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  1. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/john-mcginn-transfer-details-revealed-18625595
  2. Sean Kelly released by County. Option for left back?
  3. After much deliberating I've decided to vote no. A lot of what Kibble would bring to the table is commendable and would certainly help in aspects of the club, however concerning is the fact that this has been carved up without looking at other ways to get members more actively involved and also the structure of the deal. I've been on other committees and always found that when the consequences of non-activity were laid out then people understood and came forward. I'll hold my hands up and say that I didn't come forward last twice as my other activities elsewhere wouldn't have meant that I had spare capacity to do anything. It seems underhand to have progressed as far as they have with the proposed deal without advising members we were considering looking for alternative options to the 71% model and also not to present any case around alternatives (ie other charities / organisations approached). On the structure of the deal I'm not comfortable with what has been stated regarding number of seats and potential veto. The ability for material decisions, which may be in the financial best interests of the club, but at odds with the direction of Kibble, to be vetoed is not what I'd want from the board. The board have talked previously about putting financial sense ahead of the wishes of fans (Old Firm in Family Stand), but are now recommending a deal where shackles will be put on the ability to make directional decisions that could be profound for financial well-being.
  4. Presumably then they choose to buy or not? That's what I recall from the video, the meals were optional but charged if taken. Was trying to find it earlier, but not sure if it was on Alba as couldn't find it elsewhere
  5. Pretty sure it came up on a video recently, might even have been Goodwin that said it, that the meals put on for players was chargeable to the players.
  6. Never claimed to be, but thanks for the call-out. And this was not a "SMISA bad" post, but rather let's get it right and make sure that the organisation and more importantly it's members are adequately protected
  7. Just read the email that has arrived in connection with signing up for the new SMISA database. Thought I'd read the Privacy Policy that you are asked to accept. Point of notice on the Privacy Policy is that it doesn't address the new database within it, so this needs fixed before asking people to accept the policy if data is going to be held on systems/places that are different from prescribed
  8. He played on the left of a back 3 group IIRC. We'd wingbacks on the outside of them for a number of games
  9. Just watched back the goal from the game and was impressed with the late run into the box Durmus made today to score. The goal and the runs beyond Obika reminded me of what we saw regularly from Andy Dorman.
  10. I have a season ticket in W2 and was in a comparable seat at Love Street for around 10 years before move. I'd be cheaper pay as you go as I miss games through the season but take the season ticket for the knowledge that I get a reasonable view when I'm there. If there is a move to make seats a free for all then there is no longer any benefit in a season ticket for me and would likely stop it, the club might get around the same money over the season but it wouldn't be a lump sum up front.
  11. Pretty sure I read elsewhere he was German born so no work permit required for now (post Brexit no idea of the impacts for that). It's just the paperwork between the footballing authorities that is required.
  12. Looks decent enough, like the first part where he has the same type of tenacity as John McGinn in constantly harrassessing opposition
  13. I'm not reading too much into it yet, it was in the Sun after all, however an early Kearney comment regarding kids settled in school did make me think that he's not moving over
  14. 8000 is the number for Category 4 stadium, however the rules permit Category 2 as acceptable (which is 1500 seats). So it's not the seats bit, some of the other stuff looks a bit challenging (toilets bizarrely might be a problem around number of cubicles, and things like additional camera gantry - although that could be temporarily added). UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations UEFA Stadium Infrastructure Regulations
  15. Agree, but they obviously think they can monetise him in some form with regards to the contract
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