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  1. All the hate directed towards McAusland on here and Facebook is out of order. Completely out of order. Have a word with yourselves.
  2. Tess is a great player. People bumping their gums about him running out on us...come on. He got more money. How many of you knock back a wage rise? He is only what, 25? SPL quality, can play in a couple of positions. Great signing. Again. Some folk are so negative on here it makes you want to fert.
  3. This is Ryan Stevenson most folk are fretting about, not Sergio Aguero. The guy is OK. That's it. It's not like we missed out on Neymar. Look at Stevenson's goal scoring record, his injury record, his age, the league he plays in....then take a deep breath and calm down.
  4. Owen Coyle was the first name that sprung to my mind, would make sense on a few levels but would be a step back for his career potentially. At least it can't be John Hughes.
  5. I think it was fairly obvious that when a contract wasn't forthcoming that Danny was for the elbow. Couldn't sack him as probably couldn't afford the compensation. To be fair to Danny - if he does indeed go - he has always conducted himself very well and talked up the team and the fans. Lots of respect for the guy but ambivalent about such a crazy see-saw season.
  6. I think that we deserve to be in the league until results tell us otherwise. I think for a club whose fanbase would triple if folk supported the club from the town in which they were born instead of glory hunting with the ugly sisters then we're doing OK. Arguably Partick Thistle suffer much like ourselves in that respect. I've said it before but I'd prefer an acceptance of our limitations and be fiercely proud of what we have achieved just to survive. Home games would be more enjoyable without all the negativity. The bigger argument is the scandal of the SFA and people like Doncaster and Regan are running the league. It's an on-going shambles and have proven they are inept and unfit for positions of responsibility.
  7. Extra incentive - if we beat ICT or get a draw then Hibs can relegate Hearts on Sunday.
  8. The one ray of light is Yogi Hughes has the footballing nous of a caterpillar. Ideally Kelly and Naismith will be encouraged to be brave and get forward as ICT rarely play with any width. Hopefully we get everyone to press ICT all over the pitch and try and win possession. Thompson and McGowan if playing up front together need to drop back when not in possession and keep us compact and stop passes into Tansey and Draper who start a lot of moves. They'll probably go with a 4-3-2-1 formation with McKay up front on his own and Watkins, Vincent and Williams behind. The common problem for ICT seems to be players out of position, too many central midfielders and no pace....now where have I heard that before? Time for the players to get the f*cking gloves off and fight like hell for themselves, each other, the club and last but not least the fans.
  9. Horrendous performance tonight. We're in the play-off spot and on that showing we are not escaping it. Threadbare squad with minimal investment and no-one looks particularly bothered. The whole lot deserve to be dropped including the manager. Shambles.
  10. If only we could blame this car crash of a season on all the worries about who might or might not eventually buy the club. It would be good to have the issue settled if it meant some significant investment in playing staff. Why anyone would want to pour money into football in this era is beyond me, may as well burn your cash and piss on the embers. Reminds me of Walter White sinking his money into a car wash.
  11. United look to be coming good again after their mid-season slump, which was understandable given the number of young players in their team. Cifti looks to be a fantastic player who is on top form which is a worry. That said, we won the last game and the players have had a rest (Thommo especially). I can see us getting a draw out of this but will be hoping for a win.
  12. Danny will be using the lottery machines Lancelot and Arthur to pick the team this week. There will be no rollover.
  13. I honestly thought this was a hoax. Top quality defensive midfielder. I can hold my hands up and say I did not for one second think this was anything other than a wind-up. Bring it on.
  14. Away in Manchester so missed the game, then wake to stories about Novo on trial and Grainger getting released. Seems a bit shambolic if there are no replacements lined up. An already threadbare squad is looking thinner. I think Danny may well have boxed himself into a corner and must hope that players come in last minute and no-one gets injured.
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