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  1. I knew that the next few weeks without watching saints games would produce some terrible attempts to start controversy but this is brilliant 😂
  2. Seems strange leaving with a feeling of disappointment after a draw with one of the old firm. Not seen it back yet but looked like a penalty at the time. Clancy was terrible, yet again. Some really good performances throughout the team but I thought Main was excellent. 21 points going into this break is a very good return and it's the least we deserve.
  3. Smithers Jones

    Mr Gilmour

    This type of post is not helpful, to anyone. Either come on here and say exactly what has happened or don't say anything. I have no doubt you have our club at heart but this kind of shite is pretty poor without explanation. Apologies, this was in response to JJ's post.
  4. Smithers Jones

    Mr Gilmour

    Should have added, well done to John, Willie and Kenny as well for being elected and I hope you can continue the great work of those who have moved on. Unlucky to Stuart and Jack but it's great to see younger SMISA members willing to be involved.
  5. Smithers Jones

    Mr Gilmour

    I won't be cancelling mine, but I'm not comfortable with this.
  6. This. If one of the three is off their game it's a struggle. When it's more than one, the system/shape won't work.
  7. Gordon Scott is on the board (is this what you are referring to ?)
  8. Agree 100%. Brilliant to see the Family stand almost full, regardless of how their attendance was funded. It's a brilliant initiative and will hopefully lead to numerous new buddies for years to come. Long may it continue.
  9. I know it may be difficult, but please leave your petty bickering for other threads. FFS.
  10. Yes he was pretty much anonymous. Thought Erhahon and Baccus fought hard and were good when we had the ball. Greive tried hard but was brushed aside far too often. If Ayunga and Main are available when we play this mob in Paisley I think we may cause them a few problems. Tough day, move on.
  11. A horrible game of football, but exactly as expected. Brilliant to grind out that win considering the injuries and changes as well as being a man down. Also nice to see the home support above 5000 on a day when public transport was very limited and the weather wasn't great.
  12. Spot on. Proud of my team today, deserved everything they got.
  13. I was surprised to see him benched on Saturday as I don't seem to remember him making many mistakes in recent weeks (I might be wrong). SR obviously fancies Gogic as one of his 3 central guys based on his comments when he signed. Personally I would rather Joe stayed. There will be injuries and suspensions which will come into play as the season progresses. Baccus will pick up bookings (it just looks like that will be part of his game) and will likely spend some games out where I would hope Gogic would play in his place. Dunne has been better so far this season but I'm not convinced he is consistent enough. Competition for places is healthy, hence I would rather have Joe on board.
  14. He looks more composed in his all round play and is not spending his afternoon sitting on his arse with his arms in the air pleading for fouls, he just got on with his job. Two good finishes can only boost his confidence. Fingers crossed that type of performance continues.
  15. Great performance all round. That for me is as well as Dunne has played for us. Ayunga was tremendous, they had no idea what to do with him. Well done Curtis 👍
  16. Confirmed on official site. 2 year deal 👍
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