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  1. Dilo & The two full backs are defo ones to keep . & i`d also keep McGowan. Despite his erratic form i still think he is one of the best players on our books.
  2. Goodwin was silly with the first challenge which was defo leading with the arm. The one which got Adams hot under the collar was simply a big ol clash of heads, no need for Adams to react how he did. If he (adams)had any grace at all , after watching the replay, he would admit he got it wrong & retract his statements. If not, he should be hauled in front of the SFA/SPFL beaks for bringing the game into disrepute.
  3. I phoned an agency to book an Elvis tribute act, the automated answer message said "press 1 for the money, two for the show ,....." Ok , ill get ma coat !
  4. Stenny are f**kin shite ! Imagine losing three goals to that dross .
  5. New month, new start 2-0 Saints. level on points with killie.
  6. At your age thats no real surprise, here, hope this helps. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26202558
  7. Well. i sure am glad Danny kept chasing Newcastle for Campbells loan. He has made all the difference.
  8. Oh , Calamity, armageddon, slow lingering death for scottish top flight football with only one half of the bigot bawbags......... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26298222 AYE RIGHT !
  9. Love the fact that Third Lanark are STILL more succesful than Morton.
  10. There was a case a few years ago, down in engerlund, where the attacking team put a man on the post when taking direct free kicks. Plan was ,when the ball was struck towards the area of goal occupied by him , he would simply move out the way of the ball.Their argument was that as the player had no intention of playing the ball therefore was not "active". IIRC , the powers deemed that his presence was an unfair distraction on the keeper & therefore hes offside. I would have thought anyone blocking the keepers view while in an offside position as you described would have to be flagged as offside. But then again , sometimes i feel the officials dont even know how to interpret their own rules.
  11. That was superb ! The old town came up well. Q: What did they do with all the Jakies/Junkies during filming ?
  12. What ? Oh the Paisley one ? You should have been more specific Bud.
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