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  1. boabster1959

    Bring on the Rangers

    We are St Mirren there's no such thing as a stroll in the park !
  2. My aspirations Then: Play off place at very least Now: Stay up . I have no illusions of remaining undefeated against Morton or anyone unless we make a change of Manager
  3. boabster1959

    Worst Time Being A Saints Fan?

    I saw my first game 1965 my dad took me as a snotty nosed Glaswegian to local club from Linwood. Needless to say pumped 3-1. Worst multitude but stand outs Hammerby is a given my mate left early thought we were winding him up ! Kirkcaldy after relegation was def a low point I didn't even get a pint in Starks bar. League cup final against them wasn't very good either bit of understatement there
  4. boabster1959

    Todays Game

  5. boabster1959

    Todays Game

    Live in Cumbria so dont get up much , bit disappointed in results but are they bad or just unlucky?
  6. boabster1959

    Mcgregor Signs For Sevco - Confirmed

    Just thought we stood by him during his injuries could have gave us 1 more year
  7. boabster1959

    For The Auld Timers .....

    You think your not old then remember Jim Thorburn away at Arbroath in gales and rain thinking at 9 yrs old what the hell is my dad doing to me!! I liked both keepers , was tad upset when Denis signed for them
  8. boabster1959

    Smfc-On This Day.....

    What was the crowd?
  9. boabster1959

    St Mirrens New Strip

    Hate it
  10. boabster1959

    Jim Goodwin On The Radio

    Deserves a deal , even with suspensions still worth it
  11. boabster1959

    Club Shop

    While trapped in Cumbria here ,trying to get Strips online is near impossible , anyone know whats happening next season kit wise. Quite frankly this is shit must be losing a fortune in sales .
  12. boabster1959

    The 80's

    Dont remember preseason games usually pished , I may remember so really but now too old
  13. boabster1959

    Change Of Formation?

    Lets go the whole hog 2-3-5 is the way forward and Brylcream is a must too
  14. boabster1959


    North west for me too , takes me an hour to get to M6 from Darkest Cumbria