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  1. Yes, since some stores were offering better service than others. In future, I will stick with the supermarkets for food only.
  2. Been in 5 shops today, and in 3 of them changing rooms are open. Changing rooms in the other 2 are still closed with signs up saying closed because of Covid. M&S, Next and T-Max were open with Tesco and Sainsbury's closed. Strange it was only the supermarkets that wouldn't let customers try clothes on.
  3. No trains on that Sat Bus between Paisley and Kilwinning and then train. Supporters bus or maybe train from Glasgow or Barrhead to Kilmarnock and then train to Ayr. Pain in the arse.
  4. Thinking back i would say you are right about tickets but we have had around 3000 in their ground in the past. Guessing it will be tickets for this game with a lower number.
  5. We used to get around 3000 tickets for Somerset but with all the health and safety issues now, i fear the numbers will be a lot less 🤔 Hopefully everybody that want 1 will get 1.
  6. I can only see him getting those numbers if he takes over our pens kicks duties if McGrath leaves in Jan. 11 league goals in 1 season is the best he ever done. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how many he gets, it how many the team scored that is more important.
  7. Good chart since it shows he also had the lowest goal conversion and shot accuracy. I actually like him, but his wild shooting is doing him and the club no good.
  8. But he doesn't get many shots on targets from distance, that is the problem. No point is shooting for the sake of shooting if you have a team mate in a better position.
  9. On my telly, 8 games for the price of £0
  10. Killie fans did warn us that is what Brophy does. Our 4 strikers also must be the worst we have ever had for headers inside the box, few and far apart. We just don't look a threat at dead balls, and very rarely see anything different at corners and free kicks. Lowest crowd for many years for this game. Now have talked myself out of going
  11. Good for you and hopefully you will enjoy your day.
  12. Well maybe the club could ask Hearts if they could open a pay gate due to fans living a long way from Paisley and with post delays they don't want to risk posting tickets out. Chances are they haven't since that would mean someone at the club thinking about our fans.
  13. I know you shouldn't have to, but maybe worth phoning Hearts and explain the problem. Sure they won't be happy at the lost of income due to our club being run poorly. If anything, it might embarrass our club to get the finger out. Looked to me we have the worst chairman and worst ceo in my time supporting them.
  14. Sat was only my 2nd game of the season for a lot of the reasons you have said. Certainly won't be going midweek for the Ross C or Celtic games so pending on the weather, Hibs might be the only other game i see this year.
  15. I wouldn't know since being an old fart, i don't do twitter. I did noticed how empty outside the ground was just prior to k/o with nobody buying a ticket or waiting to get in at the turnstiles to get in. (West Stand) The walk along Underwood Rd and Greenhill Rd itself would put fans off due to the state of the pavements. Unless driving, the ground is in a horrible place for fans arriving on foot compared to Love St.
  16. Average numbers would be higher if Hearts fans were allowed in on our 1st home league game. Around the same time, 2000 Hibs fans were allowed into Fir Park.
  17. I have noticed that in my visits to the supermarket, very few people are now cleaning the handle of the trolley before entering. Also no real change to seeing males pee with 1 hand while looking at their phone with the other, and then bailing out of the toilets
  18. Since big Mark picture is a few posts up, I will post this here. My son is flying back from Tenerife so he bought the empty seat next to him to give him and his young family more room. Booked it under Mark Yardley name so maybe someone at the airport in the last hr will be asking, will Mark Yardly please report to the check in desk 😂
  19. Was that the winning goal when the big man just seem to walk past half their team before poking it into the net. Shame it was never filmed 🙁
  20. Can sense an other walk by it today if the road isn't flooded by the tears 😇
  21. A result most of us would have taken at 3pm. Our keeper had as much to do as the Man City keeper earlier in the day. Just need to turn home draws into wins and we will be fine.
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