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  1. 81-84 top how much? (as you have 3) what size? do you sell them? I have an old short sleeved bib but it'll be a childs top (decent nick)...interested?
  2. Moving house and having a clear out. I've got a signed ball from the 2013-14 season and a programme from the last game at Love Street if anyones interested send me a message.
  3. https://www.coachesvoice.com/the-rebuild-jack-ross-sunderland/ Apologies if its already been posted
  4. I started this as a positive St Mirren thread.....never again...f**k that. Is each exclamation mark a goal
  5. Midfield trio of McGinn, McLean and Morgan? Well done St Mirren youth system.
  6. there's a pair of specs in the bag with the bibs.....anyone struggling to get home?
  7. A tom hendrie-esque 3-5-2 Money norrie, mclaughlin, rudden ian ross and iain nicolson as wing backs shuggie, fitzy and lambert in the middle Yardley and Guni up front
  8. Most excited i've been for a saints game in ages...more so than the league cup final...i think....looking forward to a full house, big away support, loads of singing, sunny day, saints staying up...confident of a point at least.
  9. 3 tickets bought for next week, from my last day of holiday in Disneyworld COYS
  10. I won't be going to Kirkcaldy but it would seem daft to punish guys who choose to follow the team when its the Black & White Army 8's. I'd be more than happy for those who go to game to keep their place at the top of the list. I'd like a game on Wednesday mind you.In the dome...or at Starks Park....Mr Ross???
  11. ha ha, i know Nicky. Not sure how that happened. Just showing my inability to cut and paste and quote....i'll get my coat
  12. my first game of the season yesterday. I thought we played some nice football in the first half and attacked well down the wings, generally ball to feet with some good link up and 1-2's. Webster defends well but his distribution is poor, he also managed to beat himself at one point in the second half, despite having no one near him. Felt sorry for the keeper, sold the jerseys' but it was a terrible way to drop 2 points which could prove critical at the end of the season.
  13. Perhaps...my recollection of him was he was more influential when he broke into the team at 16/17(?) when he played like a 16/17 year old ie he got about the pitch as well as having good technical ability but as time passed by and especially on his return he played like billy big time and strolled about not doing that much. That might not be that fair but its how i remember it.
  14. Combe had his moments...he was a good shot stopper but i remember the trundler that crawled between his legs at Somerset
  15. Really!! He was such a success at Aberdeen and his numerous caps for his Country??? Surprised Man u never picked him up Take the blinkers off re Fullarton
  16. jimmy bone team? Combe, baker, Fullarton, lavety, gillies delighted he's playing the boys. Can only be good for the club
  17. That would be a dream team The conveyor belt of technically talented young Scottish players full of confidence on the ball would surely increase aplenty
  18. I would guess between 35-40k for game on Saturday. Ticket prices for this qualifying campaign are actually marginally less than previous one (with obvious exception of the England game). I guess its a matter of opinion re value for money. I'm happy to pay £37 to see Scotland playing at Hampden in a competitive fixture a couple of times a year. I'm much less inclined to pay £20 to see St Mirren playing cause the standard of football is shite. One of the reasons i play in the dome regularly is to contribute to the club without having to waste my Saturday afternoons getting depressed.
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