenny gets enough stick with us, I can only imagine the levels of abuse he'd get from the knuckle-draggers at Ibrox.
  11. The Sevco fans will obviously fancy themselves, and when they get knocked out they'll demand the head of the Cheeky Chap.
  12. Hadn't heard a thing about it until the official statement. Though that'll be mainly cause i don't listen to that pish. Decent statement from Saints though.
  13. I think it's more likely that SKY will re-negotiate if rangers are no longer an SPL club. That would lead to a reduction in the overall money the SPL get, but possibly not by a huge amount. Here's the thing that nobody seems to have talked about.... At present the old firm get the majority of the TV money. If rangers are no longer in the other SPL clubs can vote to change the idtiotic 11-1 vote. They get rid of that and then they can change the way the TV money is distributed to a fairer way amongst all 12 clubs. That way, wouldn't the hit amongst the other 10 clubs possibly not be as bad? After all currently the old firm take the majority of the cash. Change the distribution of the cash and our % of cash of a renogotiated TV deal might not be as bad. Pure speculation i admit, and i agree that it's right to wait until all the juggling balls have landed, but maybe things won't be as bad if rangers get (rightly) voted out....
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