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  1. Team in Samson McGinn Hodson Ferdinand Baird Flynn Edwards Magennis McGinn Smith Mullen Imagine it’s a 4-4-1-1 Like the look of that. Brock Macsen not even on bench! Edited to add- Coulson on bench, Kpekawa also not on bench. Not room for King or Cooke either
  2. I’m not defending Stubbs.... But this could be Rice just trying to get himself another gig! Blame it on the other guys
  3. The Irish League Show, 2018/19: 09/09/2018: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p06k54nb via @bbciplayer Not sure if this link will work...if not search Irish league show on iPlayer Fantastic piece on Oran here, the pundits talk really highly of him
  4. Everyone was critical of Stubbs not talking the club up and being a negative cloud over the club. The most enjoyable seasons in the past 10 years have been with Danny and Jack in charge of the club, two guys that were mega positive and seemed to have an affinity with the club and fans. I won’t be criticising Oran for being positive.
  5. That’s harsh They were hardly going to turn down the opportunity.
  6. Decent read here from one of their current squad on what type on man(ager) he is https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/irish-league/coleraine/why-special-oran-kearney-would-succeed-at-st-mirren-explains-coleraine-keeper-johns-37290194.html
  7. Happy with Oran. Time to get that fee good factor back Thought it was nailed on to be Gus though? [emoji23]
  8. Embarrassing for all involved with the club, clearly the wrong man was appointed. Next appointment is f**king huge. No fannying about waiting on CVs, go and get who we want ASAP
  9. I'm not judging this window on quantity, we needed better players, don't think anyone doubts that Greg Stewart who we missed out on looks a better option than Brock-Madsen.
  10. 1) I didn't say Fitzy was rubbish... 2) the quality of the 13 is, as far as I can judge, below the standard we require. Are you saying Tony has been a success due to the quantity of players we have brought in? What a strange way to judge someones performance! Anyway, my point is whilst Stubbs isn't blameless (the opposite is probably true) no one knows who his top targets were and how many he missed out on, it looks like we have missed out on Miller, The Juve guy and Stewart, there may be a raft more
  11. Just to throw this out there but while Stubbs is getting slaughtered for not bringing players in is it not Fitzys jobs to actually get players in once Stubbs has identified a list. We have no idea how far down Stubbs list of players a guy like Edwards would be...
  12. Fair play to Miller for managing to get a 2 year deal at his age. Would have taken him for 6months or a year. 2 years is crazy for a 38year old
  13. Edwards is a bizarre (possible) signing. How many centre mids do we need McGinn Jones Willock Magennis Kirkpatrick McShane Flynn McPherson Who can all play in the middle while we have one outright Winger (King, who can’t get a sniff). Genuinely can’t get my head around this one!
  14. Not convinced Coulson should be excluded from that yet. I missed the killie game but he’s been bang average in the other games. All those saying he should be further up the park I don’t see that either.
  15. That was just embarrassing today. Madsen, Kpekawa, Jones and Coulson were just atrocious. This won’t be popular but I was raging with McGinn today, lost the ball constantly, pulled out of numerous tackles and just plain hid. For a guy that’s been a rock and a star man for 18 months he chucked it today. Mullen grafted today, got frustrated and started shooting from anywhere and ballooned two over the bar. He, for me, was the only one that looked like he gave a shit today.
  16. This has been disgraceful. We are so poor at the back. Feel sorry for Danny Mullen, working hard but has f**k all support. NBM does not look the part at all.
  17. Assume it was Cammy being dropped. PMcGinn injured and don’t think Baird or Kpekawa could have had any complaints over which was dropped!
  18. So it’s McGinn, Baird and Smith dropped. Sammy Hodson Jones Kpekawa Coulson Flynn Willock McGinn Magennis Mullen Brock Have to be honest....don’t see much wrong with that. I’m a big Cammy smith fan but not convinced we have found a formation that suits him and the team yet...
  19. Div has hinted on Twitter there could be a shock at 2pm tomorrow, so assuming it’s the starting eleven. My money would be on S McGinn dropped. Just a complete guess!
  20. Jeff King double.....I know its only reserve level but possibly worth getting a run off the bench? we are sorely lacking in width where King plays?
  21. I would agree with this, and I think it’s harsh on Sammy but feel Stubbs has been waiting for Sammy to drop one or two before he puts in Rogers.
  22. Referee will even this up in the 2nd half. Watched bits on the YouTube stream. We have looked ok in spells but they look like they are going to score every time they go up the park.
  23. Not good enough from Baird, had been holding our own comfortably as well
  24. Folk on here said we were going to get thumped last week. Anyone can get turned over by Rangers/Celtic. It was 7-1 btw....Ricky Gillies scores a pen. Last time I was at ibrox, never again
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