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  1. He can car share with Bahoken & Djemba .
  2. I really wasn`t sure about it when i first saw it. But now i`ve had the time to think & view it again........ I f**kin hate it !
  3. Was going to buy one the last time i was there. The guy in the shop said its £2.00 for the ball but £2.50 if i want it blown up. Well, that`s inflation for you !
  4. Dont worry about the cost. Think of the money you`ll make in fares picking them up from the Airport !!
  5. 59 seconds in. Great defending from Andy Millen.
  6. Who you callin a traitor ? Youre gettin it, i`m a better supporter than you.
  7. Just watched Kenny Mcleans shot again. How many changes of direction did that ball make ? what a strike !
  8. Totally agree. The big dude who was doin the cartwheels looked so pleased to be on the pitch. He & his pals put their heart & soul into it. Well done guys .
  9. & they wonder how they could have spunked away £67 million in two years ?!? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27265237 Hmm, let me think !
  10. Great result , good performance apart from Jim Goodwin. HE WASN`T GOOD.............HE WAS f**kIN TREMENDOUS !!
  11. Only 7 so far for this wednesday due to the Killie game. If youre not going to Rugby park & fancy a game , you need to respond quickly to ensure the game goes ahead. If youve had an invite.... GET YER FINGER OOT & RESPOND !!
  12. Status quo at the apollo , 80-81 ish, My bro in law worked at the Grosvenor , great western road wher quo were staying & he got freebies.
  13. Shit. I thought it couldn`t get any worse !
  14. I hope all of the 27 county fans have a nice day out in Paisley.
  15. youve no idea how near the truth you are !!!:p
  16. what a mess they've made of the site at the red smiddy. Ripped up the hedges to get access to the field & rubbish everywhere already. Scum.
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