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  1. Right thats enough, i`m off to watch CSI bawbag on telly!
  2. And don`t say say somebody Mcbawbag!!
  3. serious question here, what was the wrestling commentator called?
  4. sorry but it never was quite the same without Mick Mcbawbag , the man was a god, a short fat badly wigged god ,.....but a god!
  5. bringing up all those old classics really made me feel melanc....melonchol....melancholl.......F*ck it, made me long for the past
  6. Tonights t.v. schedule: 6.00 the weakest bawbag. ..... anne gives another contestant THE SACK 7.30 bawbag Street...... Diedre`s neck does it`s world famous scrotum impression 8.00 Bawbagorama.......Jeremy vine shows he`s got the balls to take on anyone 10.00 Bawgag at Ten......With Sir trevor Mcdonger 11.00 Baddiel and Skinner..... a pair of bawbags!!
  7. you were only supposed to blow the bloody bawbags off! Hasta la vista... Bawbag friends ,romans ,Bawbags ,leand me your ears.....or...... friends ,romans,countrymen...lend me your Bawbags.
  8. i`m listening to the new single from crystal kicks......rock and f**kin roll !! http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=49982007
  9. i`ll be there again, third in a row for me. usually takes me the year to recover for the next one. (away 5)
  10. i don`t mind the £10 a month because of where i am i cant get to as many games as i used to and i`m happy for my money to end up at the club this way, but i do agree that the regular fans who turn up week in week out have a lot of expense as it is and might find the £10 an expense to far. don`t have the answer but there must be some way of compromise ,perhaps quarterly subs of a tenner?
  11. if you like that..... http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=49982007
  12. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=49982007 rock and f*ckin roll !!
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