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  1. madball

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Not just that, but Gus is being brought in as Technical Director and not as Director of Football. Quite different roles according to this link https://www.quora.com/What-does-a-technical-or-sporting-director-at-a-football-club-do
  2. You'll find that I do not agree with the banner being displayed as I said in my post. The relationship had already been soured by the club and this was a reaction to it.
  3. I disagree that it clears things up or that we can all sign up to it. I'll not defend the banner in light of the club explicitly refusing permission, however what prompted the banner was the club being complicit in providing details of supporters to police which infuriated many. For Gordon to talk about return to positive atmosphere at the ground then go on a extremely negative rant for around two thirds of his update about banners doesn't quite match up. Gordon said "This atmosphere of positivity was however soured by the production of a banner in W7 which greatly disappointed me". The banner was displayed during the game, and the majority knew nothing about it until either halftime via twitter or post game, so it didn't affect any positive atmosphere at all. In fact it was the actions of stewards at the behest of the directors that could've soured things further. Appreciate the need to be in compliance with Police and other regulatory bodies, however it is the compliant nature of the board without looking after fans interests that's not comfortable for me. I do understand that there could be cost of policing to be factored into their responses to Police, but seems like they have forgotten that fans are the lifeblood of the club and seems easier to piss them off. Oh and for what it's worth I sit in W2 and have no personal involvement with W7, but targeting an area that have been largely responsible for the increase in noise, positivity and encouragement to the players seems counterproductive.
  4. madball

    Danny Mullen

    I'd 3 Celtic fans walking behind me on way back to car. 2 were bitching about their defence with its obvious height advantage and that it should easily deal with Mullen or Smith with them being midgets in comparison, and that they play for Saints so must be shite. The third one actually praised our guys and made a comparison to Scott Mcdonald as being an absolute pest to much bigger players. Avoided telling them that Mullen is a good guy and Mcdonald is a wank
  5. madball

    We Are A Team Again

    A lot to be said for that view. We did probably need that reset button being pressed post Jack
  6. madball

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    I think we definitely need someone in that type of role if we have aspirations to be more than makeweights in the league. When we do well we will lose good players and staff to better teams, this appointment will implement a philosophy at club level about what we want from the coaching staff and will help ensure continuity. On the playing front it should help bring in players that can work in the setup we play under, and ensure that talent is spotted within our budgets. In the interim it will help OK adjust and understand the game in Scotland. With regards to Gus, I'm ambivalent either way. Yes he left under a cloud due to cup final and negative way of playing, but his remit under board was to avoid relegation and budgets cut under him regularly. However, feedback from Queens Park supporters I know is pretty positive for his wider role in their club. He's stable and reliable without being prone to jumping between extremes.
  7. madball

    Anton Ferdinand

    That and they were nasty cynical bastards who played on the edge of the rules and beyond when they could get away with it
  8. madball

    Anton Ferdinand

    Most saying positional awareness and reading of the game is good but no pace
  9. madball

    Stubbs can go now

    Most of the pruning was already underway before Stubbs. I would agree with most of those that have left, very few would've been, anywhere near first team, problem is that those recruited do not look light they were even on a par with the leavers
  10. madball

    Stubbs can go now

    Problem with that assertion is that Jack hadn't been given a window to reshape squad at all or have the team playing the way he wants. Stubbs has had enough time to bring in players and implement his philosophy, and neither has come to fruition. All we are hearing is excuses about individual mistakes and haphazard recruitment policy.
  11. madball

    MYLES HYPOLYTE - Welcome

    The Pars and Player. Unless he hits the ground running he's going to get constant abuse from the fans, as many are as unforgiving as our lot when it comes to a grievance. I reckon he'll be released to sign for another club in Jan
  12. madball

    MYLES HYPOLYTE - Welcome

    Speaking to a couple of Pars fans about Hippolyte and they are in a rage about this based on his diving against them playing for Falkirk. Can see this ending in disaster.
  13. madball

    Speculation Thread

    Agree, however easy decision to make as Stelios was a squad player. Think Ross would've taken 1st teamers with him, and pruned the rest of squad. Stubbs I reckon has applied the logic that only a few last season starters good enough to start going forward and the rest at best would be squad players, and from that whether he felt get better with equivalent money
  14. madball

    Speculation Thread

    Ross was ruthless in bringing in his own players first time around, but I'm not as sure Ross would have been as ruthless with the squad as Stubbs will be, I accept he would have been ruthless in the starting XI but I would say that there would be an element of loyalty to a number of players in keeping them at the club as the backup and not starters as they were his players.
  15. madball

    4 told they can leave

    Agree with this. I was originally of the view that we should probably keep MacKenzie and Eckersley as squad players, however saw somewhere else that between them they played 38 games last season through injury and suspension so it is fair to say that they were becoming squad players already. If I take the sentimentality out of it I would say, at the age they are both at, then it is likely not to be improving players that would challenge a first team position and both are likely to be at the expensive end for being squad players. The other 2 I was just surprised they had made it this far if I'm honest as McShane has been found wanting at Premier level before and Stewart has never threatened Samson's position last season (and I see Samson as becoming more of the backup next season). Another thing that struck me is perhaps in MacKenzie's and Eckersley's position the new manager has thought about putting his own stamp on dressing room and wants the experienced pros to be his experienced pros. It might be he has seen something in the training camp that makes him think that he wants his own leaders in the dressing room. Jack did similar with McGinn when he had the chance, and perhaps Stubbs wants this too.