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  1. He was very consistent though.......he misjudged everything that came at him.
  2. Well, that was awful. WTF are the set-pieces all about? We work hard to earn a corner and we all cheer, and then we all realise that nothing will come from it. It will either hit the first defender or more likely sail aimlessly beyond everyone, regardless of who takes them. We started the second half quite well but the delay with the Sheridan injury and Flynn going off killed it. Not good enough all round.
  3. Never a penalty and didn't look like a re-take (looked like right his foot was still on the line) but we'll take it. 14 points from the first round of games is a great return.
  4. Have you managed to get it to load at all ? Seems to be down.
  5. Watching on hesgoal. No commentary. All you can hear is the away support in fine voice.
  6. They were not charged for these games as part of their sesson ticket. If they want to attend they will need to purchase a ticket for either the main or west stand. Quite simple really.
  7. I think most of us realise that there have been a few things that have happened over the last couple of months which were unexpected (ticketing platform, main strip sponsor) add to that the covid impact which I presume meant a reduction in backroom staff etc. but there are 2 things that have really annoyed me most. Firstly, how can a football club (who is reliant on their paying supporters) have no details of who they are or how to contact them ? Secondly, the way that the club has 'engaged' with their support over such matters has been dreadful. I have absolutely no doubt that the club are now working hard to put things right but they need to be much clearer when they actually do try and explain what has gone wrong. I'm not sure of the exact number but around 2500 people have decided to renew their tickets (following a season of no games to attend, the club should be more than grateful) so clarity is key from now on.
  8. So what will you be whining about next ?
  9. Sadly this has been glaringly obvious for a long time.
  10. Personally I would be more comfortable with 70 - 80% to be saved over the first 5 years or so to establish a stronger balance. Other than that I am happy enough with the model proposed.
  11. Just get back to having a go at Kibble on Facebook.
  12. There was word weeks ago that there are stripes on the back.
  13. Pretty sure existing season ticket holders will be able to renew their allocated seats. The club will then hold a ballot of some kind (depending on the numbers allowed) and you will be given an allocated seat for that game (could be anywhere). When restrictions are finally completely lifted ticket holders can sit in their season ticket seat.
  14. Feel sorry for Durmus , he was excellent today. 3 at the back doesn't work, Shaughnessy get's dragged all over the place and isn't quick enough to recover, which results in needless fouls being given away (2nd goal today). Midfield is a mess. If we can bring in a proper left back I wouldn't mind seeing Tait playing the holding midfield role, JDH / Erhahon simply doesn't work.
  15. Exactly. We put out at team in order to "protect players" for next week. St. Johnstone went to Easter rd and won to keep the momentum going. We were awful today and the mood in the camp can't be great after that performance , even those starting next week were poor.
  16. When Durmus arrived I wasn't convinced he was any good, if he didn't beat his man with his first couple of attempts his confidence dropped and he didn't want the ball. Fair play to him, he has become a very important addition to the squad. I don't like him as much on the right or in the wing back role but he's done well regardless of where he has been asked to play. I really hope we can keep him.
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