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  1. Well deserved, Cooke played well when he came on. Wasn’t going to go glad I did now.
  2. So winning a play off & sitting at bottom of the league is progress [emoji848]
  3. Must win but probably won’t, plastic pitch, players heads are down. I’m beginning to lose faith.
  4. Is that right Faraway, starting to sound like him & posting for the sake of posting. [emoji4]
  5. He cost us a point, dam it’s still the same [emoji4]
  6. I’ve not been impressed with Andreu at all, I’d drop him. Cost us a point today, not good enough.
  7. But it started getting boring about 3 years ago.
  8. He’s just posting for the sake of posting, the new faraway [emoji4]
  9. Make your mind up first you want Celtic away coz we’ve no chance of winning it & now you want a home draw to give us some hope [emoji848]
  10. Elvis Lord negative. Guys feel free to add !!!
  11. You’ll be loving it, who do you support anyway? Def not St Mirren.
  12. ffs sometimes your season ticket is an issue trying to get in..........this’ll be fun, call the steward [emoji4]
  13. Had us queuing for tickets ‘ there was still someone working in the turnstiles.
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