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  1. I was with him on sat night at a do in the Thistle Hotel in Glasgow. 1st time I had met him though he been helping my wife and others about a medical problem they have and has help her when she been at the parliament in Edinburgh for meetings. He was great company and came across as a decent guy. Shame he never gave me a wee nod and a wink about his intention so I could have put a bet one at 16/1
  2. Is this the North End bus that used to go from the Hole in the wall, Travellers Rest, 3 Horse Shoes among others ? If so maybe their next place could be the Croft or the Weg an Pen
  3. Is it really ? Went in today for the 1st time in around 35 years and seen 1 saint fan showing colours. I could see more saints fans in Raffertys when I left for the game.
  4. Last time I was in Raffertys was our last game against Hibs last season. It was empty apart from a small amount of saints fans in the beer garden. Been told its now a Celtic pub. Not many were in the Argyll either when I went in there before the Dundee Utd game. Maybe its because of me the pubs are empty
  5. Lived in Falside Rd from 1956 from the age of 1 till I got married at 22. My dad (and mother) worked in Brown & Polson which is how he got the house. Use to fish at Stanley dam and Lochwinnoch but gave it up when I was around 17 when I started . Being crap and catching very little was an other good reason
  6. HGV can now do 50mph instead of 40mph which will help on the single carriageway of the road, which might reduce some overtaking.
  7. Been caught clearly on camera again, and again he has let the club and the supporters down.
  8. Hearts are charging the same for the championship. There is a thread on P&B about gate prices for the championship that is worth reading for a laugh
  9. Tommy


    Reason was because Airdrie were playing at home yesterday in the league cup so Queen Park and Newco had to arrange an other date for their game.
  10. Tommy


    I was under the impression they were draw to play Queen Park away in the league cup. (Being played at Airdrie) Was it not their game against Hibs at home in the diddy cup that was put back due to the games ?
  11. Tommy


    I thought it was only Scottish Premiership clubs that were allowed
  12. Hearts sold all their 2400 tickets against us. Sadly it is the home fans that are not turning up with us very rarely getting more than 4000 in the home end. Only way for us to get a bigger home gate is to give more of the ground to away teams like Celtic
  13. £16 if you are 60 or over. That's cheaper than us and more other clubs. Someone should tell skull
  14. Tommy


    Why are Newco not playing their cup game today like all the other diddy clubs clubs instead of getting shafted by Derby ?
  15. I was shitting it so much I put a side bet on him. He did great today and if I did not already had a bet on Mcilroy to win, I would hoped he won
  16. Well I am hoping he wins for 2 reasons, he has the same name as me and I have a fiver on him at 18 to 1
  17. Straight from the 1st tee to the putting green next to the car park
  18. Aye,on a good day. I can remember you hitting the green on 1 from the 1st tee at Barshaw many years ago
  19. After 261 pages of debate had anybody actually change their mind to how they were going to vote before this thread started ?
  20. If you like all kind of fish to eat, Olhao in Portugal could be the place for you, but if it is meat or chicken, the choice is very small. It is only about a 15 min drive east from Faro airport. Tourist are well out numbered by locals in this small town that is the main fishing port in the area. No sky sports, no brits pubs, lack of football tops (just saw 3 in 2 weeks) just full of local bars and restaurants serving great food and local beer at prices so low you wonder how they make money. No beach here but plenty of boat trips available to small sandy islands just a short distance away. Stayed at the Real Marina hotel which was excellent. Only downside was the amount of really poor looking local who spent all day and night begging.
  21. French traffic controllers strike over at midnight. Hoping my flight on Friday morning go on time now.
  22. What's French for air traffic controller are a shower of cnuts ? Should have done a deal with Germany and let Hitler keep them 70 years ago
  23. I put a fiver on England today at 7-1 to get to the last 16 today. My thinking was if they were lucky enough, my winning would pay for enough bevvy to forget about them for a while, but if they got punted out, it would be the best fiver I have ever lost and well worth every penny
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