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  1. Surely Flynn’s time is up. He was a squad player in the Championship and substituted early against Alloa on Saturday. That must have been his last shot at impressing OK
  2. That’s Kpekawa away. How many more do you think will go?
  3. Very happy with the point tonight, cos without it we would be bottom!
  4. Since 1968!! Well that settles it. I think you must be having one of those senior moments I’ve heard about, cos it definitely happened [emoji6]
  5. My memory of the early 90’s is a bit hazy, I’ll give you that, but I remember this well, as I rode my motorcycle there and was quite sober. We were all packed into the Love St end. Sellik fans filled the North bank. Sorry I can’t be sure on the date
  6. Dunno who you think I am, but I have been an observer to this forum for a while now, but this is the first time I have posted.
  7. Before Love St was seated, early 90’s I think, we played Sellik and they were given the whole of the North bank. I went with my mate (a Sellik fan) and stood on the terrace next to him only separated by the steps and a few cops. Him with the Sellik fans and me in with the buddies (we even passed cigarettes to each other during the match). I saw no bother between the two sets of fans. Segregation is not necessary, it is only done because of a few fannies, who can be easily spotted, ejected and banned from football stadiums with the cameras and technology readily available.
  8. It happens at the rugby all the time - and that’s with alcohol freely available at the ground. No trouble
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