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  1. I think if you spin round, click your heels & repeat three times "i`m Ardbeg Saint !" that should do the trick ! Good luck! btw, i simply pmd Div to change from Dumfries bud, that might work too.
  2. Wiki has already been changed to show Stevensons current club as Rangers !! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Stevenson
  3. Mcdonald (keeper) , stevenson & hamill out too !
  4. At the south stand end,they removed what looked like a small remotely operated camera from inside the goal net area & gave it to the young cameraman about 10 feet to the left of the goal. He looked a wee bit miffed .
  5. I`d prefer to see Magennis play in a different position. Somewhere like Pittodrie would do.
  6. We turned up last minute at the ground & couldn`t get two decent seats together for the west stand, had to go in the South stand. Lo & behold, we look over to the west stand to the hundreds of empty seats, surely they cant all be season ticket holders who havent turned up ? The main stand also had lots of empty seats & the south , although busy ,was far from full. Fair play to the Jambo fans (not something i particularly like saying) they made the atmosphere what it was & their repertoire of songs was top class, great to hear them poke fun at their own situation.
  7. No comparison. That strip looks really smart.
  8. Cant believe the BAWA 8s was cancelled for that pish !
  9. Your talents are wasted here, you are a marketing genius !
  10. Cant understand why turnover is so much more with gates about 800 a match LESS than us David . Is their marketing so much better for match days ? do they make more use of the stadium outwith matches ?
  11. IF he is given a new contract then he must prove that he HAS learned from past disastrous transfer windows. The board need to act early, if a new contract is to be offered, it needs to be done now , give the manager a budget for the new season & ensure it is spent wisely. Forget the last day panic signings, 90% dont work out.
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