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  1. Unsure what to expect from this game tactically. Robinson's Motherwell faced Celtic 12 times , only lost 5 , but didn't win any. Most of the defeats were tankings !
  2. He did have a habit of digging out some decent forwards in his time with the 'well , the only thing that bothers me is his penchant for having several hammer throwers in his squads !
  3. Inspection at 2.30 , can't see it being given the go ahead !
  4. Couple of Buds on twitter who live in Dundee saying the weather is now horrendous , and with the forecast as it is , they think it'll be off !
  5. Let's just hope he doesn't revert to his favourite three at the back too quickly! Gung ho seems to be a recurring criticism of his tactics !
  6. That's what Gilmour said about Tommy Craig , word for word !
  7. Stockton already failed badly in the Scottish league , not for me !
  8. Having taken time to digest this appointment , I 'm thinking it's pretty meh really. He had highs and lows with Motherwell . He did sign some big dumplings as well. I'm hoping he's a success but it's not a given !
  9. @ScottBurns75 @saintmirrenfc will confirm the appointment of Stephen Robinson on a 2-and-a-half year deal tomorrow. He will be assisted by Diarmuid O'Carroll after they agreed to pay @ShrimpsOfficial a six figure compensation fee.
  10. Gary , the Morecambe fans forum is in uproar because he's leaving , giving it snake , rat etc Morecambe are in their highest ever position in league football history , and are in the mix for staying up with 5 or 6 other clubs.
  11. Robinson it is. Maybe Lasley as assistant ?
  12. A lot of money going on Stephen Robinson by the look of it. Favourite on some lists !
  13. Neither do I , he commands a lot of respect in the playing fraternity, will have great contacts and is likely to bring in an experienced back room !
  14. I believe they have asked for permission to talk to JG , pretty sure we will ok it. Doesn't mean he'll take the job !
  15. I'm afraid scouts were already out in force yesterday , hopefully the offer of higher wages will see him signing up at least until 2024 !
  16. It is that game , only the main stand was open.
  17. He has quite a few friends among our 30something supporters , who were classmates in Renfrew High. His late dad , Finlay , was an acquaintance of mine in the Western Bar , and his Uncle David was a friend of mine who was with the same team as me in the 80s , before he emigrated.
  18. Apols if this has been covered elsewhere , but , according to JG we better enjoy our loan signings for now , because they're unlikely to be here long term. Wolves would want 500k minimum for Ronan , JJ is still on his Rangers contract at Wigan for another 2 seasons and Gogic is going back to Cyprus , to play there and be nearer his family ! Unlikely any of the three will be here beyond the end of the season.
  19. I don't buy this . Historically our crowds have always been bigger v the cheeks. eg Our record attendance at Love St. Even when I became a regular in the late 60s/70s , if a game against either of them attracted 30k , you'd be lucky to find 5k Buds at the game. Some kids have always been affected too , eg I wasn't allowed to go to games v the Old Firm at LS , didn't stop me still being a Bud today !
  20. He can play , for some reason , he misses their game with Aberdeen this Saturday. Their two new strikers , Ciftci and Bair are both missing.
  21. I'm sure Ethan will turn out a big player for us , but he isn't at the moment , hence the signings of Power and Gogic. His head seems to be in the clouds half the time , concentration seems to be a problem. Against Aberdeen he came on late for Ronan and the first thing he did was attempt a dummy in the midfield area , the ball going to an Aberdeen player who started an attack. JG was giving him pelters about it after that attack broke down .
  22. Big Urminsky being groomed as a possible successor ? MoM , clean sheet and penalty save yesterday !
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