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  1. I know Reilly didnt feature today, but does anyone know how much of the semi final did he get ?
  2. Your list of former saints & jags needs updated Dave.
  3. I saw a wee fella wearing the away strip yesterday & much as i hate to say it, it actually looked Ok. (sort of)
  4. Nope , Seems you got it spot on Yoda. Sorry, Bluto
  5. Airliner. singular. but i get your point.
  6. Watch you dont get a skelf in yer arse fae that fence David
  7. Last season we only played in 10 minute spells in many matches !!
  8. Four injured before last nights game shows up our threadbare squad. Throw in a few suspensions come mid season & we will really struggle.
  9. Amazing stuff David. Pure Class.
  10. Paulo is a f**kin national trerasure GO PAULO!!
  11. Paulo has been amazing, a superb entertainer despite his "leanings" . Brilliant !
  12. What about that auld bampot spouting off about giving his life to protect the union ? !! Dimbleby with his head in hands was hilarious !!
  13. last nights game ? thats two hours of my life i'll never get back ! >_>
  14. 10 for that ? you must be mad !
  15. Dunno if he'd be too keen on a move to the west bank . too much a-ga -ro !!
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