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  1. Thanks for that Matron , but wheres my lunch ?..................... .................. & have you washed your hands ?
  2. Hmm , Photos of fat pished Mackems making an arse of themselves ? Nah , youre alright.
  3. I think redhead or strawberry blond is the term your searching for........ Reported for being Gingist !
  4. I predict a riot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuart_Baxter
  5. Everybody knows those good ol` Scottish tough guys are all heart !! I hear that Paul Ferris does the shoppin for his granny ....... what a sweetheart !!
  6. Robbin bastards , especially the Sports packages.
  7. They turned up a day late & heckled the churchgoers leaving sunday worship. One guy threw a bottle of Domestos at the minister. He has been charged with Bleach of the Priest ! Sorry.
  8. Easy mistake to make....... especially from 100 miles away !! Sorry Bud, open goal i couldn`t refuse
  9. Not reported on beeb , sky or eurosport. nothing on OS either. Mibbee just a talking to ? Weve got the fair play league to think about !!
  10. It was all over the place about 10-15 mins ago but seems to have settled now.
  11. We actually looked half decent there !! & as i thought at the time, Boyd was defo offside with the one that hit the post.
  12. Like i said before , i am happy coz i now get to go. So being the selfish Bastard i am ....... f**kem ! Game shifted, deal with it , move on !! However, if future games are moved & dont suit me, you`ll f**kin hear me all right !!
  13. So , no questions, no defence, no taking everything into consideration, Just ... Sacked ? Right ?
  14. Well done to the U 20s today. https://www.facebook.com/Stmirrenfc
  15. So a worker in a factory should be disciplined but a manager sacked . Right ?
  16. What about a player /manager ?
  17. Taking it a bit too far. Where do you draw the line. Head butt - sacked. How about a punch ? or an elbow to the face ? (watch out Goody )
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