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  1. We are St Mirren there's no such thing as a stroll in the park !
  2. My aspirations Then: Play off place at very least Now: Stay up . I have no illusions of remaining undefeated against Morton or anyone unless we make a change of Manager
  3. I saw my first game 1965 my dad took me as a snotty nosed Glaswegian to local club from Linwood. Needless to say pumped 3-1. Worst multitude but stand outs Hammerby is a given my mate left early thought we were winding him up ! Kirkcaldy after relegation was def a low point I didn't even get a pint in Starks bar. League cup final against them wasn't very good either bit of understatement there
  4. Live in Cumbria so dont get up much , bit disappointed in results but are they bad or just unlucky?
  5. Just thought we stood by him during his injuries could have gave us 1 more year
  6. You think your not old then remember Jim Thorburn away at Arbroath in gales and rain thinking at 9 yrs old what the hell is my dad doing to me!! I liked both keepers , was tad upset when Denis signed for them
  7. Deserves a deal , even with suspensions still worth it
  8. While trapped in Cumbria here ,trying to get Strips online is near impossible , anyone know whats happening next season kit wise. Quite frankly this is shit must be losing a fortune in sales .
  9. Dont remember preseason games usually pished , I may remember so really but now too old
  10. Lets go the whole hog 2-3-5 is the way forward and Brylcream is a must too
  11. North west for me too , takes me an hour to get to M6 from Darkest Cumbria
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