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  1. I don’t expect SPFL to take the same stance, despite this and what’s happened down south. I would be pleasantly surprised if they did....
  2. WoulD be delighted to leave with a point. Anything more would be an amazing bonus. COYS
  3. Worryingly.... I’m getting used to all this ‘winning’ caper. 🤣
  4. What a day! Another great 3pts. Jim made great subs at the right time. Good result and climbing the table!
  5. He’s turned out to be a great wee signing. In fact, all the Irish boys are fitting in well. McGrath is turning into the player I hoped he’d be also. McCarthy has been solid at the back and Connolly causes teams problems too. Wouldn’t mind raiding the league for a goal scorer too.....
  6. Just read up on Morton’s predicament - would echo Others in that I would hate to see them fold. Hope they can work it out. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/david-hopkin-shock-morton-departure-23147576.amp
  7. Other than Obika (admittedly not enough) I agree - the rest aren’t scoring enough. I think McAlister and Obika link up well.... Livi and Morton for example. But agree - overall, our performance in the final 3rd is the reason we are where we are. look ok as a defensive unit and the team reminds me of a Gus era squad, would be nice to have the right additions in the window to sort this and propel us forward - but easier said than done.
  8. It’s my feelings entirely - I said this earlier in this thread. Regardless of who pulled the head plug on games, other clubs had games cancelled for players breaching Covid rules. Needs to be an equal punishment. Another thing on this article I found strange - was not only are hibs pinching our players - but also our kit man?
  9. Big game. I hope our players are up for it following the awarded points and use it as the extra motivation to go grab 3 points. We are more than capable of doing so - just need to be more clinical in front of goal. Erwins miss on Saturday epitomised our season. A chance for us to climb table if other results go our way!
  10. I do think today will be a total different game from both teams - I hope the events of the past week give the team the bit between their teeth from the off. A wee 2-1 win for the saints. Wind up Ferguson, get the wee prat sent aff into the bargain! If CarlSberg done saints games 👍
  11. Why ? Neither failed to fulfill a future. Totally different scenario they were ordered not to play by the Scottish Govt, Saints and Killie requested postponements as they were unable to field teams due to their own negligence. Had the SG not intervened the Aberdeen Celtic games would have been able to go ahead as they would have been able to field teams. Irrespective of the reason or who pulled the plug on the game, those clubs had games postponed one way or another due to breaching Covid rules. Flying to Spain and frequenting bars in Aberdeen. Our guys, wrongly btw, car shared with the same lads with whom they’d make physical contact with on the pitch and at training. Games missed by 4 clubs breaching covid rules - should result in the same punishment is my own opinion (irrespective of who pulled the plug on the game).
  12. So will Aberdeen and Celtic be reviewed and deducted points?? absolute shambles
  13. I think this will be a tougher game as they have some key players back. I think we need to go the same team and take the game to them as we did at times at the weekend. I don’t think Aberdeen are as great as they are made out at times. COYS
  14. Oh dear... let’s hope it’s resolved sooner than later. just another distraction on top of the ongoing disciplinary process. let’s hope we get it sorted & move on. Hard not to be concerned :/
  15. Don't know if its Mr Ian C Cumming. ( shull) I sense a can of worms opener here 😂 (at least last time there was). 😂😂😂
  16. On this point I agree. We’ve been the better team * at times.... however, Aberdeen have just had a bit more dig and physicality and bullied us out of points. Hope our luck can turn this week! with the bench looking stronger than it has this season for us, we have options & I remain optimistic as to a 1-0/2-1 win!
  17. I think a lot of people called this... a scrappy 1-0 game was always on the cards, I’m delighted if went our way. furthermore, we finally have good options on the bench. Lets push on from here! COYS
  18. Cerys crappy match, neither team particularly playing well. I feel we are playing to simplY not concede. Would like us to try and go at them a bit more. why not attack and try get the lead instead of going potentially behind and then making those changes?
  19. Don’t say that... we can’t afford more call offs 🙈 let’s just put it down to an admin issue at their side. I have us down for an away win in my ‘WKW’ account with my mates (the only one who backed us. 😩). Good wee app for those who fancy a flutter amongst mates. im feeling positive about this one. 1-0 edgy game with a goal from big Jon Obika is my prediction.
  20. Sorry to hear this. My thoughts with his family. RIP, bud.
  21. Yea - only thing was he got caught wrong sides a few times end of last season. However - I reckon he can do the job and hopefully going forward we won’t end up with further suspensions to JS. 2 at this stage of the season is disappointing. ad for midfield, we could be doing with a Stephen McGinn esq player who can pick a pass. Cammy can do that but was off his game Saturday.
  22. Aye, fair point. probably not. To be honest, midfield we have cover, bigger concern is CB. I assume Foley will cover or even move Tait into defence. Foley not quite been up to last seasons standards though.
  23. Cheers for the update SPS. Big Jon has came on fighting fit last few games. Doing his job. Durmus is hit or miss but a good option to have. Hopefully fit soon too.
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