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  1. Its obvious, have you ever heard of a player called BNFOD ?
  2. So even after an edit you still didnt notice the basic mistake ?!?!
  3. Hes a Pillar of society & good in the box
  4. 1.Not this season. 2. Bigger overheads /outgoings ( also remember that approx £2 million of the t/o comes from the hotel & leisure operation & long term non & low interest loans from two directors soften the financial burden ) 3.definately more empty seats, & a ridiculously small Tunnel !! & 4. Still, despite years of cut backs.......Bigger debt ! I do agree though that potentially when better run,they are a bigger club. So much depends on whether Rankers are playing at home !!
  5. You STILL dont get it ,do you ? Theyre NOT wrong . Two fouls were given against Jim Goodwin in quick succesion after he got booked....... FACT !! whether you thought they merited a foul is irrelevant . the ref gave them , They WERE fouls given, they were reported as such without bias !! For f**ks sake !! & you wonder why i resort to name calling ? You dim witted f**kpiece !! I cant believe anyone could be so f**kin thick .
  6. Ok , once more for the incredibly dim. The referee gave two fouls against Jim Goodwin (Hard tackling midfielder currently in the employment of St.Mirren Footbal club) within four minutes of said Mr Goodwin having recieved a yellow card . The British Broadcasting Corporation correctly reported those two incidents in the match report. Sky sports centre reported the same events. We have to assume that the radio reporter, the referee , the bbc & Sky have indeed got the sequence of events right. Buddieclown however seems to be refusing to accept that these incidents took place ,he is choosing to argue that he is basing HIS recollection of events on what he saw at the game. Perhaps, & bear with me here, perhaps .......... you might be wrong ?!?!?!
  7. Have you upset me in the past ? Do you want to go back & read your first post ? you insinuate that im so feeble of mind that id let Allan Preston influence my opinion of a St.Mirren player ?!? What f**kin planet are you on ?
  8. & youre getting way off the point. Dickhead preston reported the events of the day FACTUALLY. Proven by the beeb thread. YOU cant seem to accept that
  9. Nope , theyre human , they make mistakes, but when have you ever known a ref who blew for a foul then take it back or ask for it to be removed from the record of the game because Buddif**kwit doesnt accept it !
  10. Is it not time for your medication yet ? p.s. checked those fouls yet ? why not e-mail the sfa tomorrow & ask for them to be rescinded because you dont accept them.
  11. as for the 3 brain cell jibe ? i think you answered that yourself with your last stupid f**kin post !
  12. Of course they were fouls ya f**king clown !! the referee blew his wee whistley thing !! theres the f**kin clue , moron .
  13. Based my opinion of goodwin on what id heard allan preston say ? where the f**k do you get that from ?? Preston is a dick but he DID say Goody was unlucky to have been booked ( you chose not to acknowledge that from my initial post) He did also say during commentary that lennon should consider subbing Jim to avoid a second booking & sending off. Hardly the words of a man who wants goodwin sent off. If you would like to check, you will see that goodwin WAS in fact penalised for TWO fouls in FOUR minutes following his booking.http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25600372 You really are a f**king obnoxious prat arent you ? For your benefit , please find the attached directions to St.Mirren park, you obviously have never been there , you may want to take in a game sometime & see Jim Goodwin play & form your own opinion using your 3 remaining brain cells. http://www.theaa.com/route-planner/index.jsp#fromNode=0%7CPaisley%7C%7C-4.440114%7C55.847258%7CtoNode=0%7CGreenhill%20Rd%7C%7C-4.443019%7C55.851323
  14. Is that the same Gary Harkins who signed for us ?
  15. Does anyone know if DLs contract & TCs contract are on similar lines/ duration etc ?
  16. As i said on the speculation thread, DL was on radio scot yesterday saying he had abudget for players, didnt reveal whether it would stretch to one two or more. Would love to know .
  17. Danny saying on radio yesterday that we have a budget but didnt say whether for one two or more. would love to know.
  18. Allan preston said during yesterdays commentary that Jim Goodwin was unlucky to get booked & his foul on may was retaliation for a previous one by may on him. Probably the fact that the ref noticed that too that got him booked ! Thats said, preston commented that Goodwin went on to commit two fouls within the next five minutes & lennon should consider replacing him. The problem seems to be whenever Jimbo feels aggrieved he wants to exact his own justice . He needs to screw the nut. Deep breaths, count to ten !!
  19. I`m sure anyone who witnessed Mo Camaras exploits in a Saints strip would argue with that !
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