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  1. Giving him the no6 shirt is a big statement about how Jim sees the lad for this season
  2. Ciao Marco Where do you live in Italy? I have family in Livorno. Which Italian team do you support?
  3. Black shorts.... ya beauty! Love, love, love it. Hope the back is black rather than white. And the away strip is excellent too. All in all, best we’ve had in years
  4. We are Saint Mirren. We play in black and white stripes. End of
  5. If the season, as expected, ends now- then we finish in 9th place. I think that’s a reason to be cheerful, as only those with the biggest rose tinted specs would have expected it. And a possible £2-300k more to our club. Woohoo. And Morton are crowdfunding! If Carlsberg did pandemics........
  6. I’d like to see the remaining 3 pre split games played at some future date. There would at least be some integrity in the final standings at this point
  7. Yeah.... I’ll still be here to collect Do you want some of this actinn
  8. I’m a member of SMISA, not an active member. It was only a suggestion cos I live closer to you than Paisley. But I’ve just got back back from Italy (not Lombardy) and am in isolation. If you want your money I think you should try to collect now
  9. Either or both of us might not be here in 6 months. I’ll happily double the bet and give it to someone inSMISA to hold
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