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  1. 5.00 am SATURDAY. Woke up & the first thought i had was i cant be late for the game ! 7.00 am Sunday. After a crap sleep, got up & prepped for Brekkie. Food already bought, quick nip to Morrions for fresh rolls. 10.00 Visitors descend, Beers (or mad dog 20/20 for one!) , breakfast & 1987 cup final dvd 12.20 Train from Bishopton so we could avoid the Gilmour Street crush. 12.24 Gilmour Street : WTF ? where is everbody ? 1.15 Arrive at Mount Florida having had great on train banter with a group of Jambos, try doing that with the old scum & theyll rip your spleen out . 1.45 Mount Florida indoor bowling club. More beers. Outnumbered 10 -1 by Jambos but again , banter not bother. ( & bumped into the "train Jambos again ) 3.00 pm Sunday 17th March 2013: A game of football took place. 5.45 P A R T Y T I M E !!! 6.00 After half an hour standing freezing in the (strangely subdued ) queue for the train & again bumping into "train Jambos" who were very warm & genuine with their good wishes, we headed home in what had to be the quietest ever football train ?!? 6.45 County square shambles. we`ll quickly gloss over that . 8.00 ish -12.00 ish Kiltys was bouncing ! more beer, champagne, shots & more beer. Bumped into some pals from Dumfries & Gary from my 5 a side & it turns out theyre related ! Also met Campbell Money Today. Head OK, voice f**ked. Watched highlights 3 times so far.
  2. I heard it was going to re-open as THE Hateleys.
  3. Yeuch . http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/hampden-park#?tab=fiveDay
  4. I am sitting here, and for some reason , despite having followed saints for all of my 51 years i am more nervous/excited/eager than i can ever remember.
  5. Going by the amount of empty seats at scumbrox on Saturday , i think many of the blue f**kwits have started early !
  6. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/hampden-park#?tab=fiveDay&fcTime=1363478400 this ones looking a bit different.
  7. Parking space ?? ...... they should have led the teams out !!
  8. First tentative glimpse of what the weather might hold for us on the day. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/6296626?day=4 ETA toggle "further ahead"
  9. Sorry if this has been posted previously. Thought these guys were fantastic last time out.
  10. Went for a walk today , from Inchinan to Braehead through Renfrew. The dogs we came across were better behaved than the smelly C**Ts who were standing outside The kind Man & Davidsons pubs in Renfrew town centre.
  11. In my new Job , over the last 3 months ive had the "Pleasure" of visiting Bowmore , Burn Stewart, Chivas & Angus Dundee distillers. Highlight ? The Barrs Irn Bru factory . I just dont get the Whisky Thing .
  12. f**k. I wanted a Saints V Ton Final !
  13. Hardly seems worth it. Give the lad a decent run & see how he does , but a month ? fwiw, i still dont think hes got it at spl level.
  14. I`ve watched the highlights at least a dozen times now & each time it just gets better ! I didnt really appreciate the build up play for the first goal, from Goodwins tackle to Isma final touch.... pure class !
  15. Thats a wee bit unfair, we`ve seen him for a whole 45 minutes , give the lad a chance, the reports from Geordie land were of a tough tackling midfielder, what better platform to show it.
  16. Or the SFA could let them sign Les Fridge as an emergency loan. !
  17. According to the beeb radio, Foster is out of the scumtic team for sunday. Thats good but whos their no.2 keeper ?
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