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  1. And that, my esteemed forum fool, is exactly why neither of us will ever be responsible for employing professional football managers.
  2. Let me put it another way then as you're clearly struggling with it, Stephen Kenny was shit as a manager in Scotland, so was Tommy Craig.
  3. I'd be inclined to say the same about anyone championing the cause of a manager whose only success is in the Irish league and whose previous experience in Scotland makes Tommy Craig's tenure look impressive.
  4. As if the suggestion of sacking our manager wasn't stupid enough, you come out with this wee gem, unbelievable.We just need to suck it up I reckon, Murray isn't going anywhere and rightly so. We won't get relegated, I'm pretty certain of that but we will improve slightly and be a mid table outfit for the next season or two.
  5. They were hats though, not football tops.
  6. Pretty certain by the time Murray took over there was zero chance of McGinn re-signing.
  7. I've still got the home strip.This rancid away one just reminds me of depressing trips to Kilbowie. And Neil Orr.
  8. Until last season? This brings back horrible memories of Bone's 5/10/15 year plan. http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/111783916347
  9. I still think it'll be 2 or 3 years before we go back up.That's not being overly negative, it's being realistic. Until Hibs and Rangers are back in the top league I think we just have to deal with it.
  10. So demanding that the management team is sacked 3 months into the season would be classed as being ambitious would it?Fascinating.
  11. This is an excellent signing, the key for me is, would we be happy if he'd joined us in the Premiership? For me the answer is yes so it makes it even better that he's dropped down a division to join us.
  12. Webster has previous as well, remember all the stuff partaining to his Wigan move, his move engineered to Rangers and his subsequent shuffling out the door of Ibrox.
  13. Judging from what I've heard his next stop will be Wetherspoons.
  14. I'm quite shocked at that, he'll be on a good wedge so aye, probably Hibs or a top league side.
  15. If I do will you stop posting?
  16. He's already signed for someone I think.Someone on Pie And Bovril said as much, although I couldn't suss out who the guy supported when he said 'he's signed for us'. Edit to add, it's Dumbarton, coaching role as well.
  17. I don't really see any pleading, what I do see is more individuals bored with the posts of you and others like you.You started a thread suggesting we replaced our manager(who's been in charge for 3 league games)with a manager who wouldn't even consider us. But of course these kind of responses are what someone like you craves.
  18. Says more about you than me sunshine.
  19. Of course we were but if memory serves me correctly we weren't good enough for that league so start on an equal footing with them all this season and have no divine right to finish above them.By your logic managers of every club in Scotland should've been sacked when we won the league cup by virtue of them not winning it.
  20. If it's the former, you'd have to ask what's the point?I joined this forum a few years back to keep up to speed with signing rumours mainly and to a lesser degree have a bit of chat about the club. The amount of 'in the know' clowns and numerous aliases has killed this forum for me, the Facebook group was the same, I've now binned that.
  21. No shit, however do we have a divine right to be challenging?No is the answer, massive rebuilding was required by Murray which is obviously still ongoing, fortunately his employers are more patient. I'm inclined to agree with Gilmour's knickerwetters quote even more now. The crap our players/management/BOD take on here is unbelievable.
  22. If he has signed I think he's a better shout than Reid. Spoke to Utd and Well fans about both and Watson sounds the better of the 2, if he stays fit.
  23. No longer a rumour http://www.saintmirren.net/pages/?p=46118
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