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  1. If Goodwin allows Cammy to join another premiership rival on loan then he’s off his nut.
  2. Terrible call from the ref , only a few feet away , Pogba's heavy touch leading to an over the baller on Neves , 100% foul . What's the point in VAR if the BBC have a better view of it than they do ?
  3. Woeful stuff ! Playing for/hanging on for a draw at home , the same rubbish that eventually cost us top 6 last season, JG will never learn. If there isn't a place for McCarthy in defence , then he shouldn't be playing at all. McPherson gives us more options in there , both going forward and defensively. It's going to be a long, long season !
  4. Get the feeling that the wheels are coming off throughout the club. Any possible deals which appear to be close are not happening , yet in the past I'm sure they would have been sorted quickly . The lack of pace and width needs addressing immediately , even if that means selling some of our assets to provide funds for the right players to come in !
  5. Reminiscent of the doings at the hands of McGarvey and Nicholas in the 80s . JG needs to get things sorted pronto by next week or we're in big bother !
  6. Abada's playing on the right today , I don't think it will be a flat 4 at the back , maybe 3 defenders centrally and two wide.
  7. Absolutely. We would have two leagues of 20 now if it wasn't for the top 12 clubs wanting the opportunity of 4 OF home games a season.
  8. Two future Saints in the pic , John Dickson and Jim Taylor. It would probably have been three , as we were trying to bring Billy McLaughlin to Love St too just before he was tragically killed !
  9. He's a free agent and he's 31 , he has played less than 100 games over the last 5 seasons. If he wants to finish his career playing regularly he's going to have to look at all offers !
  10. Club paying for supporters buses on Sat ?
  11. Spot on , at the moment we are too predictable. Everyone knows we play 3-5-2 . We're limited ,squad wise, to change that to 4 at the back because Tanser isn't a tackler/defender. I suppose we could reintroduce McCarthy and push Dunne out to LB , as he has played there before.
  12. The lack of pace in wide areas is pretty worrying !
  13. With the news today that close contacts of players who test positive will still have to isolate , then as long as the players are using the stand as a base , instead of Ralston , then there will still be restrictions !
  14. "Manager Karl Robinson stated that Kennedy would bring "pace, trickery and excitement" Kennedy was described by Tranmere manager Ronnie Moore as "quick, [he] likes to take on defenders" Maybe McInnes wasn't playing him to his strengths ?
  15. Dundee will take a few trouncings this season with that squad , poor performance and result for us !
  16. This ref should not be working at this level , he can't control a game . Kilmarnock away last season (1-1) was similar , he never had that game under control either.
  17. I assume it's because the criteria is playing on an enclosed pitch which your club has the guaranteed use of !
  18. Port Glasgow 1 Renfrew 7 , Scott Morton with 5 goals !
  19. When you see a big doo like Edmundson leaving Rangers for 1m , then maybe we should be digging our heels in !
  20. No Celtic fans at Tynecastle this weekend either , 4,500 limit and it looks like Hearts are accepting it . Our support should do the same !
  21. Yeah , our support should just accept that we've been told how many we're allowed in and that's it. Hearts would obviously had made a financial killing if they were allowed a bigger crowd . The clubs clearly have little or no control over the numbers !
  22. A shame at that age , he was until recently , a regular contributor on the FB Scottish Football of Yesteryear , so I was shocked to see the announcement on there earlier !
  23. Rangers player , heard we asked ? Jones , Barker , Middleton ?
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