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  1. We were there too, cracking gig. They've really matured as a band and not lost in Hydro.
  2. I do rate Jackson, but feel he's putting it all on himself to dig us out of this mess and could do with a chance to make an impact off bench rather than spend 90 mins trying to win headers against a big centre half. 442 with width, swapping wings for Macallister and Dreyer. Sent from my G8141 using Black and White Army mobile app
  3. Bits of his play in the first half reminded me of Isma when he arrived, power and pace coupled with a bundling approach that we could see would be a handful. Second half was also reminded of down sides of Isma too, looks woefully unfit, chased things down when he wanted to. I'm prepared to give him some time, but fitness issues better get sorted soon. I would start Mullen and Nazon on Saturday ahead of Jackson however. Mullen chased things down last night, accepting the falling over hasn't disappeared, and offered more than Jackson overall. United typically are strong physically in defence and we need the strength of Nazon, coupled with the nuisance of Mullen I think.
  4. Got the following in the next 3 months Colin MacLeod at King Tuts Chvrches at Hydro SWMRS at St Lukes XCERTS at SWG3
  5. Or that Oran doesn't feel that the players released can add value in the way he is having to setup the side with the overall squad we have. Certainly Cammy, and some of this is likely down to confidence, did not look the same player this season without the 3 players all moving forward at the sides or in front of him. For teams setting up in a more structured way then I would say Cammy would struggle to hold down a more central midfield role and he's wasted up front alongside someone who isn't able to generate through balls or knockdowns.
  6. Sad to see Cammy go, a very talented player with the ability to go on and have a good career. He was brilliant last season when the team was playing in a style that benefitted his game, however this season playing against higher quality players, a different formation/playing style, and being surrounded by inferior players it lowered the impact he could make on the game. Good players can player well when the squad/formation are suited to them, great players can adapt, and this season Cammy unfortunately showed that he is reliant on a lot of things being right for him before he performed. I hope that the move to United works out for him and that he gets a manager and formation that benefits his game, but if he is to move up a level then he needs to address his game and his ability to perform when the chips are down
  7. The Courteeners this weekend coming up at the Hydro, then James/Charlatans, and finally Travis just before Christmas. Already booked for Chvrches in Feb next year and then a jolly to Heaton Park just before summer to see Courteeners/James
  8. Depends on the style of play you want the team to play under and the position you are talking about. Jack's teams overall conceded lots of possession on the basis that we would attack with real purpose and the initial transfer from defence into attack would be swift and accurate, so for S McGinn and Magennis accuracy would be more important than it would for say Reilly.
  9. Well given I work for Lloyds Banking Group and their announcements of last week regarding change jobs is affecting me as my job is moving from Glasgow to Edinburgh or London it is fair to say I will be a tight bastard going forward as I'll probably have no wage coming in until I find something new. As explained I was for it, but it didn't get support as others prioritised funding day to day running of the club over it. I gave it my support, so why don't you go troll those who didn't.
  10. I've had enough of the making things up as we go along approach. Firstly the ringfenced money being used and spending monthly spend to repay this, and now a new vote for money found down the back of the sofa. FWIW I voted to support the Christmas Meal option in the last quarterly vote, so it had it's chance and didn't get the support, so to have another side vote on it doesn't seem right. The way SMISA is being ran in the public domain with regards to transparency, or rather lack of it, has not been sitting comfortably with me for some time. Also I've never felt right supporting the funding of day to day operating expenses of a football club, but I swallowed my pride on this throughout. I always said I would review membership at a 3 year point or should my financial circumstances change, and given some uncertainty regarding my job emerging last week I've decided to do that review now, and given the reasons above I'm not willing to continue with my membership at the current moment in time. I may return, as I support the principal objective behind the movement, but can't currently continue to contribute financially as things stand.
  11. Well Gordon is a member after all, so it is accurate to say all the club requests come from members too [emoji6]
  12. No worries on disagreeing, good healthy debate is positive. I'd prefer ultimately to see a full list of what was proposed for any given quarter and then the top 3-5 as agreed by the committee, at least then we can all see the transparency of what has not been taken forward. But in absence of transparency it would at least be an option to ensure that something for a community option appears on the ballot. As things stand we get 2 or more things the club wants, perhaps 1 or 2 ideas from elsewhere with no background to who put forward and no view of what the other requests not on the ballot were. My thinking behind placing categories on it would stop the domination of the list with club requests which seem to be polarising opinions.
  13. Option 3 is the best option put forward for quite some time, although I'm swithering between that and retaining the money. Like others said it would be good to know the process followed in shortlisting the options as it is very opaque about what has been suggested and there have been concerns raised regarding supporting specific agendas. What I would also like to see is the options curtailed to 3 on future ballots, 1 for club requests, 1 for community activity and 1 for do nothing, for at least that way it would squash noise about fairness and weighting on ballot options.
  14. If selling Somerset it could be the case that they need to raise funding from selling land to develop new ground and are having to hand over keys before new ground is able to be built. We lucked out in that we had a stadium built elsewhere for us by the company buying land, and they were prepared to wait until we were ready to move.
  15. Not just that, but Gus is being brought in as Technical Director and not as Director of Football. Quite different roles according to this link https://www.quora.com/What-does-a-technical-or-sporting-director-at-a-football-club-do
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