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  1. 8000 is the number for Category 4 stadium, however the rules permit Category 2 as acceptable (which is 1500 seats). So it's not the seats bit, some of the other stuff looks a bit challenging (toilets bizarrely might be a problem around number of cubicles, and things like additional camera gantry - although that could be temporarily added). UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations UEFA Stadium Infrastructure Regulations
  2. Agree, but they obviously think they can monetise him in some form with regards to the contract
  3. Rangers clearly rate as they gave him a new 1 year deal in January. His overall return is better than Mullen considering he played only 22 games this season vs Danny at 30. He's clumsy, but does score goals and someone will look at him and think if he stays fit he'll be worth a punt. I suspect that Rangers will likely look to move him down south next season on loan or look for fees from clubs up here.
  4. And unless Rangers decide to loan Hardie out to them again they will have lost him too. I suspect Rangers will look to move Hardie on permanently to someone, likely looking for some fee to do so.
  5. Problem for Livi this season, setting aside debt for a moment, is that their squad which served them well over the last 3 years is now being asset stripped by other clubs. They are losing significant numbers of experienced pros (most on frees) who have been in all reality over-achieving with regards to the expenditure against them, and these are the players that were galvanised as a group over the years with a few additions each time. Next season they require to do major surgery on a squad that was light to start with, paying way more money that they have on previous seasons against a budget that, whilst will have gone up against expectations, will be no better than 10th in the league (and likely be 11th or 12th). With the amount of recruitment needed they will either need to push boat out on 2-3 quality players and supplement with cheap journeymen hoping they find a gem, or more likely not be able to attract quality players and employ a scattergun approach hoping they can gel the squad quickly and repeat the success of the last couple of years minus the leaders they had
  6. Interesting however that despite all our turmoil throughout the season that each of the individuals has effectively been headhunted to be recruited into new more senior position (accept that Nicholl contract ran down, but he'll have been sounded out about this before McPake formally appointed).
  7. Looked OK in flashes, definitely a player there but suspect Aberdeen will want to keep. Cammy Kerr looked decent in last game but might want to stay and Dundee given he supports club
  8. Not a rumour, but see that the Dundee fullback Nathan Ralph is exercising a relegation clause to leave. About the only player in their side that impressed me
  9. Makes perfect sense when you dissect it, but don't think I'd have been aware about it in the heat of the moment
  10. Interesting read on the rules. If I've picked up the below correctly then a penalty rebounding off a post could not be scored by the original taker when the keeper doesn't get a hand on it. Didn't know that one If, after the penalty kick has been taken: the kicker touches the ball again (except with his hands) before it has touched another player: • an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team, the kick to be taken from the place where the infringement occurred (see Law 13 – Position of Free Kick)
  11. I raised with SLO this morning. Away fans will be ejected was the response
  12. Lots of Arabs seem to have got tickets for the family stand tomorrow
  13. That the same fan in pink that was nazi saluting and got tossed out around half time and was seen being spoken to by police?
  14. If Oran had intimated to the board that he was on his way regardless then there would have been not just mutterings from NI, but from leaks from clubs here as we would've been reaching out to Alloa etc about permission to speak to Goodwin and other coaches. The fact that there is only noise from random twitter accounts in NI pours scorn on the rumours.
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