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  1. What he meant tae say was, " i was going tae buy one, ya pie !"
  2. Dont worry, it was pathetic attempt at humour ! Yeah i`m going. I`ve never been to newbrockvillewestparkgazebostadium. Thought i`d give it a go. Also goin to accies game next week
  3. How much is it ? FFS Shull, how did you get in here!
  4. BTW, happy star wars day to all The FFFs, and to the offshore division, and the knicker wetters, and the gusophiles and...everybody
  5. And that from the man who was off-line for days coz the valves went on his new fangled electric computer thingy !
  6. I might apply ,but if i dont get in i`m not going to beat myself up about it!
  7. Great idea ! A self abuse site. how much to join !
  8. Dunno why, but it just doesn`t ring any bells with me. At that time i was drinking mainly in shuttle street ( IN the pubs - not in the street. ) The original shuttles with the barmaids in the basques, The earl of cranby & round the corner in the wine bar.
  9. Where was cannes ? And before any smartarse says france ......
  10. BTW , i think you can still get strawberry Mivvi.
  11. 1. FAB. ( i know you can still get them but since they`ve taken all the artificial colours and stuff out of them they`re pish) 2. FAB 3. FAB 4. FAB 5. FAB
  12. If by entetaining you mean lets point and laugh at the choreographed phoney terrible acting, usually over the top american shit ? Hmmmm , let me think.
  13. So FFFs, whose goin to which games ,when . Its about time we had a beer or two !
  14. According to a report from the licensed victuallers last year, income from drink was down 9.8% year on year . Smoking ban or people just cutting back ? If more pubs would INVEST in their business rather than just expect punters to turn up for shoddy service and grotty pubs then they would do better. Perhaps the loss of some pubs is natural wastage of deadwood, My local is busier than ever since new lanlords came in, tarted the place up and put entertainment on at the weekends. The last waste of space landlord spent more time outside with the smokers complaining about how bad things were ! If you cant be arsed with your business, why should you expect paying punters to be.
  15. So , how many pubs in the town centre ? Anyone make a list ? Just the town mind, no scheme pubs , restaraunts or hotels.
  16. Mornin` Shull, you`ll be a happy bunny today, clocks go forward this weekend meaning its an hour less you`ll need the candles lit for !
  17. http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/in...c=25996&hl= No shit sherlock !
  18. The man has lost it. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ell/7942027.stm What a Fanny. End of.
  19. I`m banned. No reason given . Pure dead gutted so a am by the way
  20. The T-Shirt was proudly displayed in the Bowling club after the game. !
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